Wednesday, October 26, 2016

OSCC Safari!

On Sunday, 11 December we will be holding a special OSCC Safari.

The event will start at 11am Pacific Time - one hour earlier than our usual time.
The starting point will be on OSCC Grid, at the Safari Expo,
here's the hg address zone 2 As usual there will be 3 destinations, each lasting about an hour.
But this time, there's a new twist... to cope with the large number of visitors, we will be running two different trails at the same time.

Safari Trail A and Safari Trail B will both include places of artistic, educational, and practical interest and the two groups will meet up at the end in a very entertaining place!

Being on a Sunday, we hope that many who can't attend the regular Wednesday events will be able to come along and sample the simple pleasure of grid-jumping.
So please, mark the day on your calendar, and invite your friends.
If you have experience at grid-jumping, especially in a group, we can use your help as tour guides!
Send an IM to Thirza Ember in OSGrid, or email me at to get more information.

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