Thursday, December 15, 2016

We Are One - are you in?

            You may know that most grids like to celebrate their anniversary, and you also know that lots of grids don't stick around very long. So for an opensim grid to be celebrating seven years of existence is really something!
        Craft, the 'Friendly Grid', has its 7th anniversary coming up at the end of January.

        Every year, they hold a building competition. 
        Perhaps in past years, you've attended the anniversary party, even admired the winning entries to the building competition. 
       The first prize is a free region for a year. 
       Second place gets a 10k prim region for a year... which to my mind is just as good.
       Wowee, you may say, lucky Craftians... but did you realize that anyone from any grid can take part, and win that prize?

        Yes, you too can compete in the Craft competition!         
             The theme is 'We Are One' - a great hypergrid concept, you'll agree.
            The deadline for entries is January 21, and you need to contact either Licu Rau or Tao Quan on Craft, so they know you're participating.
            If you want to get a feel for the kind of 3d creations that have had success in the past, go over to to see previous winning items... here are a few photos to give you an idea, but go over and explore, some are interactive.
          Here is some more of the information but  you should go to the Craft Building competition web page to learn more
* Theme: "We Are One"
* Maximum Size of Exhibit: 15m long x 15m wide x 20m high
* Maximum number of prims: 100
* Allowed techniques: primitives, sculpties, textures, scripts, Mesh
* The work must be original by the exhibitor and created especially for this competition.
* Permissions must be set to "no copy/no modify/transfer", must contain the creator's name.
* To help present your work, you can create a display case or stand (max. 6 prims) over and above the 100 prim limit for the build.
* You may also put a cube (0.5x0.5x0.5) in front of your work to explain it, or to show the name of your shop or exhibition place if you have one. You can texture it as you like, and put notecards, scripts, textures, etc, in it.

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