Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back on Safari
Sound artist Morlita Quan, check out her music here

... And we're back.
The first Safari of the new season was a celebration of creativity, style, sensuality and above all the free open source ideals of Francogrid, and the wider hyperverse of OpenSim.
Fest'Avi is always about the body beautiful. It is about creativity and a practical need for more original avatars for people to use and share. Anyone can contribute an avie, and this year there are about 19 different models, some very human-like, some romantic, some very unusual.
Here are the avie makers this year: Sunbeam Magic,  Archael Magic, Canonboymaty Duffield, Zany Foxtrot, Serene Jewell, Praline B, Shannan Albright, Meilo Minotaur and of course Cherry Manga, whose artistic imagination and passion are the fabric upon which these avatars are displayed.

Close up of just one of the fun and imaginative free full perm avatars created for Fest'Avi
 Music was supplied by the always magical Morlita Quan. A big shout out also to the technical guys on Francogrid, especially Nino Whitman, because to make something like this work when only one person is taking the tour is already difficult - to keep it all fluid and not crashy when more than 50 avatars are charging around the regions, that takes some seriously good geeking!
Terra Mater Avatar showcased on the Fest'Avi tour
The first year of Fest'Avi, the format was like a fashion show; last year, it was a theatrical extravaganza with scenes created to showcase the various new avatar creations.
This year, instead of a sit-down-and-watch theater format, visitors get to ride around and see scenes featuring the avatars, accompanied with an amazing soundtrack, moving planets, fish, NPCs of course, and spectacular flashes of light and shapes.
It's still open and will be a permanent installation on Francogrid, though the sim name may change, so if you missed yesterday's event, you can still enjoy the experience and the free goodies after.
The whole ride takes about 30 minutes, if you click on 'Complet', otherwise, you can choose to go on just one of the three 'Etapes' - the options appear when you jump on the poseball at the beginning of the tour.
The afterparty, on sim... Afterparty, duh, was as exciting as the ride, the scenery changes every few minutes, in spectacular fashion. So great to hear Morlita's concert and to see so many friends, old and new, who dropped by. Thanks to everyone who made it such a memorable evening.
Lena.Vanilli wow, i see all major grids represented. what a party :)
Praline.B yesssssss a real hypergrid event , so happy to see you all here for this party! Even sl people came in foreigner country lololol  hope they are not so much afraid ahaha
Dividni Shostakovich: we need passports!
Sunshine Szavanna: congrats Festavi Team amazing and magical art :) <3
Lena.Vanilli thanks to the whole  FestAvi-Team. You made a really great job !!!
Isolde.Caron I love the Fest'Aviiiiiii
Moonrise.Azalee awesome event!
Carlos.Loff Cherry MANY MANY congratulations for the tour,you guys are the living proof that although OS is not a game engine it can have a lot of fluidity and speed, the tour was flawless.
Arielle.Delamerlibre tous le monde have the chance to be a part, I love Events like this
Isolde.Caron me too, nice people, good music
Mal.Burns just taken trip - wonderful Cherry
George Equus: Have to go, Thank you for a spectacular event!
Aime.Socrates encore merci et bravo à tous les Fest'amis
stiofain.mactomais congratulations on pulling this all together ... great job
 Spike.Sol So. i say thank you, its the greatest event in this year... thank you Cherry.. and all Creators here..
Sunbeam.Magic So happy HG SAFARI is back in the swing of things
Thirza Ember whispers: thanks to Cherry, Praline, Nino and all the gang for making it such a spectacular first event!

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  1. The ride was totally awesome! Most of this kind of stuff (haunted houses etc. etc.) in vw just falls flat but the effects here were unbelievable. My mind is officially blown. I have no idea how they even pulled off most of it. What is interesting is that I tried numerous times with numerous different current-version viewers to get there from my 9.0 sim on OSGrid and crashed every time. But it worked just fine when I logged on to my 8.0.3 standalone. I am guessing Franco is behind me in sim versions.