Thursday, September 29, 2016

Safari heads for the Fests!

Mal Burns: reminder - AvatarFest starts this Friday and all weekend -         
      Shock horror - turns out Oktoberfest actually begins in September!
     This is one of the many things we learned on this week's Safari. We were invited by NextLife grid to come and see their fabulous Fairground and dancing region, where much of the Germanophile and germanophone opensim community are gathering during the two week festival. 

          Anette Hummel and the Safari's own Spike Sol were there to meet us at the landing point - HG Addresses at the end of the post, as usual.
Anette Hummel: bitte gern geschehen
Spike.Sol: Hello, welcome to the region Oktoberfest.  I hope my English is good enough to tell something. The first Oktoberfest was held 12.10.1810 at the "Theresienwiese" in Munich. Crown Prince Ludwig was able to perform it for Princess Therese. Earlier horse races were particularly an attraction.
James Atlloud: Was that "the" Ludwig?
Me drinking a little bit too much of that 13.5% beer, with our guide, Spike Sol
Spike.Sol: The beer at the Oktoberfest has an master spice 13.5% alcohol. The weekly take at the fairground is approximately EUR 1 billion. 1813 there was no Oktoberfest, because of the Napoleonic wars.1818 the first carousel was erected. In 1854 and 1873, the festival was cancelled also. Because of cholera. From 1880, things went better. Beer sales and a chicken rotisserie was opened. It was the first booth with electric light. The Oktoberfest is traditionally opens with the tapping of the first barrel of beer. The mayor of Munich opens with the Bavarian words "O'zapft iss". It means "tapped is". 119,000 seats there are in total in all beer tents. Traditionally, there is a Ferris wheel at the Oktoberfest. The first was in 1880 since. Since 1960 is built firmly one of steel. The Oktoberfest consumed 2.7 million kilowatts per hour of electricity. It was an electric company named Einstein who provided light. In the late years of 1880's the son should have at the time, as a little boy, screwing in the light bulbs. It was Albert Einstein.
 Rich Scott: Let the fun begin! (en>de): Schon kann der Spaß beginnen!
Spike Sol : maybe Anette can talk something about the Region here
Anette.Hummel: i have long time make Oktoberfest, and now here. 
James.Atlloud: How long to build this festival in Opensim?
Anette Hummel: all work, I make this 4 years, next year I have 5
James.Atlloud: Wow!
Thirza Ember: wow 36 avatars, pretty good!
Spike Sol: on two Regions
Anette Humell
Praline B: Anette did you do all the scripts and games here?
Anette Hummel: not alone, i have help many creators have for this
Praline B: its very impressive, I was here few days ago and all works very well
There's plenty to do here, including the dodgems...
Mal Burnsshows off his driving skills
...the Haunted House, and of course the classic Ferris wheel,

...and the crazy mouse rollercoaster
Harthelie Deux and Jeff Kelley do some unconventional track testing
        In the end, we all met up on the dance floor in the big blue and white tent. This crowd meets every Wednesday for the Mittwoch party, and it was nice for once that our two weekly events were able to join forces!
Arielle Delamerlibre: see you all on friday I hope for AvatarFest Opening
Praline B : well its hard Safarista's life lolol
Truelie Telling: What a great party! Octoberfest forever!
           Destination two was a change of tempo, as we moved on to Lost World Grid, home of Joe Builder. Joe has so many themed regions, his creativity and attention to detail are second to none.
 If you are looking for a ready-made sim, put together with style,you should definitely go see Joe, he has many for sale, and they cover all kinds of different tastes, from science fiction, to romance, to fantasy and rock and roll. His builds have the great advantage that for anyone who doesn't have the time, or perhaps the artistic ability, to make their own region, for a very reasonable price you can get an instant habitat, and one that will not be so prim heavy that the new owner can't add their own touches of originality.
        Our first stop was a new region, Devil's Playground.
Praline B: Im caming and its really terrific! ;)
Talia Sunsong: Joe lured us here to feed the wolves
Don Smith: W H E W !!!! its just a statue of DEATH, for a minute there i thought my ex wife found me! 
Joe Builder: At the time i made this place, a friend was looking for a vampire rp sim, so i think i may have over done it a bit...
Lucy Afarensis: Its perfect
Joe Builder: castle has a huge dungeon, secret doors...
Sunbeam Magic: *:-.,_,Yayyyyyyy!!!_,.-:*'``'*
It's a spooky horror style sim, complete with wolves, freaks, graves, a haunted castle, creepy baby, and wicked looking clown. 
Sunbeam Magic getting into the groove of spooky!
The haunted castle has a great dance floor, and lot of strange poses, like this one!
After a bit of exploring here, we moved over to the 2 sim region called Enchanted, where we met up with Sunshine Szavanna.             Sunshine lives in South Africa, and she promised to spin us some World Music tunes. She studied a number of different instruments growing up, including the violin, so she brings a depth of appreciation to her DJane duties. Here's the link to her music page, where you can listen anytime to her mixes. And this is her website. Why choose world music? 
Sunshine Szavanna: Through the tunes - we learn about stories from different parts of the world, learn about different traditions, dances, musical instruments, musical styles of all kinds. From African desert blues, to Bollywood tunes, traditional Indian ragas, zulu guitar styles, or the mbalax tunes of Senegal - we jive to so many different kinds of music, in different languages, created by talented artists from all over the world. We also watch as these tunes all mingle, mix together in so many ways noticing how each culture influences the other and how we all influence, teach and learn from each other everyday.
          We took the opportunity to cam around the Enchanted region, looking for the jackalopes, the hidden caves, the fantastic flowers and the many lovely particles. That's the great thing about virtual worlds, you can be off on your own, without leaving the group! 
Sunshine Szavanna: wiggle your butt!  Baba Youssouuu
Praline B: yes Youssou NDour ;)) this singer is very famous in senegal, all the folk is in love with this man and his band
Thirza Ember: so explain what qualifies as world music
Sunshine Szavanna: uh it is a silly name, world music means all music of the world.
Truelie Telling: eclectic
Praline B: You may know this song with neneh cherry, but this one is on a rythm called Mbalax
Mal Burns: have some of his music and a concert
Sunshine Szavanna: I saw Youssou play live in Tunis
Praline B: wow, you were far away from your home Sun!
Sunshine Szavanna: yess but I am more a world-ling
Sunbeam Magic I like that title "world-ling'
Praline B: and now in South africa there are very good musicians with the eletro mix with tribal sound,  what I feel is that young people in africa are doing now a music very mixed, and we hear very good sound.
Sunshine Szavanna: yes a new sound emerging. I have been in SL since 2008 and now finally I will play in opensim too, so I am very happy to be part of this safari :)

HG Addresses
Devil's Playground and Enchanted.... go to  and then use the portals to access specific regions

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