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Safari Went To Portugal

On December 7, the Safari went to visit 3 very special regions, created by Portuguese builders to tell the story of their native land. 
Below, an account of the visit, as told by Aime Socrates, 
with photos by Wizardoz Chrome.
HG Addresses at the end of the post.
 DESTINATION 1 Belem Tower is the creation of Ni Lemon, it's an exploration of some of the history and culture of her homeland /

Approximatively 15 Explorers went to the sim at the right time..but sadly, Ni couldnt join us...
Azi.Az gave un a lot of informations
Aime Socrates: Azi can you tell us a bit more about this sim ?
Azi.Az that is in Lisbon
Azi.Az Lisbon is the capital of portugal
Aime Socrates: the harbour of Lisbon ?
Azi.Az and yes u can say its the harbour

we flyed all together up to a big tower:

Aime Socrates: was this tower ment to protect the harbour?
Azi.Az the tower we are on is called Tower of Belem
Azi.Az and yes the tower was in old times to protect the city
Azi.Az Torre de Belem......its the name in portuguese in case u want to search for more detailed info

Next place was near the windmill:

Aime Socrates: something to say about it?
Azi.Az wind mills were used to make flour to make bread
Aime Socrates: ah ok..and can we find some specialities?
Joao Frazao : we have Broa a very special kind of bread
Azi.Az but Broa is used only on north of portugal
Selby Evans gave us some good links to discover more about this country

DESTINATION 2 Portugal South by Azi Az is a showcase of the romantc past and present of Portugal.. where we will learn som poetic portuguese! Grid Welcome

Azi.Az this place is very turistic
Azi.Az south of Portugal is very well known by the fantastic beaches
Aime Socrates: can you give us the name of the city near this place ?
Azi.Az the fort is called Fort Santa Catarina that is located in Praia da Rocha (beach) that belongs to Portimao city
Aime Socrates: i founded it easily on google earth

Aime Socrates: we see on the beach RL pictures..right ?
 Azi.Az thats from the old tipical tradicional dances
Azi.Az thats the way they used to dress

Azi.Az another thing very tipical from south are those chamines
Aime Socrates: chamines is the name?
Aime Socrates: it is cheminey in portugues ?
Azi.Az they are called Chamines Algarvias
Azi.Az as the south district is called Algarve
Aime Socrates: oh ok
Azi.Az so everywhere u see a pic of those chamines then u know its on south
Aime Socrates: you never can be lost
Azi.Az in old times also Portimao was known by the big fishing
Azi.Az betwen many kind of fishes the most important was the sardine

Aime Socrates: sardinha !
Azi.Az yes Sardinha
Azi.Az as we had very important factorys
Azi.Az on sardine factorys we produced oils and sardine conserves and sardines pate
Azi.Az a big national comerce and also for exportation
Azi.Az nowadays the city is very well known as having the best grilled sardines
Aime Socrates: thats exacly why i'll come next year !
Aime Socrates: okok..and the wines? some special names ?
Azi.Az yes we also have very good wines......someone said that better than french wines :P
Aime Socrates: nooooooo
Azi.Az yesssssssss
Aime Socrates: just different !
Aime Socrates: your secret is..the sun !!
Aime Socrates: and the desserts ?

Aime Socrates: some specialities?
Azi.Az the desserts are ............yoummy lol
Aime Socrates: those flowers are almonds right?
Azi.Az south is also known by almond trees
Azi.Az so we have a very huge different kind of cakes with almonds
Azi.Az the most speciality goes on this i am in front of
Azi.Az those u only can find on south and even so not easy to find
Azi.Az as the work to make them is imense and u need to be an artist to make them
Azi.Az it involves modeling and painting for this cakes
Aime Socrates: and also oranges ?
Azi.Az yes we also have orange trees known by being the sweetest of all country the end..there was a funny conclusion . We had to look inside a very special telescope on the beach :)

DESTINATION 3 PortFolk on Osgrid is the home of Ukelele virtuoso Joao Frazao who is also a great builder. This region features recreations of real world places that inspired joao's music, which is always in the air, here! 

After a great description of Joao's work, he invited us to the party

Let the chat express the atmosphere of this visit !
Sunbeam.Magic@:Hello hello hello
Sunbeam.Magic @: the lighting is marvelous Joao
Alya VonZ: you're a good ambasadeur for Portugese music:)
George Equus: Joao knows how to captivate an audience!
Lucy Afarensis: WONDERFUL !!!!

 A wonderfull SAFARI with a real smell of hollidays !

HG Addresses:
Ni's Belen Tower:
Azi's Portugal South: Grid Welcome
Joao's PortFolk:  

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  1. Thank you Aime for the gentle words you publish about Portugal and my region Belem, when unfortunately I couldn't be there during the Safari