Saturday, March 19, 2022

Outdoors Indoors and more...

 Season One of the rebooted Safari has come to an end, and perhaps you're wondering - is that it?

Well, no. A brief burst of taking it easy, then it all begins again.

Season 2 will begin on Wednesday May 4. The theme of the first trip will be "The Great Outdoors - Indoors".  First stop: the French Canadian grid Creanovale, in its Spring/Summer mode. The Safari has been to this grid, owned by Dabici Straulino and Kelso Uxlay a few times over the years, but we have never seen their Canadian Summer look, so that will be a first. 

Our second stop will be on the German grid of Achim and Dina Twisterling, Next-Life Grid. Next-Life is gorgeous mix of regions, and a party destination throughout the year, and we will be hosted on their impressive sailing regions. 

That's just the first of 10 weeks of Safari that will include events celebrating 'The Little Prince', The Beatles, Dinkies, Gor, Space exploration, Opensim's top dev Ubit Umarov, the city of Belfast, OpenSimFest, and the music of Moses Rae - to name just some of our planned stops.

In the meantime, do drop in on HG Safari region on OSGrid over coming weeks, there will be some new items there.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Closing at Crista's

             For the second part of our final Safari of the season, we decided to "fechar com a flor" and so the Safari group came to UCI Mondego to meet up with a true Diva, Opensim's own Diva Canto, aka Crista Lopes. These occasions always produce a lot of questions and interesting answers, and on this occasion, Crista was quick to get in the first question, where were we all from?

Safari goes Silent

 The final Safari of this first season of 2022, and we ended on a high note indeed! Two completely different, yet equally interesting destinations this week, as we visited the vast space installation by Ferd Frederix and Joe Builder, and then called in to see HG goddess Diva Canto, aka Crista Lopes. This is Part One, and deals with our visit to Outworldz. For information about our trip to Crista's grid, see the post 'Closing at Crista's'

Our host Ferd joined us at the Clubhouse in robot form yesterday, and brought a nice gift - it's a little

Monday, March 14, 2022

Francogrid : The Musical

 FrancoGrid, one of the oldest grids in Opensim, is down. That is sad news, indeed, for anyone who over the past 15+ years has enjoyed this grid as a visitor or resident.

FrancoGrid has always been known for the beauty of the builds - whether hyper realistic or abstract, it has celebrated literature, music, art and culture for the best part of twenty years, through events famous across the Metaverse, like Fest'Avi, to less flamboyant but equally intricate celebrations of art on dozens of lovely sims. So what is next? Is this the end? Or the end of the beginning...

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Books and the Bayou: a Cultural Safari

 Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of grim news in the world today that we all ought to be aware of, but it's good for mental health to take a short break from worrying about it. And what better way than by taking in a nice 2 hours of culture, friendship, and beauty.  

But before we get to the eye candy, (supplied in this gif by Kith Whitehawk, scroll down for even more Wyldwood Bayou gorgeousness) there's an important new cultural hub on Craft Grid, that we visited as our first destination. Hosted on regions curated by Roxelo Babenco aka Rosanna Galvani whose Museo del Metaverso  has been a beacon of art in virtual worlds over 15 years. HG Addresses are, as always, at the end of this post.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Safari Jukes it Out

Unadecal Masala: personally, I am a sucker for wrists 

The Jukebox was invented by Louis Glass, and the first commercial use of this iconic music maker was in 1889, in the city of San Francisco.  An intriguing and beautiful invention, it brought together technology and art in one magical box, very much like the two builds we visited this week, in two completely different styles, but both pretty mindblowing!

Aphra Hendrix at Jukebox

 We visited Coopersville on Kitely, the enormous Edwardian region owned by Koshari Mahana, where you can enjoy a wide range of activities, from ballooning to old time movies to bumper cars, all in a perfect historical setting. Before that, we jumped over to Cherry Manga's brand new Jukebox installation, on CopyKat grid.
Complete hypergrid addresses are, as always, at the end of this post.