Friday, October 21, 2016


A few new items at the HG Safari Market, next to the Clubhouse on Francogrid, that may interest you.

Sunshine Szavanna has donated a lovely delicate nosering, and there's also a mesh witches hat that may fill your seasonal needs. Neevo Geesink, after our recent Safari visit, very kindly sent us this Teleport device, which you can program to fit your needs.

And I made this Pacman Ghost avie in blender today, and thought you might like to have it.
These new items join the contributions from Damien FateAaack Aardvark and Fuschia Nightfire, as well as gifts made for previous Safari adventures, including a Star trek Jumpsuit you can color according to your hearts desire, and three dirndl dresses for Oktoberfest.

Also, heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Jessie Campbell who gave her time and energy to researching and refreshing the Freebie Landmark list. It is available in this poster, both at Teravus Plaza and on hgsafari sim, Francogrid. Go Jessie! One of the best Landmarks in this pack is the one for the Weltraumbahnhoff, which is Spike Soloton's hypergrid Hub. On this region, you will find constantly updated portals to Freebie shops as well as loads of other brilliant destinations.
New additions are welcome if they're full perms and of impeccable provenance. If you have ever tried to leave something at the clubhouse for the group, and found it disappeared, apologies, we generally keep scripting and rezzing permissions off when the sim is not in use, so please let me know if you'd like to add something, and I'll make sure rezzing is open. Boxed items are preferred.
This all comes on the heels of a rumor going around that Cherry Manga is planning the release of a whole giant sim of top quality Free items in the near future.

People often worry about the nasty, but fortunately small, group of asshats who take free items and sell them. The best cure for that disease is information.  Spread the word about the best freebie regions and make sure that your friends are hypergrid-competent, that they get out and see the hyperverse.  Wide horizons are the best cure for naivete.

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