Thursday, November 5, 2015

Non Stop Safari

       Nothing but movement, movement, this week - heck, even the musician was whirly  - Whirli Placebo, to be precise, but we will get to that later. All hypergrid addresses are of course at the end of the post, so you can go and see these places for yourself if you wish.       We started out at the Clubhouse, as we always do, on Teravus Plaza OSGrid, with 3 destinations lined up starting with Kodinpump, a prize hunt build simultaneously available on OSGrid and Metropolis. 

       There was a distinctly post-Halloween feel to the event, with Aime Socrates looking like part of the Hunt, more than a hunter. 
Nani Ferguson our gracious hostess at Kodinpump, photo by Wizardoz Chrome

       Nani Ferguson and Ange Menges the creators of this amazing landscape greeted arrivals on the two  Kodinpump sims. So much fun to be had, it is sad to think that in a short while this sim will be gone...
Scottius studies the fishies

This build is heartbreakingly lovely, and it is hard to hunt when all you want to do is take photos.
Sea dreams... 

       In no time at all, we were off to Metropolis Grid to experience the Fireworks of Wordfromthe Wise. Some dithering with my poorly labeled landmarks, but thanks to Jessica Pixel most of us were soon back on track. 
The fireworks in the center of the arena, all ready to go!
       The sim, called Fireworxxs - a name both easy and difficult to guess at - seemed empty to start with, but once we rezzed we could see a sort of sports field with four grandstands, super deluxe grandstands with loungers for lying back to enjoy the lightshow. 
Our host is the blue guy flying above the arena.

Wordfromthe Wise shouts:
Please take a seat so the server can calm down
Please stop all Scripted attachment

as you dont need it for the show
Thirza.Ember: we have to go to where the group are reclining
Max.Hill: bonsoir à tous
harthelie.deux: coucou tout le monde
Jessie.Campbell: where do we sit ?
Cendres.Magic: good question
Reclined and ready to be dazzled

      This is all classic hypergrid conversation. But amazingly, Wordfromthe Wise's servers absorbed all our craziness, and we were treated to a most brilliant sound and light show, a combination of music, particles and windlight effects.

Wordfromthe Wise: welcome ..all of you .. some may have seen the show .. some don't .. i will do the land radio today myself .. hope all can hear the land radio at the moment. If not, please activate the Radio Stream .. here we go ... or does anybody need to go to the toilet or get some sunglasses ?
Jessie.Campbell: popcorn?
Cherry.Manga: I just need to marry you because windlight is like honeymoon

Cherry.Manga: (damn it I'll marry this dude)
Thirza.Ember: can I borrow him sometimes on a share-alike license ?
Cherry.Manga: absolutely lolol 
Jessica.Pixel: the windlight is awesome
Wordfromthe Wise shouts: we have a bit of lag
Cherry.Manga: we have only wonders for now
Total.Sorbet: we lurrrrve lag hehe
Sunbeam.Magic: second that! wonders and magic!

       There is an automatic version of this show, so if you go to the sim on your own, be sure to look for that.  
Wordfromthe Wise

       After about twenty minutes of pure delight on our loungers, we got up and headed for the equally awesome dance floor. Here, a very strange thing happened.
Thirza.Ember: sorry to anyone i tp'd when you were already here, I know sometimes radar shows people as being far away when they are not... so I literally cammed in to make sure the person I was going to tp was still in the grandstand... I saw them on the grandstand, but I guess they were really here...  radar plays with time and space continuum!
Cherry.Manga: someone is filming?
Jessica.Pixel: this is the best dance floor in the metaverse. 

        Yet again, the time flew by and soon we were saying our goodbyes and heading off to our next stop, on JIIE grid, for a concert with Whirli Placebo, hosted by Gwenette Sinclair and to be filmed by Fuschia Nightfire *see the video here on YouTube!*

Whirli as always put on a fantastic show, mixing covers and originals, he was also wearing the best socks ever to be seen in OpenSim, period. Not only is he a really accomplished musician, he also has a down to earth attitude, and a love of nonsense, that makes him a joy to be around. 
Whirli Placebo

      You can find his music all over, and buy some downloads too, for example here on IndieSpectrum . He took our slow and late arrival all in his stride, knowing from his experience in hypergridding just what perils are out there for the frequent tp-er. 
       Not everyone's hair made it, but that was OK. We will do better next time. Fuschia Nightfire put on a great light show, a mixture of attachments all glowing and moving, and there were some lovely Cherry Manga artworks thrown into the mix.
Jessica.Pixel: its also so nice that opensim folks are so much more into them than sl folks >:3
Thirza.Ember: what are we into? What have you heard...
Sunbeam.Magic: Special Effects!
Jessica.Pixel: attachment effects
Jessica.Pixel: whatever you want to call them
Gwenette.Writer: love the SHINY!
Jessica.Pixel: lol i'm sure opensim folks are into that other thing you were thinking too ;] we just won't tell anyone
Thirza.Ember: moi?
Gwenette.Writer: EYE CANDY!
Sunbeam.Magic: Original so the bomb!
Thirza.Ember: believe it or not many people complain about the attachment art, Gwenette
Isolde.Caron: screw complainers!!
Jessica.Pixel: ppl hate chaos for some reason, or have no idea how to have fun in the virtual world
Thirza.Ember: or don't know how to derender
Isolde.Caron: they need to get their big girl panties on.!!
Jessica.Pixel: lol yes
JIIE Welcome sim,take a look around!

      The JIIE is an interesting grid even when there is no premium live music going on. There are a number of displays on the default sim that allow you to see how these students use new media to tell true stories of injustice in a way that can really capture the imagination, and attention, of the public.
Gwenette.Writer: Juvenile Justice Information Exchange - one of a kind journalism project itself see at  See the machinima is about a man incarcerated for 40 years as a tagalong at a pawnshop theft age 14 . . these interns def rawwwwk!  Never such a fun vw dev project for me:)

       HG Addresses:
Kodinpump (open still for a short while) is on mirror regions on 2 grids

Fireworxxs look for the automatic fireworks display

JIIE journalism project

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