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Safari goes Past, Present, and Future

           Virtual worlds are ephemeral, we all know that, a hiccup on a server and all your stuff can be gone. Of course, a housefire can do the same thing in the real world, but it's a lot easier to lose, or lose touch with, things and people dear to us in our online existence.
           Tina Bey posted this video on Facebook recently,  telling the story of Arcauana, her region (hosted by the great Ken Savage) on OSGrid. How could we resist?
        In a lot of sci-fi films, we are presented with a universe full of different life forms all living together in (dis)harmony. Now, imagine if all the life forms in the the universe of sci-fi films were able to interact? The characters from Star Wars, Star Gate, Star Trek, and more. This is Tina Bey's premise. It is also an exploration in lighting and audio effects, so be sure to turn on Sound and read the instructions on windlight, for the best effect.

        Ken Savage's promise of good technical performance proved true, even with fifteen or twenty avies on board the sim. 
Tina Bey: Hola Bienvenidos a todos
Cherry Manga: sound is indeed very present and obvious
Truelie Telling: wow, some amazing stuff rezzing
Tina Bey (en>es): ¿quieren dar una vuelta? Shall we take a tour?
Tina Bey (center) with the group at the Peace Pact signing
        It was a special treat having  Tina Bey with us, because she lives in South America where it's mid afternoon on a workday when we run the Safari.
Thirza (left) wearing a Cyberman avie courtesy Aaack Aardvark
with Cherry Manga as a mermaid and Araucana 'resident', C3PO
          We went into a cavernous room with many characters in it,  including Spock, Imperial Stormtroopers, the Green Hornet, and Jaffa dignitaries. Kind of appropriate that our group is pulled from all kinds of different grids should be peacefully visiting a multicultural outpost like this.
Truelie Telling: Poker anyone?
Tina Bey: [es>en] let's start from here. They are signing the peace pact. On this planet are only refugees from other films, they are signing the peace pact
snowbody Cortes: peace forever
Praline B: Dark Vador is my master ;)) 
Thirza Ember: I found the vodka behind the desk!
Praline B: ahhahaaha yes
Lucy Afarensis: yay
Cherry Manga: pass it
Tina Bey: sigamos afuera. Subiremos a la nave, pueden subir en las dos puertas (en>es) Let's go outside. To get up to the ship, you can tp through the two doors
        We all went up into the enormous ship about 100m in the sky, easy to fly or double-lick tp to, if you don't find the teleport doors. Here is Jeff Kelley examining a shuttlecraft. These Araucana people have all the best toys.
Cherry Manga: it's really an awesome work Tina, it's truly immersive
Truelie Telling: love the spooky atmosphere, but is it safe?
alex54 Salamander: ist das groß hier (de -> en): It's great here
     There are, figures from all kinds of films all very wittily displayed, including these bad guys in diagnostics booths. 
Thirza Ember: there are so many sci fi films here... I am afraid of meeting an Alien... with big teeth
 snowbody Cortes: yes !
Mal.Burns: well, you are well armoured Thirza
Thirza Ember: I'm mostly worried about my hair.
Praline B: super ce vaisseau !
Yara Eilde and Alex Salamander watch from safety, as Cherry Manga floats around in the bio garden.
Mal Burns: keeping my distance from anything that may hetch
alex54 Salamander: mit Gemüsegarten ;-) (de -> en): with vegetable garden ;-)
Praline B: eeeeerkkkkkkk - I m green, something is eating me
snowbody Cortes: very nice George Equus: Impressive build
Tina Bey: asi se descontamina (en>es): here is where you get decontaminated
Spike Sol: real wow...
Selby Evans: great place, Tina
      Back on the ground, we saw some more parts of the build, and played with the windlight, creating some great photos. 
Transformer Aime Socrates fits right in here
We stood in front of a structure that seemed like an aquarium, but Tina soon explained.
Tina Bey: climatisador para flores
George Equus: Elegant
Talie Tramont: pretty
Cherry Manga: yes , a lot to see, very detailed work, totally incredible, congrats Tina, totally in love with this place! 
ParcDesArts katia: me encanta! j'adore!
snowbody Cortes: great job Tina !
Lucy Afarensis: Great Wind Lights. Wonderful Work ! 
       All this, and some great free gifts, including this lunar vehicle (there's a super sleek spaceship also) that you can take home and play with on your grid. 
          Our next stop, A snapshot in time.
          Back in 2013, Francogrid participated with a sim-size build for the OpenSim Community Conference. It's an Eiffel Tower shaped gallery showing the way the grid looked in that year - making it a fascinating archive of people and places.
Praline B: As the name said the build was for oscc 2013, this was a collaborative work. Residents of FrancoGrid work on it. The symbol as you may see was for talking about France, about francophony, and at each level this is like a snapshot of a part of FrancoGrid. You have here something which speak about a period very limited in time in FrancoGrid, that was this. Our timeline now is very different, but this day in 2013 that was the right presentation of FrancoGrid and its savoir faire ( know how).
Cherry Manga: Pad Germe was the builder of the tower. He's one who left and we never saw again, but he was here, and VERy here in 2013. That's FrancoGrid, peopel come, some learn, then go, some stay, but always learn and share knowledge, no matter the subject, FrancoGrid helps people to find their way...
          Francogrid is one of the oldest continuously running opensim grids, it's run as a non profit community with an elected board rather than a single owner. Membership has changed over the years, with new people arriving, others going elsewhere and in some cases even opening their own highly successful grids,but the size of the grid has stayed about the same, large enough for everyone to have their own space, but small enough for it to feel like a family. 
          This build has some nice freebies including the umbrella you see here.
           Even without particles, the whole tower becomes spectacular at night.
Praline B: even we are not so numerous here but its always a discovery. With this build in 2013 we learnt that we were able to share our time, knowledge in a very good way, and I can say that I re discover this period with you this evening, its amazing ;)) thank you for this pause in the time Thirza ;)) from future with Tina, to past.
Mal Burns: nice to see history
George Equus: Tous et très elegant
Tina Bey: applause !!
          Our final stop was  Truelie Telling concert, and we brought our particles with us.

Truelie Telling was in Halloween mood, so we set her up on a spooky stage on HGSafari sim to hear some of her new songs. There is also a game, Which Grid, that you can play. There are 12 screens, each one displays 4 pictures of grids we have visited. Can you identify all 48? 
            The answers are available from a prim under the screens. Fair warning, it's pretty difficult... but choosing just 48 out of the literally hundreds of regions on scores of grids we have visited was hard! The hyperverse is a huge place!
          Tru also gave us an update about her musical, she is looking for people who would like to be a part of the project, either singing, or behind the scenes baing part of the technical and creative aspects. If you're interested, send her an IM in OSGrid or find her on Facebook (Ellen Olhsson) or G+.
There was some gratuitous bare-chested bathing going on during the concert, which was fun to watch, as the main cohort danced on a Hedonsim country dance floor.
George Equus. 
         We also had some nice drop-ins from Simotron Aquila, Zinnia Frenzy and Tosha Tyran, who joined in the fun at the end.
Simotron Aquila (r) and Katia ParcdesArts enjoying some special effects on the East Dock
           Remember, you can join the Safari at any point during the 3 hour event, simply go to the Clubhouse on hgsafari sim Francogrid, or on Teravus Plaza, OSGrid, and click on the sign that says Landmarks. Each of our stops lasts about an hour (90 minutes if there are only 2 stops) so you can easily figure out where we are. Join us soon!
Spooky Truelie Telling!
Tina Bey's space region.........
Francogrid 2013 OSCC build...
HG Safari clubhouses....  
     and the SW corner of Plaza

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