Thursday, February 15, 2024

Cornflakes Week

'Tis the season... but wait, no real world seasonal atmospherics involved, this is all virtual. Cornflakes Week is coming!
Always held during the final 7 days of February, this year's Cornflakes Week is 22-29 February. It's a festival just for opensim, and for everyone... not linked to any religious or national festivals, making it an all-inclusive addition to the many fun real-world oriented events that happen inworld. 
The first Cornflakes Week event was celebrated in 2015, and HG Safari always celebrates it with parties on two different venues, including the Tribute region that Wordfromthe Wise, a good friend of Cornflakes, had online for many years. 
Vintage Word
This year, we're going to Neverworld - this is their first year celebrating! - and then we'll make a return visit to Winxtropia where we were guests last year of Bloom Peters (the creator previously known as Cuteulala Artist). 
But this is not just a Safari thing. Osgrid got involved in Cornflakes Week in 2016, and they have been celebrating pretty much ever since, and plenty of other grids have participated on and off over the years. Here is a video showing the event, on 11 grids across the HG, in 2017.
In 2022 Cherry Manga refreshed the look of Cornflakes Week for HG Safari with an original build and a new animesh - the Cornflakes Tribute Companion. 
In 2023, Nyx Breen brought out the epic with a huge and breathtaking build on Pangea. 
 So, what are the 'rules'? None - just a lot of primary colors and fun, really. Just as everyone celebrates RL festivities in their own way, so this festival doesn't have to follow a set template. You might participate with something as simple as a hat....
Unadecal Masala partying back in 2016
... or go 'Fully Corny' with a complete look...
there are some ready made fun objects that can liven your version of Corny Week, if you want. Addresses for that at the end of the post. Think of all the different traditions there are around the world for New Year's, or Xmas - all different but linked by the general concept of the date. Same with Cornflakes Week. 
2018 Cornflakes party with dancing NPCs of Cornflakes' original characters
Do it your own way - have your own party, on the day of Cornflakes Week most convenient for you, and hopefully support other people's parties too - you can never have too many friends and too much fun on the hypergrid! There's no-one whose permission you need ask, it's all your choice - to help get the word out, you might want to join Cornflakes Week groups on  Social Media on Discord and Facebook where you can post about your event. 
The inspiration for the event was a lovely guy called Cornflakes Woodcock, who made the primmy original content you will find in the freebie shops. He made his content free for anyone - please respect that, and above all, add to the Corny tradition by making more things, and helping the event evolve!
Many oldbies in Opensim knew Cornflakes, and in particular on OSgrid which has kept up the corny tradition with a couple of dance events during the week, in which they also take a moment to remember friends who are no longer with us, and who are still very much missed.
If you want to know more about the guy who inspired me to invent Cornflakes Week, there are a quite a few posts from the Safari archive you can read by clicking here.

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