Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bon Voyage Justin

        No trip this week, just a quick tp over to OSGrid's Event Plaza, for 3 hours of music and chitchat.

         Justin Clark-Casey, who has for several years been a key member of the OpenSimulator core developer team, recently announced he was stepping down from the project to focus on his new job.
He wrote about it here, if you'd like to know more.
Well, we couldn't let him go without a party!

In classic Safari style, we started the party early, with Truelie Telling warming up the crowd, doing some of her classic set of songs based on life and love in virtual worlds. 
Fuschia livened up the dance floor with her light show, consisting of attachments of all colors and shapes including vacuum cleaners jeeps and of course the giraffe!

Animated attachments aren't everyone's cup of tea, although it's an urban legend that they 'cause lag' - a typical attachment has fewer prims than a lady's dress, and contains no scripts. But if you don't like them, the solution is 2 clicks away... simply derender the person they are attached to!
Voted 'Kitten most likely to be derendered 2014-2015'

 Mal seemed pretty stoked by the galloping horses... nice moves Mr. Burns! And that's Selby Evans sitting in the background
By 1pm grid Time we were really busy, about 50 avies were already present when Justin arrived. By then Wolem Wobbit had taken the stage. 
What a set! 
Missed it? Here is Wolem singing live for us yesterday! Please, show the love and check out his Reverbnation page (he's Mr Wobbit there)  Opensim musicians deserve our appreciation! 
Wasn't long before Justin was trying out all the dances in the menu of Aine Caoimhe's famous dance machine. That's Strannik Zipper in the white tee shirt acting as his wing man, and the lovely Isolde and Sun on the right, and - is that James Atlloud in the star trek suit?  I hope you're not expecting me to name everyone who was there - See that greetings card in the background? It had a visitor list script in it, and when i checked it, there were 97 avies registered on it, from a whopping 22 different grids. Wolem gave us the best set - and the conversation was also a lot of fun.
valerie llauke: welcome JUSTIN !!!!
Fearghus McMahon: quick everybody lets chain justin to the region!
Justin Clark-Casey: ha ha
snowbody Cortes: eheh Ilolde, do you have some bug to fix ?
Isolde.Caron want my sensual dance i am using lol
Justin Clark-Casey: I'm immediately back to scanning stats :)
Sunbeam.Magic : Busman's Holiday eh?
Sarah Kline: lol
Justin Clark-Casey: So how is everyone doing?
strannik.zipper: We're having fun - just wish it didn't mean that you are leaving opensim dev!
Isolde.Caron: likeing ur new job?
Justin Clark-Casey: new job is okay, still finding my feet. I only have GCSE science so having to learn about reverse PCR, protein domains, affymetrix arrays, is quite challenging :)

Graham.Mills: Great project Justin
Isolde.Caron: ah, those affymetrix arrays are simple....
Fearghus McMahon: challenges are good though....prevents getting bored
strannik.zipper: hard science is hard for a reason!
Licu.Rau: from virtual world to a different world, justin
Lance Fang: well Justin, you can already see the MASSIVE impact you've had on OSgrid and the entire Open Sim universe
James.Atlloud: I always wondered if I could do PCR in my kitchen oven.  hmm
Isolde.Caron: lol
Lance Fang: I'm half expecting to see your name in life science research journals in a couple of years Justin :)
strannik.zipper: making zombie apocalypse viruses is NOT allowed ;-)
Mercalia Beck: thanks justin for helping make this all possible
      Two wonderful hours of great music - when Wolem's epic set ended, LadyJo Martin gave us a fantastic succession of 'Bon Voyage' related tunes - she really is a wiz at themed evenings. We reached a peak of 63 avies all on the sim together, without any problems at least not on the grid's side. Well done OSgrid! Personally, my internet was shaky, and if it hadn't been for the fabulous Foxx Bode backing me up behind the scenes, I don't know what I'd have done. But this marvelous group of people made it all happen.
Neb and Graham Mills

Thirza Ember: not only 60 of us but 16 grids represented right now - not to mention all those who dropped in earlier
Jessica.Pixel: all the different grids is the coolest part
stiofain nbmcmedia: i wonder where all are geographically - ireland here
    The answer came back - Germany, Netherlands, Montreal, Toronto, British Columbia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Sun City, LA, and Silicon Valley California, Mississippi, Nice, Sardinia, Lombardy, Piemonte, Liverpool, Cambridge, and London in the UK, and more. Yet we were all united by talk of drinking and dancing and how sometimes the two are symbiotic!
Here are some of the nice comments made to Justin.
Taarna.Welles: Justin, we will miss you and thank you for everything you did for the OpenSim community. I wish you all the best and hopefully you send a wave once and a while.
Arielle Popstar: Opensim would not be where it is without your contributions Justin
Lance Fang: Lavender and I have go to ...... Justin, thank you very very much for all you have done for the Open Sim universe ..... your work has touched many people world wide and we are all very grateful!
Caro Fayray: i have to leave...justin ty for making this life possible and  all  the b est for the  future
Licu.Rau: I must go too... thank you Justin... I think the best way to honour Justin's work will be making our best in our grids
The Great Wolem Wobbit gave us an epic set!
 Sounds like Justin is on the threshold of a really wonderful new chapter in his professional life. He said he will be back to see us all from time to time, and we're all looking forward to that! 


  1. Wonderful Blog post, grand party and I', crossing my wings Justin will indeed visit us from time to time. This quote reminds me of Justin "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."