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An Arrowing Safari
Yellow Submarine time! Safari headed off to Pepperland this week. It was about a year ago that we last visited Mudpuddle Cleanslate and Chelsea Louloudi's Beatle-inspired world. HG Addresses at the end of the post, as always.

Mud and Chelsea
Truelie Telling: hallo Mudpuddle, thanks for making such a fun place!
Mudpuddle Cleanslate: and Chelsea too, couldn't have done it by myself
Truelie Telling:  Nice to meet you Chelsea, and thank you! It has grown a lot, since I was here last
Mudpuddle Cleanslate: ah this is a new sim
Truelie Telling: not just an expansion?
Mudpuddle Cleanslate: it's the under the water bits we didn't have time or space to create.
Thirza.Ember: how long have you been working on this region?
Mudpuddle Cleanslate: 4 months. We had the sub already, had the beatles, but had to repose them - just had to make the landscape and create the monsters
Chelsea Louloudi: lol George...good to see you're prepared
George Equus: Always!  :)
Mudpuddle Cleanslate: i feel a photo coming on
George Equus, swimsuit edition
Thirza Ember: is it true you used a 3D printer to bring some of your figures into the real world, Mud?
Mudpuddle Cleanslate: yes the turtle is the latest, and I've started painting him, looks amazing so far, but i would say that! lol
Thirza Ember: LOL! so what was the most difficult bit to make?
Chelsea Louloudi: everything's a challenge Thirza
Mudpuddle Cleanslate: The most time consuming for me was the turtle, over 550 prims. Had to place each scale one at a time, but yes, Chelsea's right, each one was a challenge.
The  amazing turtle
          The only dent in our enthusiasm at being back on a Pepperland region was LFgrid's policy of not allowing avatars from Great Canadian Grid to hg over. Of course, nobody only has one avatar from one grid, so the GCG ban doesn't actually stop an individual from visiting Littlefield, but if that's your primary avatar, it's unpleasant to be blocked from visiting, as happened to Visionz editor Sunbeam Magic and Mal Burns of the Metaverse Week in Review talk show. 
          Of course, this policy is nothing to do with Mud and Chelsea. There's masses to see on this sim, including some secret surprises, as it follows more of the story of the film. The way they have captured the visual look and colors of the movie Yellow Submarine, is astounding. If you're not familiar with it, you might like to check out this link to the original film. Also, take a moment to go on Mudpuddle's Youtube channel and see this machinima he made of the build, with some great music.
Tours have you sitting on top the sub, either fore or aft.

Mudpuddle Cleanslate: ok does anyone want to take the submarine tour? Each sub takes two, any more on and it won't work, so 4 of you can take the tour, but we can do a walking tour too, in fact let's do that.

Mudpuddle Cleanslate: when Ringo is in the sub he presses a button by mistake, and lands or rather slides down a huge monster's tail, and lands on the strange beast here. He then is chased by a red indian as you saw in the sea of monsters, when he finally gets rescued the other Beatles ask how it was. "Arrowing," says Ringo.
Praline B: ;))
           If you don't take the sub tour, then swimming is a good way to travel, there are loads of amazing fish to look at (though not to sit on!) We did our fair share of improper sitting though, including in the teacup - that's Cherry Manga's ghostly avie upside down on the teacup handle. Cherry is usually a fervent fan of 'personal vision' art - something you dream up on your own. But the level of talent on display in recreating this film had her wowed along with the rest of us.
          There are lots of great sound effects here, many - thanks to Chelsea's hard work and precise file splitting = seem to last well beyond the 10 second limit we are all used to. I mentioned a feature for OpenSim that might be useful to her - and you! Here is Minethere's blog where she talks about uploading sounds up to a minute long, possibly you can get 'em working even longer, who knows.

Before long, we had arrived at the special sign that teleports you up to another environment, inside a full-sized Submarine.

Mudpuddle Cleanslate: Made a new chair for cpt Fred, and Ringo stole his hat. Now somewhere on this sub is cpt fred's secret den, there's a rather ugly monster that's somehow got on board, he's in the back section, he's soon ejected though and outside you can see how he's grown to full size.
Pathfinder Lester: i am going for a spin with you, Cherry :)
Cherry Manga: weee Path Mudpuddle Cleanslate: ah both playing, haha
Pathfinder Lester: this has inspired me to watch the movie again and then come back again :)
Praline B: Chelsea, Mudpuddle, its an amazing place, so full of memory I enjoy and so well done, thank you so much for this sharing!
Thirza Ember: man, I love it here!
Mudpuddle Cleanslate: ok Thirza, it's up to you to find Fred's secret den
           But there was no time... We were due at our next destination. That's the way of it, on Safari, but it also gives us a great excuse to return to regions we fall in love with.
Next up, Fearless Mysteries grid. This is home to Fearghus HyperGridTraveler. With a name like that, how could we resist dropping in?
Cache too full = mesh won't rez

        As can often happen which you grid hop a lot, the sim seemed to be missing a few essential bits. This was my view, before logging out, clearing cache, and logging back in - five minutes well spent for the chance to enjoy Fear's impressive meeting-place-in-a-tree. I got confused between Fear's region on OSGrid and his independent grid... what a dope. But eventually we all made it to the standalone. There were plenty of places to park ourselves.
Fearghus 'HyperGridTraveler' McMahon

Wizardoz Chrome: Very comfortable
Zinnia Frenzy: I picked a bad spot - stamped on
Yahtzee whispers: 10 seconds to select dice! (Red ones don't roll)
Cherry Manga: ahahah Zinnia
Yahtzee whispers: Four of a Kind!
Yahtzee whispers: Touch to end game -Thanks for Playing!
George Equus: Illegal gaming going on here...  hmmm
Lucy Afarensis: o-O
James Atlloud: My virtual blood is rushing to my virtual brain.
Pathfinder Lester: catching a nice breeze from Lucy's tail here
Lucy Afarensis: you are welcome
Mook Wheeler: James -- no vasovagal syncope, then ;)
Cherry Manga: (?)
James Atlloud: um, I would say yes I think?
Mook Wheeler: hard to faint in that position :)
Pathfinder Lester: i just wish i could attend more safaris.  often hard to schedule around work these days.
Fearghus McMahon: sorry, having my full attention again...just added some more seats lol
          It was possibly the largest crowd the grid had ever hosted, but it held up well, so we headed up to the Tai Chi garden in the sky.  
Zinnia Frenzy: very pretty
Wizardoz Chrome: wow :9
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: these islands are in a 512m sphere if i remember the size correct...thats why might need the bigger viewing distance
Pathfinder Lester: beautiful
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: the island to the west is where i usually idle. Pathfinder might even recognize some stuff there that i found on his region when hypergridding :)

Pathfinder Lester: :)  I'm happy you find some of the things useful!
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: this taichi is based on aine's linedancing floor in which i put some tai chi animations i found on......hmmm not sure which grid
Thirza Ember: that's the nice part of hopping around, you find stuff. I know how frustrating it is to people who rarely come inworld, they want to quickly find stuff, but for me the fun is the little discoveries you make. Tell us more about your grid, Fear.     
Fearghus McMahon: It's a very very small grid
Zinnia Frenzy: small is good
Fearghus McMahon: currently 4 regions up and running, and it mainly just started as an experiment when osgrid went down, first region is this one, it's what i consider my home
George Equus: In some ways the osg downtime wasn't too bad...
Lucy Afarensis: Many of us branched out then
Fearghus McMahon: there is also a 10x10 var region which i have plans for, it's currently empty, the most interesting about the var region is that it has tides that ebb and flow.
Pathfinder Lester: Fearghus, what distribution do you run?  Just curious.
Fearghus McMahon: ubuntu
Pathfinder Lester: cool
Fearghus McMahon: and currently this is running opensim from the repository....though i haven't updated for about a month or so i think
Praline B: well I'm impressed, no lag at all on my side and ubuntu doesn't like too much people at the same time usually
Fearghus McMahon: should i also say we are on a virtual private server then? :)
Pathfinder Lester: so many flavors out there.  I love hearing about the different OS/software/hardware that people run their worlds on
Escuela para Hombres
          Yes, variety is really the spice of virtual life... you ever know what you're going to see next, and on the Safari, that goes double. 
Sky Island above Vicky Dream sim

          Off to our final stop, Victoria Logan's region on OSGrid. 

          Vicky is a wonderfully witty and clever builder, with an eye for detail, and she has turned her considerable talent to the theme of a 'School for Men'. Specifically, Men who want a relationship...

          This charming edifice is on a sky island about 1000 above her sim Vicky Dreams, it's got beautiful interiors like an upscale college, including this lovely Library. Watch out for Spiderman! 
          We were lucky enough to have Truelie Telling singing for us in the field of flowers at the far end of the school's garden.  Tru has been singing each month for the Safari for more than a year, and we all love her. Along with her regular gigs in SL and at the Maritime CLub on OSGrid, she entertains the Safari band with good humor and thoughtful lyrics, and has shown amazing powers of diplomacy, versatility along with her musical skills over all these months. Thank You Truelie! 

            Tru has many songs about the avatar experience, where romance, rejoicing, representation, regret and remorse all ebb and flow. It made a good fit, to hear her singing songs like 'Boy Crazy', in a place like this.  
The romance class, in the School for Men

          Victoria, who is from Argentina, has covered all the principle skills that a really desirable boyfriend should have. Some of us walked over to the school, others stayed by the music stage, and simply cammed around the building.
leman57 Resident: veo mucha gente la escuela se va a llenar..jeje
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: cooking and vacuming?
Thirza Ember: also washing windows
George Equus: Hmmm
Mook explores the school

victoria logan: cocinar, lavar, bailar
victoria logan (es>en): cook, wash, dance
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: windows just needs regular reinstalls....
victoria logan: seducir, hacer el amor
victoria logan (es>en): seduce, Make love
Cooking class
Thirza Ember: there are some pretty detailed visual aids; I don't know if there is a test, once you've visited it all... or a diploma...but there are quite a few free to copy items.
victoria logan: quizas alguien las necesite
victoria logan (es>en): Maybe someone need them

HG Addresses

Pepperland II
Fearghus' minigrid
Victoria's School for Men dream  (Build is at about 1000m)

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