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A Tale of Two Cities

       Opportunity City and Gotham City... or Metropolis, the choice is yours, the tour this week took us to two of OpenSim's most respected grids, TanGle ad Craft, HG Addresses at the end of the post        
Aime Socrates: coool party Leslie !!!
          It's all in the eye of the beholder. We arrived on TanGle grid somewhat late and in disarray thanks to ... well that is a long boring story you did not come to this blog to read about. 
          The lovely Leslie Kling had invited us over to Tangle's Expo Isle, which for today let's call Opportunity City, because you could use it as a way to get yourself and your creations known all across the hyperverse, This was not the Safari's first visit, we've been here to see the lingerie show, the Steam Fair and the Winter expos over the past two years, so it was nice to be back, enjoying the icy dance floor hidden away in one corner of the vast Expo region.

          There were some weird effects happening. The region was perfectly visible, but among out group, people were either partly or wholly invisible. Hair, as usual, was pretty rare!
          The whose group was geekishly trying to figure out  what was 'really' missing and what was showing up on some people's viewers, and of course what was causing it, but no single reason seemed to be the rule, isn't that always the rule in opensim?  Best to just relax and go with the flow.
Leslie Kling: We got some great music mix for you all. hope you enjoy.
Thirza Ember: Cam out, friends, and you will see the whole town, with all the 'shops' with Christmassy items. This is the Winter expo.
Cherry Manga: that's a bit compulsive, my avatar is here but my camera is looking at the takable wonders out there, I don't know how much time I'll resist
Sunbeam Magic: I got a Gingerbread candy shop here ;)
Drang Po: this is my first time on triangle grid
Xena Bikcin: me too
Ni Lemon: me too, my first time I think
Drang and Xena dancing... or not dancing?
Wizardoz Chrome: Aime you are a big invisible mouse? :)
Aime Socrates: yes
Wizardoz Chrome: ok .. good  so I see you :) .. invisible big mouse attention at the visible big cat :)
Aime Socrates: hope there is none, otherwise it will be my last day
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: i can see all objects but only the avatar if they not use the dance ball
Nyom Chung: i see four avatars two dancing two not dancing
Wizardoz Chrome: I think it's this.. I see thirza and Drang and xena .. no mesh ..
Thirza Ember: i see mesh, but only in parts- i see Nyom, and she is all mesh
Cherry Manga: we are missing some parts only, mesh or not
Thirza Ember:  This is a lovely region to explore, whether you're shopping or not. I love the winter village feel here. So what's the story behind Tangle Grid, Leslie?
Leslie Kling: We had been in SL like most and thought it was time to try our hand at a grid and TanGLe was born. We love the freedom it gives to build and meet others that think like us. I am co-owner with Tmac Carolina and Gary Kling. TanGle is now going on 4 years old and we still love opensim. lol We hope to keep being here for years to come.
Thirza Ember: What inspired you guys to come up with the idea of an Expo zone?
Leslie Kling  (center)
Leslie Kling: I think it was because in opensim there wasn't a central place to get people together to show what can be done in Opensim. So we thought, let's make an area (region) where people can show off their ideas to others.
Cherry Manga: from archael's screen you all look amazing :) from mine, you are all playing with the invisible man
 snowbody Cortes: uhm I'm just wondering where Cherry could find some well sized shoes
Cherry Manga and Archael Magic
Leslie.Kling: see a big tail just pass by. oh that was Archael
Wizardoz.Chrome Archael tail :)
Archael Magic: Yep Leslie... Girls are all mad for it
Leslie.Kling: smiles
Archael Magic: :P~~~~
Ni.Lemon: hehe
Leslie.Kling: evil grin

Thirza Ember: Leslie and the TanGle team organize Expo events all through the year... how many do you do Leslie?
Leslie Kling: next year we will being having 6. Anyone on HG or any grid can participate. If you go to tangles website under events I think it is you can see them all
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: What kind of events?
Leslie Kling: The first one is Anything MESH that is Feb 5th. Then art & pictures April 2nd, then steam Aug 27th.
Thirza Ember:  It is a good balance between the Free community and the commercial worlds. Anyone can bring their creations to show on the Expo, and put out links and landmarks  so people can come and see your stuff, and find out where your shop, or region, or grid is located. Each expo is open for a month or so, giving people plenty of time to visit. The themes are quite broad, so at some time in the year, everyone can participate as a creator, and as a visitor too of course. It is a good way to learn about other people's projects, and a good way to find resources.  
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: Nice facebook page, it explains everything

         And then on to our next destination! Craft Grid has a neat new feature, some superhero avatars and a very special Black installation by the group Sensation Millennium. In a skybox, you will find yourself in a bad part of town, where the Joker, Captain America, Batman and Robin and other comic book favorites are on display, both as costumes worn by our hosts, NPCs and in the new Sensation Millennium store.
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: thirza you have tamed your hair? XD
fiona saiman: hello Cherry welcome
Thirza.Ember: turn up the music! superhero and supervillain tunes!
Ni.Lemon: I keep doing Rebake but now even me see my invisible pants
Thirza Ember: are they Super pants?
Ni Lemon: EXTra pants hehe

Cherry Manga: Thirza, help this poor Joker
Thirza Ember: i'm in the gang-nam
Chanel Rewell (it -> en): shall we go to batman ?

         We went to the subway station, and walked down... then fell... into the  bat cave. It's an extraordinary part of the build, you should definitely visit and check out the extraordinary attention to detail at the gas station, the burning building, and so much more.

Eva Kraai (it -> en): usually we are not dressed like that XD
Thirza.Ember: Licuuuuu he is the SuperGrid Owner
 Licu Rau: thirza, non diffondere notizie fake
Aime.Socrates: i'm looking for robin..
Wizardoz.Chrome: ummm Robin is flying away ..
 Chanel Rewell (it -> en):Follow em, batman awaits us - jump - ahhah go for it!

snowbody Cortes: underground ! omg
Aime Socrates: omg !!! Batman! he is here !!!i'll kill him !
Ni Lemon: wow this is amazing
Cherry Manga batcave

Cherry Manga: Bruce Wayne, where do you hide, we found your secret room, and gonna hack this big big computer
 Sunbeam Magic: wheres that butler to bring us a drink and magic gadget !
Thirza Ember: it's nice to see in opensim the Joker and Batman can be friends
Taarna Welles: It's awesome to see all the NPC's and other characters in this region. It's one of the best regions I have seen so far. Really good job. :)

Cherry Manga: yes, agree, the use of NPC is great
Thirza Ember: they worked on this for many months,: so many details here
Taarna Welles: I can imagine they did!  chapeau to the creators.
Ni Lemon: you are right Taarna this is genius
Taarna Welles: somehow this reminds me of the Project Parsec years ago in SL. Very nice space this is :)
Sunbeam.Magic: i love that hand drop too Ni ♥
Chanel Rewell (it -> en): they are the hands of the joker
Cherry Manga: I don't trust this black giant guy

Ni Lemon: I am so impressed I don't stop to do photos
Sunbeam Magic: it leaves you speechless almost so impressed
Cherry Manga: beautiful region guys, bravo
Aime Socrates: je dirais même plus..bravo !
Thirza Ember: ok so tell me.... What is the best superpower?
Sunbeam Magic: Flying
Archael Magic: to hiss ... No ?
Cherry.Manga: is that considered a power, Archael?
Archael Magic: Yep it's my great power, before poisonous ... did you disagree ?
Taarna Welles:  to be a pixel, eternally
Cherry Manga: yes, kinda Taarna, being a spirit, without body
Sunbeam Magic: shooting fireballs
Licu Rau: may I say, great power is managing a grid of mad people for 7 years?
Aime Socrates: lol
Sunbeam Magic: you may say that
Taarna Welles: HA HA HA, that IS a very good one Licu- in short terms, Insanity :)
Archael Magic: Is it to be managed by you the real superpower ? ;)
Thirza Ember: I would like the superpower of permanent hair
Chanel Rewell: I destroy your eardrums
Archael Magic: tssss real power is friendship
MorgH Savira: to be able to derender ...derenderizzare
fiona saiman: mhmm wait, let me open my list of superpowers... lol I do not have super powers but I have super friends, is that the same?

Chanel Rewell (it -> en): now we go to the store, there are free the avatar mesh of the characters
Cherry Manga: yeah the store :)
       More than a store... a dance place where you can shop as you bop! Lemon: I am so pleased to be here
Licu Rau: this way to the shop
Sunbeam Magic: what a great thrilling to be a superhero for a day - 
Taarna.Welles: Got to go. For everybody soon, HAPPY NEW YEAR
Chanel Rewell: These are the creations of eve kraai and cris cloney, thanks to Siberia and Dominic Crespi for special effects,  Emiliano Bccini made the city, we thank Licu owner of craft who has made everything perfect, thanks to fiona saiman for scenery images and graphics, Lorenzo Janic for the media... and me? I didn't do anything!
Ni Lemon: Great team!

HG Addresses:

Tangle Expo Station 1
Wait at the HG Station until you rezz completely, then step through the teleport to go to Expo Isle

Superhero store and Bat Cave millennium

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