Thursday, February 2, 2023

Rural Ruritania Rules!

'You're a good fellow. Oh, you're English, but you're a good fellow.'
Anthony Hope, The Prisoner of Zenda

Xi Shi's rural Ruritania build was our second stop on Safari this week, it's located on Littlefield Grid and although rich with scripted gems all over, was really easy to rez on. Our point of arrival was the glorious green cricket pitch, where Xi and some of her closest friends were there to meet us. Address, as always, at the end of the post.
Dozens of movies, and numerous talking figures to help you guess just which screen gem is being hinted at in the form of tableaux and vignettes spread around this lovely sim. Add an impressive train line, some delicately beautiful mesh architecture, and you have a region fit for royalty. In the usual spirit of our Safari trips, this is not an exhaustive tour of every single feature, but a glimpse - after all, the point is that we all visit these delightful venues again, and often. That's our goal.
For simplicity's sake, the included NPC dialogue throughout this article is shown in italics.
postman: pedals off sharpish before the bus comes
Road-roller driver: Eh watch out for crazy drivers 'ere! I just had a fellow tear away from me and nearly 'it the bus after 'e stopped and asked where a bloke could 'ave some fun in this place. I just pointed 'im to the 'arbour and off he went like shite from a shovel !! Loony bugger
Xi Shi: I think I might have to translate some of that for a few
Alan Scot: *-* YeSS! *-*  whats a shovel ? ( kidding)
Tina Bey: hola a todos
Xi Shi: oh my, all at once... ok who's batting first?
Mal Burns: nicely mowed lawn!
chasty Slavicz: Hi Star and Jupiter. Ard, Mal, Frank, welcome
TeriMar Galuptra: Should we be wearing heels on the cricket pitch? It's worse than football boots...
Frank Gresham: cricket time
Ernest Moncrieff: We are the village green preservation society
Forest Azure: i have no idea how cricket goes
Cosi Dumont: nor have i ... i only know its very british ... haha
Jupiter Rowland: Landing on a cricket ground like a Chesterfield sofa...
Alan Scot: that model airplane never crashes
Xi Shi: I'm hoping that wont change either!
Zadijah Ahmed: it is time!!!!!

Big Fun in Little Wales

The Belgian treat Speculoos is a sweet cookie, the name being derived from the Latin for 'mirror' referring to the way each cookie mirrors the shape and pattern of the wooden biscuit molds used to make them. In virtual worlds, Speculoos is a grid with Belgian roots and a long history, and it's home to Susannah Avonside, and a lovely build reflecting her native Wales. 
Apologies for the photos, turns out upgrading Firestorm was a bad idea - no big shock there.Susannah Avonside: Welcome! this is the second iteration of my build here, if you'd like an impression of what the previous build was like you can find an interview Thirza did with me some 11 years ago now on her blog. Those of you with avatars taller than 2m might find it difficult to enter the buildings, so it's a case of shrink, or do a lot of camming
Ange Menges: You are building all that alone Susannah ?
Susannah Avonside: yes, I do all my own building, this is just one of my projects, I have several on the go at the moment in OSGrid
Lavia Lavine: That's awesome Susannah, Well done

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Ieko and the Never Ending Circus

A couple of weeks ago the Safari visited the sim of Ieko Catnap aka Ieko Logic, on grid Barefoot Dreamers. The region has an unusual name, and a very beautiful appearance. Ieko was kind enough to share some thoughts about her creativity with the group, here's what she said.
ieko Logic (fr -> en): "Never Ending Story" is my romantic version of a plot of land of different styles gathered around a Provencal village (South of the France), including a market, a café, a circus and some adapted buildings. 
 ieko Logic (fr -> en): Everything was built as and when I found myself keeping the initial state of mind.   Let's start with the market. There is a girl who watered her birthday too much yesterday in the tower

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Seaside Safari

Ernest Moncrieff: very 'hygge' here

This week's trip took us to a pair of maritime sims, first the bright  and beautiful city of Tromso, Norway, on CCI grid, then to Alanna, a boating venue on Craft Grid. HG Addresses, as usual, at the end of the post. 
SIWAS S: Welcome to Norge, I hope you will enjoy the stay
Beth Ghostraven: thanks SIWAS!
Ard Rhys: Hi Siwas
Angelic Kisses: Thank you
SoA BAD: welcome all

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Cute Tunes on Winxtropia

It was our second stop of the Safari, and we had experienced a bit of lag earlier in the day. Luckily, that didn't stop the group from powering through, and not one among them regrets sticking with the adventure - indeed, quite the reverse. Our second stop brought us in contact with something unique and beautiful and we all felt privileged to be there, to experience it. The message came up - "You are now at Crescent Melody, Instrument Testing (150, 128, 21)"
Forest Azure: phew :)
Boujee Gamergirl: Hi Welcome
Star Ravenhurst: тμαηк чøυ ѕσσ мυ¢н【ツ】☺

The Cream of Carima

Thirza Ember: here we come...
Primus Caproni: we are prepared ^^
Primus Caproni: Hello all travelers
Forest Azure: hello
Fitheach Eun: Hi Primus
Arriving at the Harbour, that's Alan in the white hat.
Edwin: Hey ihr da!  Hört euch die Neugikeiten an!
Alan Scot: verr ees my translator
Primus Caproni: No Problem all the following will be done in english

Thursday, January 5, 2023

In the Zone

 Zone Nations grid was our second stop this week, for the opening Safari of 2023, and our host was Druskus, who welcomed us to his fantasy sim HG Welcome along with Fiona Saiman, Cleopatra Abu, Ares Kytori who all created a great party atmosphere for us right off the bat.  
The group arrives at Zone Nations. Photo by Fitheach Eun
Druskus gave us some info about the grid and himself - he told us he manages both the Grid and the utilities, he is an Italian who works in the IT field. In the OpenSource world "he is renowned in the beautiful country for his web activities in the JOOMLA and has been mentioned in several books by the Hoeply publishing house on intermediate-level technical texts related to JOOMLA! and is considered a real reference, at the Italian level, for the implementation of Communities and Social Networks."
Thirza Ember: anyone here familiar with Joomla?

Setting the Tone

 While community is at the heart of the Safari experience, we also aim for quality, and our kick-off event for the first season of 2023 really set the tone. Lorin Tone, and Alia Soulstar, two names that convey a sense of excellence. The build? An immersive experience based on the film 2001 A Space Odyssey.
This is opensim artistry at its best.  Not a rip-off replica, but a multi sensory, walkable meditation on a much loved and discussed classic, spread over a VAR that in SL would cost you in tier something like the rent of a small house. 
Lorin Tone
There were about 20 of us on 3rd Rock Grid to meet our host and learn the story behind the build. The fun starts in a dome at ground level, where there is a warning that if you don't do well around flashing optical effects, this build might not be for you. The address, is of course, at the end of this post.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Back in Busy-ness

 Safari trips return tomorrow Wednesday 4 January at the usual time 12 noon Pacific (SLT) with another ten week season of two hour, two destination events. Busy busy!
Once again, we will be going to a whole range of different grids, and exploring many different themes - meeting people interested in art, tech, and community, and willing to share their builds and projects with us all.  To know more about events ahead of time, you can check out the following social media - Discord, MeWe, Facebook, and Opensimworld - usually events are advertised two or three days in advance. As usual we depart from the Clubhouse, join us there just before 12 noon to get last minute info and LMs, safari

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Ta ta, 22

It's that time of year when there are retrospectives everywhere... so here's one about Opensim. 
Plenty more things happened than the few that are listed here, so if you have a special memory of an Opensim milestone from 2022 that is not mentioned here, go ahead and drop it in the comments.
Time flies - or does it? over on Sauce, Aire Mille Flux
Opensim has continued to grow in 2022, in every way.