Hypergrid technology is developing all the time, so check back here, as thing change I'll try to update the information provided.

Lots of things can affect your ability to hypergrid: spelling mistakes, your internet connection, your computer, the internet connection of the grid you're trying to go to, the diligence of respective grid managers and so on.
If you don't go armed with patience, you probably won't go very far at all. Forced logging out, crashing, freezing, lag and general time-wasting are intrinsic parts of this activity.
If you get messages like 'Unable to verify Identity' or 'Region not found' don't assume the grid is not there. 

Get  Firestorm AND Singularity. Other third party viewers work too, but these are the top two used currently. I like Singularity. Make sure you get the OpenSim Version (there's a SL only one also) and go for the 32 bit version which will allow you to see video inworld. Why get both viewers? They each have features the other doesn't. 

There are  5 principal ways you can Grid Jump. The basic - and most important - one is number 5.
1. someone can send you a TP - yes! you can IM with and teleport a person even if you're on different grids! 
2. You can use a Landmark. Hypergridding Landmarks have 'HG' at the beginning of their name. Landmarks made on a grid by an avatar of the same grid won't work for hypergridding, you need one made by a 'foreign' avatar.
3. You can jump through a portal - sometimes called a Blamgate, This script, developed by Pathfinder Lester and refined by Shaun Emerald of Sanctuary Grid, allow you to step from one grid to another. The portals are open source, so you can copy one and modify it for your own use.
4. You can click on a hyperlink, like Second Life's SLURLS. Currently (April 2015) there are several competing forms of OpenSim 'slurls' and most do not work with all Viewers or with all Grids. Websites like collect data from participating region owners and publish information about which sims are online, which have people on them, and upcoming events.
5. You can use your Map. If you like to Keep It Simple, then learn about this method. 

Every grid has a unique address. A few smaller grids use all-number addresses, most people put the name of the grid in the address, followed by a domain name (like .org or .com) and they all end in a port number like 80, 8002, 9000
Here are two examples
If you paste this address into your viewer's Map search box, it will take you to the 'main' sim of the grid, usually arranged as a Welcome area. 
You can add the name of a specific sim to the HG Address to go direct to your chosen destination
Here are two examples Plaza safari
Sometimes that will work fine, sometimes you'll get a 'region not found' message. If you know the region exists, just remove the name from the end of the address, and TP to the Welcome sim, and then look for the specific sim when you get there.

You can't get lost. If you find yourself in some weird or or laggy place, just log out, or press CTRL SHIFT H. You will find yourself back at home when you relog. You can't log back in to a 'foreign' grid using the My Last Location feature.

Don't have ridiculous expectations. This is not a place for where do-nothings thrive; people tend to be busy, but kind. There aren't a lot of pick-up joints. Your computer will take a while to get used to the voodoo of opensim, so cut it some slack. Set graphic quality low, gradually make your draw distance high. Your avatar is not going to be as finely honed as your SL 'self' - get over it. Be prepared for attachments to disappear or show up late when you TP. Be self reliant - there are few people, less commerce, and no Search facilities on most grids. Be ready for some pioneering adventure - or stay at home!

Your First Hypergridding Steps
1. If you don't already have one, open an account in an open sim world like

Inworldz or Avination  are no good for hypergridding, they are Closed Worlds. As, of course, is SL.

2. To find places to visit, you can go to

This wonderful site by Satyr Gator will show you places where visitors are welcome. It works by linking the website to a beacon present on the actual sim, which transmits information like if the sim is online, if there are people on it, and so on.
This site tells you which regions are up, and if there are people present, so you can find some company, perhaps.
It is not a complete list of every grid and/or region out there, but it is a good place to start. 

This blog tells the story of our Safari adventures, and at the end of each post you will find the HG Address of the destinations, which you can use to go visit yourself

For an even more complete list of possible destinations, go to This page is not always up to date, but it includes just about every grid you'll want to visit.

3. While most sims are are hyper-grid enabled nowadays, a few aren't so. To avoid hassle, go to the 'main sim' of your chosen grid: (LBSA or Wright Plaza in OSGrid, Hydra on Craft, Accueil Francogrid on Francogrid, for example).

5. How to gridjump

  •   At the bottom of your viewer screen open the tab marked 'MAP' and highlight the sim name in 'Search'
  • Paste the grid address you copied from the Hyperica web page (save it on a Notecard too, for further reference). Then press search. May take a moment for the Map to locate your destination.
  • 4
  •  The hypergrid address often includes the precise sim (the red 'optional' bit in picture 2) - if you remove that, the remaining part of the address will serve to take you to the grid's Main Welcome sim. From there, you can simply tp locally to the place you want, using the sim name, as you would in Second Life. Most Welcome areas have TP boards to take you to their main points of interest, too. 
  •  When the map has found the sim, you'll see it in detail. Time to press Teleport!! 

*~*~*~* teleport swishy sound*~*~*~*


  • Notice how my nametag now includes my home grid name.
  • When you arrive at you destination, be patient while the new sim loads, remember the system may be very different from the sim version you just left. May take a while for all your 'bits' to catch up with you (hair, shoes, a/o's and skirts sometimes tarry -  for the best results, use a viewer based a/o... (that's Control Shift O). 
  • Have fun exploring! Items 'bought' in one grid and carried to another will make the journey, but don't be too hasty, they need a little time to show up in your Inventory. If you shop and run, you may get home with empty folders! 


  1. Hi,

    I found this blog due to a post in Kitely referencing it, and then drilling down found this HG primer which is really very good, so thank you-))

    Another good one is my friend Christine's, if you care to reference it someplace, or just fyi.

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  3. Thanks for the comments. An important note about scripting. Jumping from one discrete grid to another will generally close off your inventory, including scripted objects, which will show up as 'loading' but never load, or give the error message 'script missing from database'. A workaround is to keep the script of your choice open on a notecard or external doc, and then create a new script in the object (the simplest solution is to create a HUD rather than attach it to your body) and then re-insert the script. However, due to an increase in griefing, more and more grids have had the good sense to turn off scripting for strangers.
    A simple CTRL-Shift-H will take you home, but again, not always. Some grids have a bug that allows hg in, but prevents hg out, and your home sim may show up 'Does not exist any more'. Note too that while a grid may be hg enabled, that doesn't mean all the sims are the same, and to hg you may need to go back to the sim you came in through.