Thursday, June 2, 2016

Carima to Raious: Safari gets Ed-ucational

          From Middle Earth to the inside of an iPhone, that was this week's epic - and surprisingly smooth - Safari. 
          First up, the sims belonging to the Carima group on Metropolis.
           Primus, Anna and the gang were there to welcome us to this huge, heart-breakingly lovely region. So what's the Carima story?

Arriving on Carima-magic
Primus Caproni: Carima once started at SL. It was once founded by Linde Kronfeld. She started on an half sim and soon the Idea of an medieval Role play  brings more and more people at this little space. Soon Linde started to expand and Carima grows up to final seven sims. As Anna told, the huge cost  lead us to reduce the sims step by step so finally Carima shrinks again to one sim, so we decided to look out for an alternative place and finally found Metropolis grid. Fortunately I could bring our Main Builder here too - Delphi Bernard, she had build most parts of our sims at SL. As she realizes the possibilities here, she falls into a Building rage, she spends here more then 3 Month most every day  for hours...
Some of the Carima People

Jessie Campbell: I know that feeling
Anna Carlberg: Metro give us many changes that we not could have in second life
Primus Caproni: ...fortunately we could here span the Places over more sims, so now Carima has a center of 16 Sim and an sorrounding of 32 sea sims
Selby.Evans: 16 sims -- varregion?
Primus Caproni: I did decide to use standard sim sizes,: no var regions, and I think we have here not that lag problems as you will find sometimes on var regions
Selby.Evans: yes -- I see that -- no lag here. despite load
Primus Caproni: all sims hosted on an V-server. we use an older Arriba -Fork, I have made good experiences with it.
Priumus Caproni

Primus Caproni: this here is the elfes town
Thirza Ember: so much lovely detail. I wish I had an elf avatar
Mike Townsend: lol me too
Sunbeam Magic: you can quickly change your ears to all 100% and voila you're an elf Thirza :)
Jessie.Campbell: I wore my dwarf/Amazon hybrid. I think my mom's mom was elven
Leonie Pastorelli: its a little like Rivendell
Primus Caproni: it is, as Thirza say, inspired by the Movie Lord of the Ring, but Delphi did not try to make an copy. I want to invite you to see some of the hidden spaces here. Anna would you please lead ?
Anna Carlberg: Yes of course, please follow me.
Inside the Elf town
            We went to the old library, and down to the lower level where some of us took a dip in the swimming pool. Spike Sol organized a treasure hunt here some time back and one of the clues, on a scroll, was still visible. The group clearly enjoy their wide open spaces.
Primus Caproni: okay so I would now invite you for an short scenic walk to the elves palace
Mike Townsend: Lots of walking today we should have rented some segways
Primus Caproni: yes Medieval rp is a lot of walking. Or you have an horse ^^
Jessie Campbell: I'm thinkin horse
Mike Townsend: A horse sounds like a great idea
Primus Caproni: so would you please follow me, it's not far away
George Equus: Smartly built
Crossing the bridge 

Truelie Telling: wow, great sunset view
Mook Wheeler: my goodness, what a drop
Primus Caproni: Delphi brings the terrain to its limits, I don't know how she does this, watching her terraforming was so impressive to me
Sunbeam Magic: indeed!
          There's a sense of history and mystery here, as if the elves that once walked in these places have left behind signs and ghosts of themselves, joyful and beautiful signs, like the dancing area up in the old elven palace. It would be the perfect spot for some ambient music, and that got us all thinking about how nice it would be to join the Carima group for some more cultural events.
          We jumped over to another area, Carima-Hills, where there's a medieval castle. The Carima group have monthly roleplay events here in the court of the queen and the Duchess, They also would like to do more literary and cultural events, perhaps perform or read a play, or share some poetry. It would be the ideal venue for a little bit of Parzival or Fortunatus. A cool way to get a dose of culture! Would you like to participate, as a performer or as part of the audience?
           The last stop in this 90 minute tour of Carima was carima-callas, the dance hall and concert room. Sparkly star particles and magical changes in the light in the room.
Primus Caproni: this Place once was built by Lupus Hirano, she dedicated it Jil Cuttita one of the Co-Founders of Carima and an good friend of her. The name Callas is an result of Jil Cuttitas passion for the Flowers named Callas, that's why the Shape of the flower is found in the ballrooms Sign ( also done by Lupus). Callas was and still is an place of wonderful events, Live Music and DJ´s.

         ...And having thanked our hosts, off we go to our second grid of the event.

            Locksgrid is a small independent grid with a sci fi theme. We find ourselves on Raious 5, a water planet, the brainchild of Locked Semaphore, a long time SL resident who set up home here about two months ago.
          He's a software guy, so the grid is scripted and built with his own brand of witty originality.
Locked Semaphore
       On Locksgrid, you're welcomed by Ed the Tour guide. Make sure you have Advanced lighting set, and local sounds, or you'll miss a lot. Jump aboard Ed's bus, he'll show you all the points of interest, including the dance club, freebie shop,  and monument to Siri.

Truelie Telling: is that an iPhone controlling it? Or should we worship at it's foot
Locked Semaphore: My entire grid is running on an Iphone
Monument to Siri
Enne Adder: is it a new grid? I never saw this place before
Locked Semaphore: About 2 months old now
Truelie Telling: just built now or did you bring it from another grid?
Locked Semaphore: It is a scratch build - all mesh

Truelie Telling: I love the different perspectives of these safari stops today, amazing builds, very different but amazing. From medieval times to the future, in one jump.
George Equus: really stand out build ! Well done Locked
Riding the tourbus 
          Once we'd all taken the tour, we went to dance a little at the Raious 5 club and have a chat. Lock has made a fantastic sim here, but he's not done yet - he plans music events, and possibly some more sims. There's talk of a paddle wheeler! 
          Hard to stop building if you're a creative, and opensim makes it so easy to have plenty of oars, even if you don't keep them all up at the same time. Locked also is working on having a 24/7 server; at the moment this grid tends to be online only during the business part of the day, Central Time.
Enne Adder: is it in europe this server?
Locked Semaphore: You are being hosted on an Iphone in Dallas TX - lol
Enne Adder: impressive
George Equus: around 20 ava here now,.... on an iPhone.  Not bad
Thirza Ember: so - nine years in Second Life - what brought you here and what do you miss about SL ?

Locked Semaphore: Second Life had become too much life 'work'. I miss the men's clothes:) And sailing and flying.  I go back occasionally to do some sailing
Lucy Afarensis: The Delphic Archipelago was a great place for sailing
Truelie Telling: but SL no longer feels 'advanced', or better dressed... and there are refinements here I miss there
Thirza.Ember: yeah sailing and flying - but people on osgrid are always doing physics testing on that
Mook Wheeler: can we not fly and sail on OS? (sorry, old account, but I'm a newbie)
Thirza Ember: question of physics, Mook.
George Equus: I swept  the sea bed on my regions last week and found out where all those vehicles went missing...
Mook Weeler bopping on Raious 5
Truelie Telling: Locked, I love your graphic sensibility in design
Thirza Ember: I love that you already have a freebie shop after only 2 months

HG Addresses:
Carima sims on Metropolis (starting at the elven village):

Locksgrid:  this is the posted address, but we found the Landmark worked better -it is available from the Landmark dispenser at the clubhouses on OSGrid and Francogrid or plaza

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