Thursday, March 15, 2018

Safari Meets its Destiny

               A beautiful outdoor gallery, a live concert with singer songwriter Tom Albury, a couple dozen friends, and the digital art of Tryad Destiny. That's all the ingredients you need for a perfect Safari visit to Metropolis Grid. HG Addresses as always at the bottom of this post. 
Tom Albury, known in SL as Moses Rae
              If you don't know Tryad Destiny and his wife Loru Destiny, they're two of opensim's impressive field of creators. Loru is well known for her fashion line and her many builds, visited in previous weeks by the intrepid Safari band.

Tryad Destiny
          Yesterday's trip was to the Metropolis based region called ArtDestiny, where a brand new garden serves as the framing device for about thirty of Tryad Destiny's images, which you can also find on his Redbubble page.
       Tryad's show is styled 'The Human Condition' and promises art inspired by the joy and despair of life.  
Art Blue admires the canvases
        About twenty five of us gathered on the Metropolis grid to enjoy the perfect combination of live music and art. There is even a 'Museum Shop' where you can pick up complimentary coffee mugs, and tee shirts - a great addition to the exhibition, by Loru. The bored shop girl NPC is great!

        Tom is best known virtually for his performances in Second Life, and was accompanied in this foray into opensim by partner stormy wiind. To make life a bit easier, we chose to sit or dance during our visit and use our cameras to look at the art.

        A little chat lag at the beginning made the conversation delightfully random, with responses to comments tumbling onto the chat window in unexpected ways, but there were no problems with Tom Abury's stream of original numbers and covers. 

        His beautiful voice brought a serene passion for beauty into this woodland region, and was the perfect accompaniment. If you go to visit, you should open Tom's website and listen to the tracks there.
        This collection of paintings shows off Tryad's versatility and wide ranging influences, wit, and the rich threads of life experience. If you like Tryad's art, he has is on sale, in Tee shirt form, on his Rageon webpage
      Expressionist works abound here, and one is reminded of Chagall, Bochner, and Hendrik Lorenz, perhaps also Edvard Munch. That said, Tryad never slips into a pastiche of any of these artists. Thoughts of pop art, mandalas, traces of ancient frescoes, thesaurus art, figures and abstracts - it is all here.
Most of the digital canvases date from the past two years, while others are, a Tryad puts it, "older  oils and acrylics in between."
Tryad Destiny: I have been painting seriously since the turn of the millenia  when the knight from the fifth dimension shined his light down on me on a moonlit night, but have drawn and wrote poetry the last 50 years.
    This is one of those places you cannot miss. Congratulations to Lor for the build, Tryad for the art, and our thanks to Tom (aka Moses) and Stormy for coming 'over the wall' from Sl to be with us for this special event. 
Parcdesarts1 by Katia Parcdesarts (photo by Brian)

        Our second destination was due to be with Katia Parcdesarts at the new Delacroix exhibition on Parcdesarts2, on Francogrid.  There were some technical problems, and we ended up on Parcdesarts1 for a short while, which is an interesting region in its own right, with several galleries featuring art by Layachi Ihnen, Em Warden, and others.
Another of the many beautiful galleries on parcdesarts1  (photo by Brian)
        Destinations not working out, that's par for the course on the safari, and Cherry Manga quickly suggested an alternate to those who survived the crashing/freezing... the brand new Francogrid Welcome region. 
Katia Parcdesarts (foreground) and Cherry Manga (background) our hostesses 
        We will return to the Delacroix build, curated with a lot of care and attention by Katia Parcdesarts, in future weeks. In the meantime, do check out the parcdesarts website.

        The new Welcome region has a name that for anglophones is tricky to spell, 'Accueil' but the region is spellbinding, so it all works out okay in the end. Loru and Tryad were able to join us, it's always fun when hosts are willing to be tourists too.
        After a hiatus of some time, the regular Francogrid get togethers have started up again, by the way, on the first Tuesday of each month. It's a gathering that is a hybrid of chat and voice, mostly in French but of course with translators available and the opportunity to share ideas, laughs, and news about the grid. I hope to see you on Francogrid on April 3 at around 21.00 Paris time for that, if not before.

 HG Addresses
Tryad's Gallery                             
Delacroix exhibition (open asap)    
Parc Des Arts Galleries  (currently open)
New Francogrid welcome sim by Cherry francogrid 

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