How To Join The Safari

What is HG Safari?
Hypergrid Safari is a tour group that operates in OpenSim virtual worlds that are open to hypergridding. Anyone is welcome to join us, if you are new to hypergridding you can get help and encouragement and instantly make some new friends. Generally speaking about 15 avatars attend at any time.

What is the purpose of the Safari?
It's a social club. We do the following:
  • explore and highlight interesting people and places on the hypergrid, 
  • practice hypergridding and help others to become more proficient at jumping, and dealing with its conseqences - like lost attachments, crashes, glitches in communication, etc. 
  • make new friends and contacts, to foster creative collaboration across grids
  • push the technology to make group grid jumping easier, help with load tests, raise awareness about how to make regions more visitor friendly. 
  • have fun
What happens on Safari?
We visit anything from 2 to 4 different grids each week. 
Usually we meet the region or grid owner, and have a conversation about their work. It is a international group so for the best communication, Local Chat is preferred.
We visit places notable for their art, landscape, education value, games, music, or simply to experience small or new grids of interest. 
After the visit there is usually a write-up on this blog, and people post photos of the event on Facebook and G+ .

When and where do we meet?
Safari is every Wednesday.
It starts at 21.00 to midnight, Central European Time, that's 12-3.00pm SLT, aka Pacific Time.
We meet on hgsafari sim on Francogrid. If you have an avatar on a hypergrid enabled grid, put the address in your Map and it will take you to our sim.
The Safari has several bases on various grids. There is an Embassy on Second Life. For many months we met on OSGrid on a residential sim, Teravus Plaza. The Clubhouse is still there, and you can pick up each week's Landmarks there, but due to performance issues on OSGrid, we now meet over on Francogrid where we have a dedicated region called hgsafari.
hgsafari sim on Francogrid

Please come to the meeting place, rather than just going to the first destination. It makes it easier for us to see how many people are going to be in the group, and for everyone to meet each other and share news. Also, most of our hosts like to restart their sims before our scheduled arrival, so as good guests, we try not to show up before they are expecting us.

How do I know where to go? 
Safari is organized beforehand. We make sure that the grid or region owners know we are coming. 
Each week a special folder of Landmarks and info Notecard are available at the clubhouse (see below). The Landmarks are HG friendly and tested, although that does not guarantee they will work, so on the Notecard, there is also the HG Address.
How to use a HG address.
If the LM fails, then open your Map, and copy the HG address into the Search part of the Map. Press search, when the Map finds the destination, hit Teleport.
IMPORTANT Each week's LMs and Notecard are marked "HG Safari ... followed by the Week number". Make sure this folder is in your My Suitcase Folder, if your grid supports that feature, If you do not do this, the Notecard will not load when you go grid-jumping.
How long does the Safari last?
It's three hours, which sounds like a long time, but between teleporting and rezzing and all, it flies by. Each stop on the tour lasts about an hour. The landmarks and Notecard list the Destinations in the order in which we will be visiting them, so Destination 1 is approximately between 12 and 1 pm SLT, Destination 2 is from 1-2 pm, etc. If you cannot join us at the beginning of the Safari, come to the clubhouse, grab the Landmark Folder and calculate where we will be.

Typical Safari notecard
What happens if I crash?
If you crash while hypergridding, relog. You will come back inworld on your own grid, you cannot relog at your last location if it was off your own grid. If a sim crashes, which it often does, we simply relog and usually, by the time you have found the LM again, the sim that had crashed is back online. If a region doesn't come back online, we go on to the next one.

How can I find out about upcoming Safaris?
Inworld, the Safari landmarks are available at the clubhouses OSGrid and Francogrid. Usually they are available the day of the Safari, and remain in the dispenser for a week.
OSGrid Clubhouse,
Far left, blamgate to Francogrid, and next to it the Landmark dispenser on the wall
On OSGrid, go to plaza then look for the waterfall in the southwest corner, you'll find the Landmarks and notecard in the sign by the main door.
OSGRID map of Teravus Plaza. The clubhouse is bottom right
On Francogrid come to and look for the giant prim at the landing area marked Landmarks.
Francogrid clubhouse.
From right to left Group joiner, Landmark dispenser, and blamgate to OSGrid
In social media, the Safari is announced on Facebook and G+ and in the event section of   Due to the unstable nature of OpenSim, announcements usually go up a day or so before the Safari, and the LMs are available a few hours before we begin.
How can I get the Safari to visit my grid?
Send an IM to Thirza Ember or Wizard Chrome on OSGrid or Francogrid, or find us on G+. We try to mix it up and not visit the same grid on consecutive weeks, so if your region is on a grid like OSGrid or Metropolis it may be a while until we get around to it. We favor not-for-profit and share-alike grids, rather than promoting commercial operations.

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