Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A New Safari Season

         After more than three years absence, the Safari hypergrid tours are coming back.

        The ten week season begins on January 12.  Currently Francogrid is experiencing maintenance issues, so although the old base is still there, we have a new home (courtesy Ange Menges) on OSGrid. the name of the sim is... you guessed it, HG Safari (note the space between hg and safari when you type in the address. In satellite view you'll see this on the map.

        As many of your know, OSGrid is itself in the middle of an asset crisis (*insert here your witty remarks on the subject*) so it has not been all plain sailing to get the new sim up and running. So if you notice some content or textures not working, please be patient. It's a work in progress.

          The Safari Market has a few of the old favorites, and you will find the Meshanthropy store on the island too. I am most proud of being able to import the lovely sailing ship built by long time friend of the Safari, Aime Socrate.

          The new HG Safari trips will depart from OSGrid on Wednesdays at 12 noon SLT (Pacific time, that is) which, for Europeans, is 9pm Paris time. We have invites to 17 different grids, and will be doing a range of activities, from talks to dances to hunts to art installations. 

          The slots in this first season of the Safari filled up in less than a week, so if you are interested in being a destination during the second season, which will begin around May/June, please contact Thirza Ember on OSGrid.