Monday, January 3, 2022

Ball Park

We all have our foibles, even you. Well, OK, especially you, don't imagine for a moment the rest of us haven't noticed. Anyway, mine include not being able to resist clicking on a free raccoon, and being the world's worst Hunt player. You can guarantee that in any Hunt game, not only will I not find any of the prizes, but I may actually break the mechanism.  Imagine, then, with what trepidation I went to the Tangle Grid Christmas Ball Hunt, which ends on January 15. Would there be raccoons? I had to know.

Leslie Kling had posted on the HG Safari Facebook page about Tangle Grid's Christmas Ball Hunt with a big prize in Tbucks up for grabs and so I decided to jump on over and see what it was like.

If you're looking for a place to rent, you should definitely consider Tangle

Tangle Grid ticks all the boxes, to my mind. It is stable, has been around forever, has a great team working to make sure everything runs smoothly, and they just give off this wonderful vibe of calmness that has, in terms of the HG Safari blog, kind of worked against them, and I apologize for that, because whenever the Safari has landed on Tangle, I always feel like I can relax and that ultimately means I forget to take all the photos I should (although their Steampunk Expo from some years back features in our 2022 Calendar).

Gates to other Grids

First things first, the Tangle HG Station is a joy.  If you're out HG roaming, this is a great place to inspire you to leap to a grid you might not yet know. There is also a section dedicated to Freebie regions, very handy if you're on a shopping spree, and want something other than the same-same shops.

Gates to other grids and to Freebie Regions, all set out in impeccable conciseness, but that's not why we're here. We gotta get those balls and win the prize. 

Before moving on, another point that is very good about the grid. You know that infuriating feeling when on the hg and you suddenly come across a grid that says ' before you can access this grid you have to accept the terms and conditions due to EU law' yada yada yada? Maybe some of you don't experience it, but for the rest of you - It is annoying, right? (not as annoying as that blasted Gloebit popup window, but close. Gloebit should add a 'Don't ask me again' option to that, because every time it pops open, I hate Gloebit just a tiny bit more.) But getting back to the 'Privacy terms and conditions' issue imposed by forces beyond our control, Tangle have come up with the most painless way to do it. Just click on a poster. Kudos.

Let's get them balls! But immediately, I was distracted. There was a winter scene (copiable, of course) complete with its own festive raccoons. Who could resist?

The Hunt takes you through a Christmas Expo, a sort of Freebie Park, laid out across a sim and filled with all kinds of seasonable items, not all necessarily Christmassy, which makes for a good mix. Houses with little gardens and white picket fences, winter trees, and plants line a street, 
where you can also find a delightful merry go round, complete with sleighs and reindeer.
Image from Gyazo
There's a toboggan ride and a musical band, inspired by the Nutcracker, and more poinsettia wreaths than you can shake a stick at. 

Cuteness abounds, and all these lovely little items are free to copy, so knock yourself out with your Xmas 2022 preparations. In the photo below, these guys have animated smiles when you approach, making them doubly sweet. Incongruously, Osgrid Thirza didn't even have a scarf. Sorry.

By the time I had walked around the expo, I had, you won't be surprised to learn, forgotten all abut the Christmas Ball hunt. Probably walked past dozens of them, in my usual distracted way. It was almost time for me to leave, and my HUD showed a sad total of zero. What a loser.

Then, turning a corner, what should come into sight but a Nativity scene. And right next to it, a Christmas bauble. I clicked on it. Finally, a point scored! Must be a Christmas miracle.

Tangle Grid Xmas Hunt is open until 15 January 2022. then look for the LM giver to the Christmas region

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