Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brave New Grid

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
The Tempest Shakespeare
If you're tired of SL prices and poseurs, and looking for somewhere new to hang your hat, here's a thought, what about New World Grid? Never heard of it?
Well, they are trying to put that right by having a fab  Open Day on Saturday 1 October.
Of course, the grid's already open, so be smart, go get an avie now, this is the URI: opensim://   

I gots my avie, and on rezzing at sim Welcome - look who was there already! 
Vadrouille Zepp, famous creator of the multi-grid communicator, the Radionne. He has a new version, the - upgrade, people!

New World Grid, better known by the acronym NWG, is non profit and offers cheapish, reliable land, good services, lots of nice educational builds; plus it's on European time, all factors that appealed to Graham Mills, aka Peter Miller, a professor at the University of Liverpool.

 Graham and I were both there when the HGAC visited Aime Socrates' fun sim Physics one wet weekend, just as the Education discount in SL was coming to an end. The giant lab is a fun place to play, and