Friday, March 30, 2018

A Copy/Mod/Trans Safari

          This week was probably the last ever three stop Safari. It's a scenario that invites confusion, crashing and endless IMs of folks who are looking for the group, yet strangely, everything went perfectly smoothly, we didn't even lost the self-confessed Safari newbies, so for anyone thinking of picking up where the safari is leaving off, and starting their own tour group, it's a good sign. Three stops, and the HG addresses are at the end of the post.
Our first stop was to see the gallery curated by Katia Parcdesarts, now on Craft grid. The theme is "La liberté guidant le peuple"  or 'Liberty Guides the People' and people have certainly taken liberties with the original meaning of the painting... to learn more about that, watch this video.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Safari does Art and Ice

          Two vastly different destinations this week, from Europe to Australia and even farther South as we count down the final ten Safari tours. Both regions, Guinguette on Ignis Fatuus Grid, and Ambiant Antarctica on OSGrid,  are beautiful and intriguing and the HG addresses are of course at the end of the post.

        First, to mark the Equinox - the Spring Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere - we visited a beautiful exhibition on Ignis Fatuus, curated by Wizardoz Chrome and Aime Socrates.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Safari Countdown

           There will be a big party on May 23, it marks the 4th anniversary of HG Safari, which began on May 20th, 2014 when Wizard Gynoid joined me for our first trek around the hyperverse. 
           A week later, Fuschia Nightfire and Wizardoz Chrome joined us, on an epic five stop tour that involved a lot of crashing and cloudiness. 

Safari Meets its Destiny

               A beautiful outdoor gallery, a live concert with singer songwriter Tom Albury, a couple dozen friends, and the digital art of Tryad Destiny. That's all the ingredients you need for a perfect Safari visit to Metropolis Grid. HG Addresses as always at the bottom of this post. 
Tom Albury, known in SL as Moses Rae
              If you don't know Tryad Destiny and his wife Loru Destiny, they're two of opensim's impressive field of creators. Loru is well known for her fashion line and her many builds, visited in previous weeks by the intrepid Safari band.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Art and Kart Safari

There was an Unexpected Peruvian Incident in the Safari this week, though I don't think anyone but Larysa and me knew it. Ostensibly, it was a simple trip to an Art Sim by ieko catnap on Francogrid, and then a Kart sim - is it sacrilege to call Bill Blight's desert landscape and hit-the-coin-with-the car game a 'Kart sim'?   HG Addresses at the end of this post, as usual. And please, don't forget to 'Like' the regions you visit, by going to it may seem a small silly thing to you, but it means a lot to the creators.

           We tried to hard to make Ieko Catnap rez during our visit to imaginaire-de-ieko-18, with no success - luckily I got this snap of her earlier. Otherwise,

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Safari and Cornflakes: Made In Opensim

         Cornflakes Week is the last seven days of February and, since this February ended on a Wednesday this year, it was a Safari Finale to a week of celebrations and silliness.

        This was the 4th year of Cornflakes Week, and once again people got creative in the best way. The event even got a mention in New World Notes, a blog about Second Life.