Friday, March 30, 2018

A Copy/Mod/Trans Safari

          This week was probably the last ever three stop Safari. It's a scenario that invites confusion, crashing and endless IMs of folks who are looking for the group, yet strangely, everything went perfectly smoothly, we didn't even lost the self-confessed Safari newbies, so for anyone thinking of picking up where the safari is leaving off, and starting their own tour group, it's a good sign. Three stops, and the HG addresses are at the end of the post.
Our first stop was to see the gallery curated by Katia Parcdesarts, now on Craft grid. The theme is "La liberté guidant le peuple"  or 'Liberty Guides the People' and people have certainly taken liberties with the original meaning of the painting... to learn more about that, watch this video.

You know how people take objects in opensim, and then mod them to suit their purposes? The same thing happens in Art. I bet you've seen, for example, the Statue of Liberty turned into a cartoon, or used in movies to project certain concepts. But did you know that statue is actually a modded version of another artwork, by Eugene Delacroix? That painting has been termed an 'accidental icon'.
Aime chooses his favorite interpretation... an easy choice
         This exhibition shows it's not just about France or the USA, Japan, Denmark, Palestine Gay rights, Disney, Russia, Ancient Rome, Star Wars, the Burqa, anime, Loony Toons, the Maghreb revolution, Asterix...
George likes the Tintin version
... and also many photos of young, fresh-faced revolutionaries and among them, always a woman with one hand raised. The gallery features a clean open plan exhibit with a central area where you can sit and watch the video, then cam around the images. At present, you need to right click on the pictures to see who is the artist, or the title of the work, but hopefully Katia will add some more details to make it easier to see what you're looking at.

This is a wonderful way to experience art history. It's immediate, accessible, fascinating.
Thirza Ember: Do you have any favorites, Katia? 
ParcDesArts Katia: oh, many ! I love emerging talent and Miro, in particular.
Katia (right) showing one of her many favorites, an anonymous abstract inspired by the Delacroix painting.
Lucy Afarensis (en): It's a beautiful exhibition
 ParcDesArts Katia (en): Thank you, Lucy, you know the job better than me, here is a collection of artists that in fact I do not know or very little
Tryad Destiny: Never knew there were quite so many versions on the same theme
Phred: Would you say the bare breast depiction is becoming less common today? Some immigrants would be shocked
thirza ember: katia, what inspired you to make this show?
ParcDesArts Katia (en): freedom ;)
Tosha Tyran: good answer, Katia! do you think to put some more information on the pictures? some are really interesting and I would love to know more about
Alya VonZ : it is not all the same artist is it, some look so different from each other

       After much camming, it was time for destination 2...
Lucy Afarensis: My viewer does not want me to go
Tina Bey: (es>en)Thanks katia, I will return with more time to see this region
George Equus: Merci, très impressionnant, et diversifié  :)
ParcDesArts Katia: I hope you had a good time! and that will make you want to discover all those who remain to discover ...   
         Ard, aka Flidais Merlin, invited us to come over and visit his DreamWorld ... 
...... if you're not familiar with Ferd Frederix's "free, pre-packaged Windows-compatible virtual reality Opensimulator system that is easy to install, easy to run, and powerful. It it free and is open source" maybe you should click on this link!
For the purposes of our visit, Flidais had loaded a 3x3 .oar  he found on the Outworldz website, a free item supplied by Lost World, aka Joe Builder. It's a charming package of little mushroom houses, a river trip, beautiful sounds and trees and flowers

Tina Bey: loads textures very well, this region
Lux Tergeste: There are fairies flying around in the air
Bethany W: Thank you Ard Rhys, great place~~~
Flidais.Merlin: yes I have only had it loaded for a few days and haven't really explored much yet myself
Alya VonZ: on fred's site you can download all kind of stuff
Flidais Merlin: yes there is a fantastic set of free oars included with Dreamworld and on the Outworldz site
Phred: This one is included in Dreamworld
Alya VonZ: hehe Fred is pretty amazing
Thirza Ember: when you came to opensim Flidais, did you have a region on one of the bigger grids, or have you always had your own grid?
Flidais Merlin: Pretty much alway here - I do have accounts on OSGrid (and even InWorldz) but never owned land there Am still an SL user as well, though.
Yara Eilde: Nice fairys :-) I love Tinker Bell...  a lots of little TP  :-)
alex54 Salamander : great trees
Flidais Merlin: great you can have a place like this to play and create blank regions as you wish to try things out on
ParcDesArts Katia: nice, joli!
Alya VonZ: boat ride was fun, went all by itself, the way I like:)
Lite House: Is this on a server i am not getting any lag really
Flidais Merlin: my PC is only running at 12% CPU and 22% Memory, if there is to be any lag I would expect it to be the network upstream connection
Drang Po: got to love Safari server tests :)
Thirza Ember: this kind of thing puts the lie to the idea that you have to be willing to build everything from scratch, if you come to open sim, plus, it's not one huge monolithic mesh that you can't modify except in blender, you can very easily move things if you want to personalize it
Phred: or copy parts to your own sim
Thirza.Ember: how long does it take for one of these oars to load
Ard Rhys: only a few mins
Phred: about a minute on my laptop
 Wizardoz Chrome  : beautiful , I see with cam  around  nice nice !!
Thirza Ember: how geeky do you have to be to make it work, having your own grid like this?
Tryad Destiny: on Outworldz,  not very...I have my own grid there
Alya VonZ: even I have and I don't know tech stuff, but Hans did help me
Phred: the hardest part is getting the other grids to connect to you, you have to open the ports in your router and firewall, which Outworldz sometimes can do
Flidais Merlin
Thirza Ember: well there are 19 of us here and we haven't killed it yet
Tryad Destiny: I'm in the process of making or rather putting together a new sim, a little more each day
Alya VonZ: nice:) I have been lazy, have one region, and a welcome center
Thirza Ember: but that's the beauty of these .oars, if you don't have the time to do a lot, it doesn't matter... in fact, the oar kind of inspires you to get busy modifying it a bit like those paintings - you begin with something good, then change it to fit your own ideas
Flidais Merlin: yes exactly
Tryad Destiny: I started with an oar  and finished with practically nothing from it  but it inspired me
Alya VonZ: :) yeah fun part you have loads of stuff that already works
Thirza Ember: When you hear about grids getting attacked, you think it is spite, or just chance? is it like being hacked, they just find someone vulnerable? Are small grids like this more at risk?
Phred: More likely if someone knows you have a grid, but i get a port scan every 10 minutes..the mini web server probably has some vulnerabilities, i don't see any specific targeting of port 8002
Flidais Merlin: I don't know - Fred would be the one to ask - but could run in a vm I suppose
Lite House: Its like everything now days just keep backups , something will break at some point no matter what lol
Flidais Merlin: as long as they couldn't get out to the rest of the Pc - that would be the real concern - what happened in those cases you mentioned?
Thirza Ember: there were a lot of headaches, mostly related to missing content.
Lite.House: I'm not sure if grids were all hacked  , its popular to say hacked when unknown cause...Or screwed up something lol
Phred: SQL injection is a popular takeover
Thirza.Ember: that sounds medical.. like something they advertise on TV late at night
Phred: name some object "bobby;drop table"
Thirza Ember: what???? who is bobby
Phred: its the classic SQL injection,
Thirza Ember: now I want a drop table
   And last but not least, our Third Destination, on Craft Grid, we visited The Caravan, home of xSiberia Ilfreddopurificax and Tosha Tyran, with music provided by fabuous DJ  Levi Schtrauss
Levi Schtrauss (center) provided us a great set of tunes !
Tosha Tyran: we tried to make all different kind of ambients - for fun, some things to think... to enjoy. Touch things - some are surprising ... and there are some little gift bag all over if you like... be our guests :)
Tosha and Siberia
Lux Tergeste: Why all these NPC?
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): we liked the idea of having in some way a symbol of acceptance towards immigration and social integration, then we thought of these two families
Lux Tergeste: Grande l'idea dei battelli con i migranti
Tosha Tyran: if you want to cross to the other side, just call Bridge! when you are at a decent distance... or if you want a more individuel crossing go a little more to the green and call of the 1001 wonders of siberia :D
The magic bridge
alex54 Salamander: bridge under troubled water ;-)
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): there is a cave of bears, a blue cave, and an underwater cave, for those who want to try to find them :)
Tosha Tyran: anyone for a walk through the forest and the moors and a dance with a bear?
       It turns out the cave is quite a labyrinth... complete with golden calf, discovered by Lite House  whether you cam around or walk, there's a lot to discover herem, clinluding a number of houses , from this gingerbread confection, to a Van Gogh inspired residence, with a sinister cybershark - a relic from SL - lurking beneath. 
       Decidedly, walking and finding poses is the best way, since there are lots of poses and funny things to click on not to mention freebies and gifts scattered around. the entire sim exudes a sense of tranquility, happiness,  and hearts full of joy. 
HG Addresses
Parcdesarts on Craft                  1
Flidais' grid                              
Tosha and Siberia's home on Craft caravan

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