Tips on Hosting a Safari

 We love new hosts! Our goal is to see as many different regions and grids as possible.
Here are some tips that we've discovered during more than 200 Safari events.

 1. We make lag

We are going to make way more lag than you expect. Even if you have regular events on your grid, it's going to be worse than you think. We do our best not to be too weighed down with complex avatars but our arrival often gives your grid or region a bit of a shock. In the Voodoo of Opensim, it's considered really unlucky to say  'lag won't be a problem when the Safari visits'. Whenever I hear that phrase, I know we are in for a bumpy ride.

There are lots of lag reducing tactics that people try, including turning off other regions, especially contiguous regions, so your resources are dedicated just to the places we are due to visit; eliminating any scripts, or NPCs, that you don't strictly need; asking visitors to have small suitcases, etc - but really the best thing to do is not let lag upset you.  Safari people know there will be lag. If they don't see the region right, they will relog, or they will return another day to see what they missed.  

2. Time is limited

We have only about 45-50 minutes of useful time on your grid or region. Less is more! We are not limited to a single visit to your grid for all time, so don't try to show us everything, we will just end up rushed and confused. Pick one or two things to show us. Then, if you want, you can share a LM pack of other interesting destinations on your grid, or point us to your website. 

When we arrive, there's a period of about 5 to 10 minutes when we are all trying to rez, deal with Chat Lag, and figure out who has been lost in the teleport. So it is worth holding back from making your introductions until it looks like we have a quorum - at least 10 visitors present.

3. Safari birds flock together

People tend to stay in a group. If you want the group to follow you by foot, please walk slowly! Remember - it's all new to us and you will lose us if you hurry away. Remember too, that we are taking pictures, so will not be fast at responding to requests to move. 

Is your region is designed to be explored on foot? Great, but for a group, point to point teleporting makes life much easier and enhances your region by making it easier to visit. It's also good if you, as the host, can stay where the maximum people are. That way, they can ask you questions in Local Chat (text). An alternative is to change your Region/Parcel Settings so that Local Chat can be read from anywhere in the region. This way, people know what is going on and where you want them to go.

4. Presentations, and pre-loaders 

Please remember, we use Local Chat Text to communicate, not Voice.
The reason for this? Not everyone understands spoken English, not everyone has Voice enabled, or can turn on sound during the Safari, for a range of reasons - eg, some are at work!  To make the event inclusive, we communicate as a group in Local Chat. If you plan to make a presentation about your region, you may like to prepare your comments in advance, then drop them into Local Chat, one paragraph at a time.

Many people like to load the region before the Safari event, so please make your region available some hours in advance of our arrival - it's in your best interests.

5. Keep in touch 

Please don't disappear! Events are confirmed about 10 days in advance, and again during the week before our appointment on the Safari. This is to avoid confusion or last minute changes of plan. Please answer emails or IMs so I know you're still up for the visit and to check exactly where you want us to land, and the time you can expect us to arrive. 

If something happens and you need to cancel, please make this known immediately so we can reschedule. To quickly send a message: HG Safari has groups on Discord, MeWe, Facebook, and you can also find me (Thirza Ember) on Opensimworld, Twitter, and inworld on OSgrid. There are many 'Thirza Ember' avatars on many grids, please don't leave IMs for me on any of them except for the OSGrid Thirza, as I may not see your message.

6. Join the Safari

To really get an idea of the Safari experience, consider joining us for a week or two, on trips to other grids, if your schedule permits. Even if you can only be with us for a limited time, you will learn from the mistakes of others and have a chance to get to know the Safari Regulars. It shows a nice community spirit when hosts are also willing to be guests. Join our social media groups so you can see the photos and add your own after the event, and check out the blog post that follows every event.

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