Thursday, March 22, 2018

Safari does Art and Ice

          Two vastly different destinations this week, from Europe to Australia and even farther South as we count down the final ten Safari tours. Both regions, Guinguette on Ignis Fatuus Grid, and Ambiant Antarctica on OSGrid,  are beautiful and intriguing and the HG addresses are of course at the end of the post.

        First, to mark the Equinox - the Spring Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere - we visited a beautiful exhibition on Ignis Fatuus, curated by Wizardoz Chrome and Aime Socrates.

Wizardoz Chrome, the curator of this beautiful collection

          The pleasingly polyglottal theme of the collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings is "Art et Life" and paintings are enriched by Wiz's 3D effects using props and cutouts in the arcadian environs of the Guinguette dance floor. Not all the pictures date from quite so long ago as the turn of the last century...
Painter and friend of Ignis Fatuus Grid, Prodyck Theas

Alya VonZ: ah paintings of Prodyck, have seen some of them:)
Harthelie Deux
         The Ignis friends, Harthelie, Anais, Eden, Chip and Max were on hand, to add Gallic flavor to the Voice chat, and a decorative touch in beautiful costumes, like this one worn by Harthelie.
Aime Socrates: you should listen to the valse musette in the stream
Wizardoz.Chrome: There are 3 dance floors, maybe 4... You can dance and visit the Guinguette Suzette , the Moulin Rouge , the Guinguette des Arts , the Circus of Seurat ..
Thai Low explores the quiet regions of the sim
 Wizardoz.Chrome: and in all you can see and Dance :) Works of impressionist and post impressionist are in all the sim.
Frank Gresham at the Moulin Rouge
Wizardoz.Chrome: The leitmotif of the installation is the art seen in the context of everyday life at the time of Impressionist century – beginning of 20th century).
Alya VonZ: looks very pretty here
Phred: reminds me of Allo Allo
Caro.Fayray: its gorgeous  yes
Lux.Tergeste: Very excited
Loru.Destiny:I lost my husband... he found the wine cellar I think
alex54 Salamander: haha
Brian: Classiques d'accordéon français
Lucy Afarensis: This is one of the jewels of the metaverse
The Guinguette region is not new, it was built by Max Hill - the Safari first visited this region in 2015. Without disturbing the original feel of the region, it's become a place of  - why not say it? enjoyable learning, intelligent romance, cultural entertainment.
Aime Socrates: we made second Layer on this sim, this is the third sim we managed this way, Max made the main build, and we add content, don't hesitate to sit everywhere to feel the Guinguette atmosphere.
Thirza Ember: what is your favourite part
Aime Socrates: the circus.... i love the way the people escaped the paintings, and even some made the reverse..entered
Phred: i must try entering the pictures
Lux.Tergeste: I'm also impressed by the power of the build
George Equus: Viewed the Swan Lake video...  if one could move like that!
Lux.Tergeste: Yes George. People can do impressive things here in virtual worlds
Wizardoz.Chrome: It's not exactly an art show,rather, we have inserted the artworks in an open air setting, which is the nature of Impressionism

George.Equus: ballerinas are exceptional - the animations ! ...the whole region is a marvel really
Wizardoz Chrome: great work of Aime on NPC
Thirza Ember: so, will this Impressionist art show on Guinguette remain for a long time, Aime?    
Aime Socrates: you mean if the sim will survive? of course! this sim will enter my school next year as an example of cultural building

Lux.Tergeste: this is great, Aime!
Thirza Ember: yes, it's an amazing body of work
Lux.Tergeste:  Congratulations! It is not easy to convince one's administrators
Aime Socrates: this time i was lucky... Wizardoz made the work :) i just danced all around
It wasn't long before George found the controls and sett off the fireworks, just as twilight fell over the region.... just so pretty
Caro.Fayray: a wonderful sim and for me a great experience as I usually miss Safari:)
Larysa brings a touch of contemporary art to the region

           And then, it was time to head to OSGrid for our second destination.
Larysa Firehawk aka Fabok is a huge Antarctica fan. If you cam up high enough on the region Ambiant Antarctica, you'll see the ground is in the shape of that most majestic and mysterious continent.

            We were lucky enough to have with us the lovely Caro Fayray, the artist responsible for the giant tree at the center of this installation...

 do not forget to click on the green fuzzy bits on the tree, they are fun animations.
         Turn on your sound and touch everything here! joyous noises, both musical tones and the calls of various creatures, can be found on the region.
Larysa Firehawk
        It was really nice also to see Matilda Charron, an early rising Aussie like Larysa, and Ken Savage, OSGrid's Boating Baron, popped over to say hello, he is all too rarely online, so that was a treat. Larysa wants to simplify the number of scripts running on the region, most do quite simple tasks but there are like 600 of them, so we also got Thai Low to come have a look, he gave a very interesting talk at last year's HIE expo about a system he's working on that takes the strain off the sim
Thai's system is called ePack and it uses the modInvoke () function to make life a little easier. Want to know more? Visit Thai on Endivatomic grid!
On the edge of the continent

Phred  an iceberg question, and we went off to see the edge of the continent
Larysa Firehawk: this is also an ice shelf  and it is a little bit like the Larson C iceshelf. where the Behemoth broke off - i call it that, the last big iceberg that broke off - and maybe this sort of dimple here is like the size of Behemoth. It was all over the news like a rash. The iceberg seems really big, but compared to the size of Antarctica, it's tiny.
       Larysa has been invited to participate with this region in the Centre for Fine Print Research event in Santander, called IMPACT which stands for 'International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking, Artists, Concepts and Techniques'.
'Shroom sitting, listening to all the cool sounds
          It's an event that will both celebrate the historied traditions of printmaking, but also of course look to the diverse future possibilities for expressing art through new media.
Larysa Firehawk: I am taking the Simulator to be a film installation at the Conference and i am super excited about that, every day i pinch myself, and i think, I AM GOING TO SPAIN! so if anyone here from the Safari wants to come Virtually to Spain, and be in the Simulator, and be the Living Installation, i would like to make that happen and Real Life People can see what we do in the Simulators
Thirza Ember: sounds like a lot of fun!! tell us what we should wear
Larysa Firehawk: but we don't need to know until September!
Matilda Charron: cute and creative here
        There was much talk about how this Equinox marks the Spring for us in the North, and Autumn for our Australian friends, and that while they were getting breakfast, we were getting ready for bed. Funny old world, very round, very round....
Aime.Socrates: just camming out the sea, this is cool... the real pinguins
Lucy Afarensis: glad that I wore boots
Phred: very musical safari today
HG Addresses 
Art et Life on Guinguette
Ambiant Antarctica        Antarctica


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