Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fully Loaded

            Billy Bradshaw asked if we could do a quick Load Test on TGrid before we headed to our first official destination this week.

             If you've been doing anything more than sitting at home alone dropping cubes off towers or checking the hiccup time you get when you cross a sim boundary, you will know what a horrendous condition intergrid communications has reached. For many months now, sending offline IMs to people on other grids - which used to work just fine - fails more often than it works. When this started, it took me a few days to notice that the 'User not online. Message saved' message was actually saying 'Unable to send instant message. User is not logged in.' which caused some really amusing headaches. But of course, now we have all learned that to be sure your reply gets through, you must actually go to the other person's grid to send it.           

          The dreaded Unknown User bug, rather like the Black Plague, has surfaced time and again in OpenSim, and is now a raging epidemic, somewhat embarrassingly right before the OpenSim Community Conference. We are a community of UMMAUs. Add to that the hit and miss of IMs getting through, even when both parties are online, and, well, it's not pretty.

            What is pretty is the fellowship that exists across the hyperverse, and when the call went out for people to come and be part of the load test, as many as could read the IMs, responded in the affermative.
George.Equus : Seem to hold up fine so far Billy  :)
Billy Bradshaw: The whole grid is on a laptop
Billy Bradshaw: Home system :)
George.Equus : Same here...   7 years old by now
Billy Bradshaw: about the same George
Thirza Ember: wowwww LAP TOP DANCING
Billy Bradshaw: lol  All mod cons thanks to Aine
alex54.Salamander: hi all
Yara.Eilde:: Hello @ all
George.Equus: waiting for it to go with a bang any minute actually but still running like clockwork, after 5 years 24/7
Billy Bradshaw: everyone arriving super smooth.. so far :)
George.Equus : So far very smooth
Billy Bradshaw: spoke too soon lol
Harthelie.Deux: bonsoir tout le monde
Greybeard.Thinker: sooooo, waz goin' on?
Aime.Socrates: salut la france
Lucy.Afarensis: Everbody seems to be all here . No gray people
Billy Bradshaw: Load test Grey
George.Equus Doing our best to crash this party  hehe  Grey  :)
Greybeard.Thinker jumps up and down on turntable
George.Equus : No respect for vinyl...
Thirza.Ember: stop 1 on our weekly safari Grey, next, we are off to a hunt on metropolis
Spike.Sol: good evening Ladys and Gentlemans
George.Equus: and no chat lag at all
Billy Bradshaw: Festive greeting Spike
George.Equus Yikes..  snow!   urk
Lucy.Afarensis: glad it is virtual
Greybeard.Thinker: hmmmm, not been there since, hmmm, for a while lol
George.Equus: Slight delay on new arrivals getting textures loaded, that's all
Greybeard.Thinker : yep, most still grey to me,: g'day Aussie
George.Equus: Suppose depend on connection
Aussie.Envee : 0Hi Grey, Hi Everyone
Taarna.Welles: Hello :)
Billy Bradshaw: Hello Tron
George.Equus: What connection do you have Billy?
Billy Bradshaw: Domestic broadband George
Spike.Sol: Oh what a gown Taarna... wow
Taarna.Welles: Ah thank you Spike, I bought the dress a year ago in SL as a full dae and thought, why not using it in Opensim :)
Spike.Sol: yes
George.Equus: OK Billy, speed? coax or fiber,: I have 100/100 fiber myself
Billy Bradshaw: Coax, 200/50, but switch is 100M - I still have 1GB of 2GB memory in reserve
George.Equus: Seem to work just fine
Billy Bradshaw: aarg!!
Taarna.Welles: All my friends are here! :)
               ...and then off to our next destination, on Metropolis Grid
            Communication is a two way street. However good a builder, artist, or creator you may be, if you can't be bothered to support other creators in OpenSim, chances are, people won't bother visiting your masterpiece. Ange Menges knows this, and makes a point of visiting other grids and exhibitions.
Left to right, Max Hill, Harthelie Deux, Ange Menges, Nani Ferguson and Chip Angelvi

              Here we are on Nephtys, it's another ephemeral build by Angel Menges and Nani Ferguson. A hunt build made for the Halloween season, Nephtys is one of dozens they have put together since they met and began their creative partnership in SL, only to later make the move over to opensim.                    
         Here's Spike Sol in xmas mode, which works pretty well in this dark build.             Generally speaking, these Ferguson/Menges builds are open for about a month, and increasingly they are choosing to make them accessible only by invitation, and this one is no exception. 
             The idea of the Nephtys Hunt is to search for a set of bones, hidden close to little elvish type figure. Cryptic clues are provided to help you on your way. And the sound effects are stunning.
Jeff.Kelley: te formalise pas si je disparais, je tombe de sommeil
Selby.Evans: bloody sea here
Max.Hill: telephone .....
Billy Bradshaw: I think this fellow needs a doctor :)
Spike Sol: Great build, this
Xirana Oximoxi: Wonderful imagination!
          Sinister figures haunt this place, but also funny pumpkins, and some of the best fighting you're likely to see in opensim! The region is loaded with spectacle, so even those who had done the hunt were transfixed by the various scenes tucked away in corners; as usual one of the hyerverse's most photogenic teams of builders.
         We also wanted to take the opportunity to sing the praises of Mr. Jeff Kelley. This quiet genius was the one who helped Ange retrieve all his regions when it seemed that he got the same asset server problem that afflicted OSGrid during its 6 months offline. From disaster to delight... thank goodness for people like Jeff, who is a smart as he is kind.

           Finally, after a little bit of crashing, Destination 2,  over to OSGrid for a tour of Tahoa Mountain with the owner, Stewie Allen
         Tahoa is a gorgeous snowscape on four sims with a winter sports activity theme, including chalets, bars, and a spa,

... many rivers and lakes, and - is that a bob sled or a luge? I don't know the difference - as well as a 5 star indoor pool, and even a wedding chapel.

           We hung out in the main square for a while, waiting for Stewie arrive.
           It's always interesting to find out why builders choose particular themes for their projects, and since just about all of us have our own regions or grids, it's an interesting exchange of experiences. So many points of view, so many different endeavors in OpenSim.

           Spikey entertained us with skating prowess in the main square, but after a while, it became clear our host was a no show. So one last pirouette, and then back to all our other tasks.

HG Addresses
TGrid load test        
Nephtys hunt                     (not open to the public)
Tahoa Mountain Resort mountain tiger

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