Thursday, January 20, 2022

Still Standing

The dance floor at HG safari clubhouse
Kelso Uxlay: Good idea to warm up safari goers before going.
          Dancing really does do it. This week, two animated destinations, a big crowd of avatars, and a roaring success for our hosts, Dorena Verne and Anachron Young on Dorena's World, and Karima Hoisan and the scriptastic Dale Innes on Kitely. 
Addresses of the destinations, as always, at the end of the post. 
It really helps if you come to the clubhouse on HG Safari, OSGrid and get the LMs before we depart at the top of the hour, and thanks to everyone who showed up, including Lux, Dabici and Kelso who entertained us by dancing so well. A good omen...
            First up, Dorena's World. Over the past few days, they have been celebrating their 12th anniversary as a grid, and we dropped in at GridTalk region for a party. 
Lux Tergeste: Happy anniversary!
Kelso Uxlay: Wir gratulieren zum Geburtstag!
Dorena1 Verne: 2010, never so many people at a party:-)
Youca Godel: Is 12 years a record in OpenSim for sim longevity?
Dorena1 Verne: Os Grid and Franco are older
Lifted Pixel: any time over a few years is awesome, let alone more than 10
Thirza Ember: I think Craft is the same age, we celebrate their anniversary next week.  Anachron, what is the secret of a grid that survives 12 years?
Anachron Young: Do your own thing and dont listen to what others think about it
Rubeus Helgerud in the mix!
          The DJ on GridTalk was Rubeus Helgerud and he was absolutely brilliant, funny, intelligent and welcoming.
Rubeus Helgerud: This is quite a turkish tango - very interesting melange...
Truelie Telling: really good selection tonight, Rubeus
            One of the best bits about Safari is that people get to meet each other. So many busy builders, busy lives - you often don't get to put a name to a face. So it's an opportunity to meet your heroes. 
Klarabella Karamell: wow! Tarnaa! love your work!
Taarna Welles: Thank you Klarabella *Taarna blushes
Juno Rowland: And Beth is here, too... Jupiter has recommended your clothes to me, Beth!
Beth Ghostraven: @Juno so sweet, thank you :D
Juno Rowland: Loru was the first who saw me in clothes she made.
Jupiter Rowland: Otto sees me in his clothes all the time.
Otto vonOtter: there are more suits somewhere in my inventory, i dont know if they work for roth will figure out
Cherry Manga: happy to see you again Otto :)
Otto vonOtter: me too, great to see you cherry :)
Jupiter Rowland: This is turning from a party to a who's who. Whom else should we expect tonight? Linda Kellie? Selea Core?
Thirza.Ember: Klarabella, I remember finding your freebies back in 2009 and thinking, wow, free things by generous people. Made me want to make things too
Juno Rowland: Thirza, you should check Klara's freebies now. *cough* hippie coats *cough*
Klarabella Karamell: I am only a playing around with different things for "home-use"
Anachron Young: In Dorenas-World we try to keep as much as possible to keep things free to copy. Most places in Dorenas-World can be explored on foot - unlike other grids most SIMs are directly connected - drawback: there are SIM-crossings, but the advantages are more
Juno Rowland: If you've got some sort of Ruth2, don't forget to visit Klara's shoe store in the Westend.
Youca Godel: Thanks for the tip, Juno.  I am wearing a Ruth
Jupiter Rowland: Oh, and if you don't know, I've had the first dedicated Ruth2/Roth2 store outside Austin's own sim.
Anachron Young: Jupiters Ruth2/Roth2 Store is 256m south from here, at the feet of Ms liberty <points thru the window>
GridTalk sim on Dorenas-world
Jupiter Rowland: This grid will keep you busy for days, if not weeks. Even I keep discovering new things, and that isn't because Ana keeps building, or because I suddenly have two new neighbours
Anachron Young: 37 Avatars + 1 NPC ... no performance issues yet
Rubeus Helgerud: Its a stable Grid... :-)
Truelie Telling: with almost everyone dancing, that lightens the load on the server
Lifted Pixel: don't tell the server we're dancing!! it thinks were being good and sitting quietly
            Let's stir 'em up a bit with a provocative question...
Thirza Ember: so who here wants opensim to become much bigger and more commercial?
Jupiter Rowland: Thirza, I don't.
lifted pixel: hrmmm.... bigger yes, some commercial, yes. How it's going now, just needs more people. Foundations are here, just need money to pay people to make it sparkle
Archetyp Jung: Thirza, bigger yes, commercial no
Anachron.Young: [12:19] Thirza.Ember so who here wants opensim to become much bigger and more commercial? <--- NOBODY!
            We don't all have to think the same way, to get along, and hearing other people's viewpoints is healthy. One of the more valuable parts of gridjumping, don't you think?
Dorena and Anachron

            And then, just like that, it was time to go. Next stop, Karima Hoisan's 'The Wizard' immersive experience on Kitely.
Klarabella Karamell: have fun Safaristas!
Marina Baer: have a nice trip :-)
Lifted Pixel: happy birthday dorenas world!!
Dabici Straulino: Tschuess
Jupiter Rowland: Good night to all the Safaristas who are leaving now!
Truelie Telling: working very well for so many peeps, dorena, good work!
Dorena1 Verne: have fun Safari-people:-)
             The fun had already begun by the time I got to Kitely, I cammed out and found Cherry looking pensive, somewhere over the rainbow. Just to be still, standing and enjoying this build, is a lovely feeling. Not my feeling, because of, you know, stuff going on.  I usually wait at the first destination until I am sure that sure any afk or stragglers have the LM and aren't abandoned. 
Beth explains the work of the VWBPE to some new friends

Dale Innis: I hear bears active in the woods :)
Karima Hoisan: What fun sooo many, I have no idea what might happen, lots of screaming
Dale Innis: 29 people in the sim lol. I do wonder what will happen!
Karima Hoisan: OMG
Lifted Pixel: okay i think i got my settings right, here we go!
Karima Hoisan: please don't crash
Thirza Ember: well we have not destroyed the sim yet
Karima Hoisan: Oh good! amazing. I am going to ride.
              And off she went. 
              After that energetic dancing on Dorenas-world, Lucy found a nice quiet corner, and as is her wont, made a couple of new friends. We have all spoken to Lucy about talking to strangers, but she does it anyway, and I apologize for it. Just kidding!
Lucy makes two new friends (photo by L Afarensis)

            Mal showed up, but his OSCC avatar was messing about, and kept logging him out. It's so frustrating when that happens, there might be one of a dozen reasons for it, and you'll likely never figure out which. Or in this case, wizard.
The Frenchies of Ignis arrived. For some reason, they never have the notecard, and (like me) never read it if they have it, so it was down to me to play host in some appalling french.
Thirza Ember: ok sans ao
ThirzaEmber: on prende le cheval et on part
Thirza.Ember: mais il faut avoir media play automatique pour ecouter tous
Ouch, right. Still, it seemed to do the trick.  Chip Angelvi got the hang of it immediately, and only my slowness with making a gif prevents you seeing him doing a very strange dance with some pandas. But here he is on horseback. Yes, there are pandas, and no, I have no idea why.
Chip riding off into the woods

           The build is a poem and you, the traveller, are sort of the punctuation in it. You slip in between the phases and phrases, up in the air like quotes, then slipping down to be a comma in the woods, then dashing down the stream to that final exclamation of particles at the end. All very parenthetical. Just don't stand, or you'll get lost in the woods. Not a bad metaphor for gridjumping in a crowd.

          Strange sounds and amazing animations kept happening. Moments after I took this pic of Jessica, an iconic mashup of looks that is sort of the signature of our hypergrid trips, she suddenly yelled out...
Karima, Dale, and the lifted pixel floating off downstream

Cherry Manga: what a trip!
Lux Tergeste: I'm speechless
Dale Innis: :) woot!
Explorer Cherry with some.... friends?
Cherry Manga: huge work, congrats
Lux Tergeste: fascinating
Loru Destiny: oh yes!! I hope I won't dream bad this night *gg* no kidding, that was great, awsome!! thank you :-))
Truelie Telling: amazing!!!
Truelie in the bubbles
Kelso Uxlay: So much work. Very impressive!
Dale Innis: It's a big one :)
Truelie Telling: is this available at other times too? everyone should see it
Dale Innis: It's basically always here. It works a little more smoothly if there are only a couple of people doing it at once :)
Thirza Ember: hahahaha  aww, come on... and we didn't even break it
Dale Innis: We've never had > 12 before
Loru Destiny: thank you so much for this experience :-)
Kelso Uxlay: I will definitively come back
Dabici and Kelso at the bit with the ghost ship.
            And unlike me, Kelso knows what he is talking about. He is a gifted scripter, just visit Creanovale and see the crosscountry ski trip, which is an absolutely flawless ride around a var region, with loads of variety and special effects!
Karima Hoisan: Can most of you hear the sounds? Its on Media
Loru Destiny:  I heard it :-) the sound completed the atmosphere
Beth Ghostraven: yes, I can hear, mouselook for parts is awesome, too
Lux Tergeste: yes, nice clear voice
Thirza Ember: Karima is famous as a poet in SL, her voice is unmistakable
Dale Innis: It's definitely better if you can get the media working

Karima Hoisan: it makes no sense if you can't haha ha it still makes no sense, but:):)
Beth Ghostraven: This would make a great Immersive Experience for VWBPE
lifted pixel: this is triggering big time asmr I really enjoyed
Cherry Manga: yes, definitely will redo a tour by my own later to see everything again
Dale Innis: We're very glad you enjoy
Cherry Manga: thank you so much for this huuuuge work , fabulous, good nite all ♥
Kelso Uxlay: See you all next week
Make mine a large
          We retired to the bar. If you were on Safari and missed this bit (after the big particle show at the end of the ride, the door marked 'Exit' takes you into the bar lounge) you might want to re-visit because it merits a look jut on its own, for the lovely drawings on the wall.
Thirza Ember: this red wine is excellent. Sigh, some got hopelessly lost but there is only so much one can do. /does nothing more
Truelie Telling: ya gotta trust the horse, once you start the ride, even when it wasn't there any more
Beth Ghostraven: yes, even when it was a boat!
Dale and Karima, and Geo saying goodbye

George Equus: weird if anything...  but different
Thirza Ember: it's wizardly
Truelie Telling: and beautiful, as long as I didn't fret about the weirdities! a lovely time has been had, indeed. Karima, what a lovely experience, thanks so much for your artistry
Karima Hoisan
Karima Hoisan: Ohh thank you, so glad you had fun, was amazing to host you all, it's a first
George Equus: Handled the crowd fine. Was a fun experience, out of the ordinary.  Thanks!

Dorena's World GridTalk 

'The Wizard' art installation Wizard

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