Friday, June 14, 2024

Neverworld by Neverworlders

Never easy to get a group photo of the team that runs a grid, but somehow, Govega Sachertorte, owner of  Neverworld Grid  managed it - she's a bit of a wonder that way! I was curious to meet up with the team after seeing their latest promo video (it's at the end of this post, if you want to scroll right past the wordy bit). 
Here's the first 'class photo' of most of the Usual Suspects in charge of making the grid beautiful and helping residents get the best possible service. We were on a sim that the Safari will be visiting for our final trip of the season, ten days from now. The region is called Wild Kingdom and this seemed like the sweet spot to get their photo, in front of the ice cream van.
Left to right: Art Bell, Nine Zero, Joshua 7, Thom Invr,
Nexus Storm, Govega Sachertorte, Morgant Whelan.
So, why do people love the grid?
I asked around. Tig Eberdene has the lovely and recently refurbished Georgetown region. Birch Grove, Jamie Wright's region, is a must-visit on this grid.
Jamie Ann Wright:  I originally joined Neverworld in 2020 but it became my official grid home in 2021. The best features of the grid are too many to name but to summarise them I would say it’s a builder’s haven community of kindness with a high level of support by the Govega and grid admins. Everyone champions each other's projects and collaborates in a beautiful way that always makes it feel like home.
Tig Everdene: I've been here just shy of 3 years. The best features of Neverworld are the people and the amazing talents they have and share with everyone. The freedom I have to create as I wish. The grid staff and owner who do their best to keep everything running as well as possible, and support our residents.         
So the residents love the grid - what about the staff? Nosey, ain't I... well, let's see what some of them say.
Joshua 7: It's going on 5 years that I have been with Neverworld. I found Neverworld through a Google Search for OpenSim grids. When I arrived, and saw the beautiful Tiki Welcome Center, I was taken aback by the beauty, and friendly and warm appeal that had been created here. Neverworld is always evolving and the Welcome Center has been updated to an even more exciting structure. My role here is Lead Admin, taking care of rental properties and Customer Service activities, along with general help around the grid.   
Gundahar Bravin:  I have been on Neverworld for nearly 5 years ... I was looking for the best, and I found it here. The feeling of family, and good communication among staff - that's what holds our community together. My principal activity on the grid is to create and try to come up with new things. 
Morgant Whalen: I had heard great things from a friend of mine about NW in the past.  I liked that they have self hosting, and they had been around a long time, and not likely to disappear, and didn't tolerate drama. I was just sort of looking around, when I ran into a particular region called Lonely Mist on Neverworld Grid, which I instantly adored.  I bought a region, and sort of just sat back for a month considering my next step,  until one day I asked Nexus about renting a towne home in Lonely Mist.... within a few moments I met Govega and within a few weeks after that I was making NW my Virtual home. I"m a staff member and try to help out wherever I can - including land dressing, rentals, and presently helping with event advertising. 
Nine Zero: I manage rentals on Cape Cod,  you'll often find me playing with mesh, exploring the grid, shooting things, driving off in abandoned vehicles, hanging out in graveyards.  How did I get here?  A long time friend, Pasha Theas, found Neverworld and brought a handful of us over, and I've been here 7+ years. 
Gundahar Bravin, Rafaella Docherty, Nexus Storm, mr smokes, 
Govega Sachertorte, Joshua 7, Art Bell, Thom Invr, Morgant Whalen, 
and in front in white, Nine Zero.
After grabbing a pic on Wild Kingdom, we ran over to Misty Pond and Bourbon Street, the New Orleans themed build.  As you can tell from these pictures, this is a very diverse group of people - no two even remotely the same! Obviously these guys are fans of everything Neverworld... but if someone is thinking of visiting the grid, which regions are unmissable and emblematic of the spirit of the place? Guaranteed to get some pretty diverse answers to that question.
Last of Boston
Morgant Whalen:  My favorite regions on the grid are:  Lonely Mist, Thundersnow, and Jade Bay.  My newest favorites are Last of Boston and Thornhollow.  My favorite shopping is Advantis. I think what holds the grid together is our love for Govega, and also the builders and creators.  This isn't the grid that just plops a build down in 40 minutes, our regions are well thought-out, the builders leave details most wouldn't even think about.  When you come to NW, prepare yourself to take your time and explore it.  I like details... but .. then again.. if you're in a hurry to find that one outfit.... then.. that's OK too, plenty of shopping here.
Gundahar Bravin:  I think people should visit the Silverbell Wharf and all of the nautical regions. There are hours of enjoyment just exploring and riding sailboats. When Neverworld Camping Resort is finished, I feel that would be a real topping to the tour!  
Cloudburst Roads
Joshua 7: We have many talented creators here, and one special place that they built in  Neverworld is CloudBurst Roads - fun roads to drive along, great stopping points and rentals, along with a cool Blues Club. Definitely a must see.
Nine Zero: What keeps me here is the freedom to create and being surrounded by like-minded artists.  My favorite builds: Requiem, Crystalwind, Thornhollow, Provincetown, Cape Cod, Lucidus 5, Never Village, and Neverworld Welcome Center, but if I had to pick just one, it would be Requiem, with Thornhollow running a very close second place. 
Joshua 7:  What holds our community together is the owner (Govega) with all her generosity, offering free rentals, and making sure the grid is completely drama free. I love that it is a builders paradise. We have a ton of talented and creative people here. Overall, people here are very friendly and make you feel right at home. They love to share their talents and wisdom as far as how to do something which is very generous of them both knowledge and time-wise. 


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