Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Tale of Two Cities

       Opportunity City and Gotham City... or Metropolis, the choice is yours, the tour this week took us to two of OpenSim's most respected grids, TanGle ad Craft, HG Addresses at the end of the post        
Aime Socrates: coool party Leslie !!!
          It's all in the eye of the beholder. We arrived on TanGle grid somewhat late and in disarray thanks to ... well that is a long boring story you did not come to this blog to read about. 
          The lovely Leslie Kling had invited us over to Tangle's Expo Isle, which for today let's call Opportunity City, because you could use it as a way to get yourself and your creations known all across the hyperverse, This was not the Safari's first visit, we've been here to see the lingerie show, the Steam Fair and the Winter expos over the past two years, so it was nice to be back, enjoying the icy dance floor hidden away in one corner of the vast Expo region.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Safari Goes on ... Safari

pat gresham: Wow. A real HG safari.         
Sun and savanna, wild animals and wilder teleports, African thoughts, history,  and ideals - that's the spirit of our most recent trip. Our first destination took us to the var region Virunga on Outworldz grid. 
           There was a lot of interest in this Safari, more than twenty of us gathered on the HG Safari clubhouse, not to mention all those who tp'd directly to the first destination. If you can make it over to the hgsafari sim on Francogrid, you will find the Landmarks in a big box marked... Landmarks, and can go take the tour at any time. In a few weeks, we should also have the safari archive set up, too, with all the LMs of the past two years. Sunshine Szavanna, hostess for our second destination, had set out some clothes with African themed textures, which are still available at both clubhouses if you would like to get them.

George Equus: Think I'd better relog - only see 7 proper names
Unknown UserUMMAU42: what'a a proper name ??

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Safari Went To Portugal

On December 7, the Safari went to visit 3 very special regions, created by Portuguese builders to tell the story of their native land. 
Below, an account of the visit, as told by Aime Socrates, 
with photos by Wizardoz Chrome.
HG Addresses at the end of the post.
 DESTINATION 1 Belem Tower is the creation of Ni Lemon, it's an exploration of some of the history and culture of her homeland /

Approximatively 15 Explorers went to the sim at the right time..but sadly, Ni couldnt join us...
Azi.Az gave un a lot of informations
Aime Socrates: Azi can you tell us a bit more about this sim ?
Azi.Az that is in Lisbon
Azi.Az Lisbon is the capital of portugal
Aime Socrates: the harbour of Lisbon ?
Azi.Az and yes u can say its the harbour

Thursday, December 15, 2016

We Are One - are you in?

            You may know that most grids like to celebrate their anniversary, and you also know that lots of grids don't stick around very long. So for an opensim grid to be celebrating seven years of existence is really something!
        Craft, the 'Friendly Grid', has its 7th anniversary coming up at the end of January.

        Every year, they hold a building competition. 
        Perhaps in past years, you've attended the anniversary party, even admired the winning entries to the building competition. 
       The first prize is a free region for a year. 
       Second place gets a 10k prim region for a year... which to my mind is just as good.
       Wowee, you may say, lucky Craftians... but did you realize that anyone from any grid can take part, and win that prize?

Another Arty Safari

           Three artists, three countries, three genres, three grids this week.
          The theme this week, the interplay between real and virtual worlds when it comes to art. Obviously, it's all art. But working in virtual worlds can be a great stepping stone to begin or re-ignite an artistic career. It can inspire your creativity,  suggest new ways to express yourself,  give you the courage to put your work on display, and help you find fans and clients. HG Addresses as usual at the end of the post. Landmarks are available at our clubhouses on OSGrid and Francogrid for the next few days also.
          Our first stop, A'Shaala on Francogrid, home of Talie Tramont also known as Talie Tramontane. An art school graduate based in France, Talie is best known for her photography, which you can find on Deviantart, as well as on this lovely region.
Thirza Ember: everyone has the Lms?
Malon Wyngard: got all
Thirza Ember: her computer broke suddenly yesterday, she was fixing up many winter things for us to do but... boom - no computer
Cherry Manga: She has computer issues so she leaves us on her region, she can't imagine what a safari can do when alone!
Sunbeam Magic: Does it snow in France?
Cherry Manga: here, it's fog and fog and fog since 3 weeks
Spike Sol: liegt ├╝berall schnee im Moment.. nur draussen nicht
Dabici Straulino: na hier her haben wir ca 50cm Schnee - Quebec
       .... as you can see we're a very international bunch.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fully Loaded

            Billy Bradshaw asked if we could do a quick Load Test on TGrid before we headed to our first official destination this week.

             If you've been doing anything more than sitting at home alone dropping cubes off towers or checking the hiccup time you get when you cross a sim boundary, you will know what a horrendous condition intergrid communications has reached. For many months now, sending offline IMs to people on other grids - which used to work just fine - fails more often than it works. When this started, it took me a few days to notice that the 'User not online. Message saved' message was actually saying 'Unable to send instant message. User is not logged in.' which caused some really amusing headaches. But of course, now we have all learned that to be sure your reply gets through, you must actually go to the other person's grid to send it.           

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Safari Goes Pear Shaped

 Words Matter.
          George jinxed us. Or maybe it was the fruit. Or the sudden decision to get out some NPC line dancers.
Thirza Ember: Hello all and welcome to the Safari. Two destinations this week, first grid EVER and then on to Kitely. You should know that grid-jumping directly to the EVER grid welcome sim, Gutenberg, is a problem. For some time now, it's not been working right. I have given an alternate LM that always works, it takes you to a different part of the grid, and from there you can get to Gutenberg.. and then to theater... so multiple jumps....Aime, can you confirm for me that the direct jump to Gutenberg region doesn't work?  
Aime Socrates: OK
~momentary silence and distinct lack of teleport particles ~
Aime Socrates: no, cannot go there directly, you are right thirza, we must use the alternative lm.
Lucy Afarensis: We have already started ?
Aime Socrates: yes Lucy..we started the party before know why ? its a dangerous safari...
Thirza Ember: you can tp out of the grid, but to get in, you have to do contortions - multiple tps
Lucy.Afarensis: oh dear
Aime Socrates: some will not come back

Lucy Afarensis: shudder... Thirza, You have a pear on your head ?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Safari Goes House to House

        Three destinations, and all the Hypergrid Addresses at the end of the post, the first house of this week's trip around the magnificent metaverse was a lighthouse. 
          It represents a point of reference, of illumination, and security, while hinting at the feelings of loneliness  and isolation that can afflict all of us, any of us, at different times in our lives. Leighton Marjoram is here to help, specifically people dealing with gender issues, and where they fit in to the spectrum of attraction and identity.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

La Dolce Safari

          On the day after the night before in the US election, the special Italian Night Safari was a much needed moment of  restful, intelligent fun in the company of a borderless band of creators and thinkers. 
          We meet on Francogrid. Some Safaris have last minute changes, or there is a special gift for the group, so it's worth taking the time to join us here, rather than going straight to the first destination. 
          Also, the LMs for each Safari remain in the LM giver for about a week, in case you want to get them on a later date. And as usual the HG Addresses will be at the end of this post.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Safari Fiction

This week, the Safari trip had a single destination, to the literary grid Nara's Nook, celebrating three years of writerly pixels. 
Nara's Nook is the brainchild of Nara Malone, and styles itself as a colony for people who would like to explore their literary creativity online. Whether you're an author in need of moral support, or trying to revive a stalled novel-in-the-works, or looking for inspiration to come up with a new storyline, or curious about using new 3D methods to convey your narrative, Nara's Nook can help. Here's the Nara's Nook website.
       Scroll to the end of the post for them list of the places visited this week.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Safari Takes a Cure

          The adventure begins each week with a gathering on Francogrid, sitting around on the deck outside the clubhouse. Some strange reason, in all four incarnations of the clubhouse, the group always seems to prefer to be outside. Perhaps it's the adventurous spirit of those brave souls who show up each week to boldly go. 
Aime Socrates, Pathfinder Lester and Snowbody Cortes, waiting for the fun to begin
          HG Addresses  the end of the post.
          It's almost Halloween and so, time to go spookily into that dark night... courtesy of the gang over on Kroatan Grid. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

OSCC Safari!

On Sunday, 11 December we will be holding a special OSCC Safari.

The event will start at 11am Pacific Time - one hour earlier than our usual time.
The starting point will be on OSCC Grid, at the Safari Expo,
here's the hg address zone 2 As usual there will be 3 destinations, each lasting about an hour.
But this time, there's a new twist... to cope with the large number of visitors, we will be running two different trails at the same time.

Safari Trail A and Safari Trail B will both include places of artistic, educational, and practical interest and the two groups will meet up at the end in a very entertaining place!

Being on a Sunday, we hope that many who can't attend the regular Wednesday events will be able to come along and sample the simple pleasure of grid-jumping.
So please, mark the day on your calendar, and invite your friends.
If you have experience at grid-jumping, especially in a group, we can use your help as tour guides!
Send an IM to Thirza Ember in OSGrid, or email me at to get more information.

Friday, October 21, 2016


A few new items at the HG Safari Market, next to the Clubhouse on Francogrid, that may interest you.

Sunshine Szavanna has donated a lovely delicate nosering, and there's also a mesh witches hat that may fill your seasonal needs. Neevo Geesink, after our recent Safari visit, very kindly sent us this Teleport device, which you can program to fit your needs.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Safari goes to Generositania

Generositania isn't a real place... it's loads of places, where the spirit of generosity is the fundamental working principle. Here are three fun places in opensim, with an emphasis on altruism, that you should definitely go and see. 
HG Addresses at the end of the post as usual. First stop, the Dune Project on Metropolis.
Neovo Geesink: Welcome at Dune-1
Wizardoz Chrome (it>en): Like film Dune? ... or ...
Truelie Telling: there is no resemblance to the world of the film Dune, or the books
Neovo Geesink: I don't know why they are Called Dune. Lena Vanilli is the "boss" and has made this Project of 5 4x4 var regions possible.
James AtLLOUD something gigantic just rezzed in my camera view.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Chat !

A little bit of HG help from
It happens every week, on Safari..
The group meets at the clubhouse, at 12 noon Pacific time 9pm CET.
Everyone grabs the Notecard with the landmarks and details about the trip, and at the appointed time, we all set off...

...well, most of us do. But glitches happen.
Maybe your avie freezes.
Maybe you get stuck in tp limbo, neither here nor there, and have to log out.
Perhaps you click on the wrong landmark, or can't find the notecard.
Maybe you're waiting at the Clubhouse on Teravus Plaza, OSGrid, not realizing that our main meeting point these days is on Francogrid! (There's a portal)
The Teravus Plaza clubhouse
Maybe your clothes fail to rez, so you rush home to fix the problem, and when you come back the group is gone.

Or, you show up late, and it's hard to figure out where people have gone.

Of course, you can just go fishing, like Aime Socrates. But if not, what can you do?
The obvious solution is to have a way to communicate with the group outside the Viewer. That way, even if you get logged out, or are on a region that refuses to let you send IMs to people on other grids, you can still find out where we all are.
There are lots of different ways to chat outside the Viewer. Skype, Facebook, G+ hangouts, even Twitter come to mind.
The problem with all of these is that there is no consensus among OpenSim people about which is good to use. Some people find certain websites difficult to use while they have their Viewer open. Some people don't like one or more of these chat providers, other people like them, but use an account name they don't want to share inworld.

The solution may be at hand. Satyr Gator has just introduced a Chat feature on his website It is still in Beta, so we will be testing its robustness!
OpenSimWorld is free, and you do not have to have a region to be part of the website.
There is an HG Safari group in OpenSimWorld, which you can join also.
The chat feature on this site is not for the exclusive use of HG Safari, and we'll be using it mostly as an SOS resource. Both people who are hypergridding pros, and those new to HG are encouraged to join soon, so we can see how useful this will be when the hg gremlins make life hard for us!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Safari goes Past, Present, and Future

           Virtual worlds are ephemeral, we all know that, a hiccup on a server and all your stuff can be gone. Of course, a housefire can do the same thing in the real world, but it's a lot easier to lose, or lose touch with, things and people dear to us in our online existence.
           Tina Bey posted this video on Facebook recently,  telling the story of Arcauana, her region (hosted by the great Ken Savage) on OSGrid. How could we resist?
        In a lot of sci-fi films, we are presented with a universe full of different life forms all living together in (dis)harmony. Now, imagine if all the life forms in the the universe of sci-fi films were able to interact? The characters from Star Wars, Star Gate, Star Trek, and more. This is Tina Bey's premise. It is also an exploration in lighting and audio effects, so be sure to turn on Sound and read the instructions on windlight, for the best effect.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Safari Tours Turin and Counts its Blessings

This week the Safari experienced a symphony of building- a concert of creativity! HG Addresses at the end of the post.
          First stop was on OSGrid, the region called Torino Italy, with our hosts Alfiere Rossini, Lucy Rosadisharon, and Giuliano Carminucci. People hypergridded in from at least nine different grids to be part of the fun, and learn a little about Alfiere's build.
Thirza Ember: we need to study piemontese for our first stop tonight
George Equus: Hope  chat will be in English  :)  No parlare Italiano buono  :)
Ange Menges: They are late as usual :-)
Giuliano Carminucci: hi boys i speak a little english but a little - but write is a disaster ahahah
Alfiere Rossini
Ange.Menges et francais, Giuliano ?
Yara.Eilde I'm german
Ange Menges Nobody is perfect : Thirza is speaking italian as french
Thirza Ember: badly in both
kindup i am aussie ;) here is babelfish into italian for me: Ciao a tutti che questo appare come un mondo molto bello con un sacco di bella gente qui oggi
No Image Hello hello :)
Thirza Ember: for those who do not know, No Image, aka artist and mesh designer Taarna Welles, is experimenting with a low impact hg avatar - her 'no image' avie is designed to make no lag, by having almost no inventory
No Image Poor as a baby :) So please, do not share gifts
Thirza Ember: no bicerin for taarna
alfiere rossini (it>en): the Interiors unfortunately have not been faithfully reproduced for various reasons - it is not possible to photograph interiors; behind the building there are the Royal gardens which likewise are not identical to rl, but the fountains here in the square are just like the real ones.
No Image aka Taarna Welles in the foreground
alfiere rossini (it>en): the style of the buildings are Austrian Baroque, because the Royal family were related to the austrian Royals which brought the style to Turin.  The Palace in the Centre of the square is called palazzo madama.
Dings.Digital is it for rent? beautiful facade
Isolde.Caron yes, we can have a nice italian rendezvous Dings....
alfiere rossini (it>en): It was the first Senate building when Turin was the capital of Italy, It was the first Senate building when Turin was the capital of Italy. Here in this position there is another street called via Po with reference to the Po River which is further down with another beautiful square. Sooner or later, I will get around to building that too.
Aime Socrates @ this sim is a very good copy of the real torino
Lucy Afarensis: I would not mind this being home
Isolde Caron yes very nice
Dings Digital yes, looks great. an invitation to explore.
snowbody cortes: most people don't know it, but Italy only became one united country in the 1860's the time of the American Civil War.
        The tour of the build got us talking about other points of interest in Turin, the Mole Antonelliana which houses a wonderful Museum of Cinema, the recently revamped Egyptian Museum, said to be the second greatest collection of Egyptian artifacts, and the Museum of the Automobile - Turin is, of course, home to both Fiat and Maserati.
alfiere rossini (it>en): Just to be clear, you will find some houses and other constructions on the edges of the region - they are not part of RL Turin. This build was sponsored by the Fiat car factory of Turin and was originally in SL, however when the SL adventure came to an end, since I was both builder and owner of the installation, I brought them here. The photos were taken by a friend of mine, a very talented architect. I live in Turin, about 5 minutes away from these squares.
Thirza Ember I think real place builds are wonderful resource... virtual toursim! And plenty of options for music events!
Aime Socrates this would be a great sim to visit for ?
Nara it would

And then it was time to go... off to Avatarfest. A place that repays your patience with some spectacular builds!
Drang Po of Kalasiddhi Grid meditates as he waits
      This year the multi-grid celebration is hosted courtesy of the smart people at  Metropolis Grid, and they set up the region to make chat and movement a priority, so if you notice it takes a long time for the objects on the sims to rez, that is normal. It's a good compromise for a place where visitors are plentiful!
          We chit chatted, sitting at the bar, and thought about all the hard work Han Held, Danko Whitfield, and all the rest of the team have put in to make this event happen... and wondered how many people would be offended because I forgot to name them in this post.
          Here are six details from builds on the region - can you find them all?
 Eryn Galen's Aragog spider
 Swirly art by Spiral Silverstar
 Chained statue by plastichansa bade
 Starfleet logo by Karl Quar
 Fest'Avi art by Cherry Manga
History portal by Serene Jewell

          All kinds of interesting builds are here, from grids ranging right across the hyperverse, from Kitely to Francogrid, LIghthouse to 3rdRock Grid, and many points between.

        And the range of ideas and passions is just as wide, from African snacks to meditation crystals, from avatar DNA, to history, to horror, to 2 and 3D art crossing over into the real world. 
Sunshine Szavvana's Sunvibes
          The hyperverse's main magazine HG Visionz is represented, and there's a glass maze, an ivory tower, and a Quiz build by the LEO network, so plenty to do, admire, and read. We are blessed with so many interesting exhibits, it's really hard to count them all - what's your guess? How many regions and grids are represented here?
          Over the Fest weekend, which was at the beginning of this month. There were a number of live performances, both music and theater, including concerts by Truelie Telling, Rosy O'Grady, Joao Frazao, and the Fabulous Wailers; readings by Emil Jannings and Dings Digital, as well as Eldovar of 3rdRock Grid, performances by the Avatar Repertory Theater - on a peripheral venue on Cookie II, for technical reasons - and Caledonia Skytower and Shandon Loring of the Seanchai Library put on a reading of Rod Serling's The Lonely.          A range of fine DJs who kept the party going over many time zones! 
        By the time the Safari arrived, live events were over, so the Safari took advantage of the nice streaming radio and had our own little dance with some visual effects courtesy of Wizardoz Chrome.
          If you missed out in being a part of AvatarFest this year, and want to be informed for next time, click here to find the group in G+ .

HG Addresses:
Virtual Turin italy4
Avatarfest  (open until end of October only)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Safari heads for the Fests!

Mal Burns: reminder - AvatarFest starts this Friday and all weekend -         
      Shock horror - turns out Oktoberfest actually begins in September!
     This is one of the many things we learned on this week's Safari. We were invited by NextLife grid to come and see their fabulous Fairground and dancing region, where much of the Germanophile and germanophone opensim community are gathering during the two week festival. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


          So, this season of the Safari, we are going to be promoting builds with some kind of - let's not call it educational benefit, that sounds too dry, but the idea is that we all come away from our tour feeling like we now know something we didn't know before. First up, Anachronia sim on the German language grid, Dorena's World.
          HG Addresses at the end of the post, as usual.
          Dorena and Anachron, the grid-mama and grid-papa were there, along with other residents like Uwe Furst, Lureen Persephone, and the lovely builder and creator Klarabella Karamell, an authentic opensim heroine. We first sat down which really helped with the lag that comes when a region is bombarded with a dozen or more avatars arriving from multiple grids.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gor and More

This week two destinations, both fun and at the same time quite serious, in that they deeply connect with the real world beliefs, creativity, and endeavors of their creators. HG Addresses as usual at the end of the post.
          Despite some craziness in hypergridding which slowed down our arrival on Destination one, Counter-Earth grid, pretty soon about 15 of us were at the arrival area at Sardar Mountain, which in the books is a marketplace where it seems anything can happen, from the dangerous to the delightful. There are community evenings on Counter-Earth Grid, at 8pm Pacific Time, and there are organized games of Gorean soccer, and they are working on getting combat events - the arena is ready, just some scripting left to do. For those in the Antipodes, you may like to join the New Zealand cohort on this grid, so there's something for everyone.
If you visit the grid, be sure to leave some feedback on the OpenSimWorld page

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back on Safari
Sound artist Morlita Quan, check out her music here

... And we're back.
The first Safari of the new season was a celebration of creativity, style, sensuality and above all the free open source ideals of Francogrid, and the wider hyperverse of OpenSim.
Fest'Avi is always about the body beautiful. It is about creativity and a practical need for more original avatars for people to use and share. Anyone can contribute an avie, and this year there are about 19 different models, some very human-like, some romantic, some very unusual.
Here are the avie makers this year: Sunbeam Magic,  Archael Magic, Canonboymaty Duffield, Zany Foxtrot, Serene Jewell, Praline B, Shannan Albright, Meilo Minotaur and of course Cherry Manga, whose artistic imagination and passion are the fabric upon which these avatars are displayed.