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A Scifi, Scofi, TP try and try Safari

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        So, back to Metropolis for the Summer of Arts which has morphed into an Autumn and almost a Winter of Arts, which is fine by us - the more the merrier! If you have not been to Wanda Shigella's regions, you have time until the end of the year to enjoy the 40+ artists on show. 
       The addresses, as ever, at the end of the post.

       The Safari visited SoA about a month ago and met up with some five or six of the artists, but this time our appointment was with just one, Po Toocool, of 3rd Rock Grid. She does a lot of Star Trek related roleplay and her exhibit was an interactive short story, giving you a small taste of the kind of adventures they get up to, out on the Final Frontier.

Po Toocool: hello, if you have voice and wish to use it, please turn it on, and I will also share in text

Alya VonZ: thank you for text
Po Toocool: Welcome and thank you for coming. What you see around us here is an exhibit I made for the Summer of the Arts event, this exhibit began as a simple idea for some prim sculptures and a garden, a place of rest and refuge. The whimsical statues I created started to tell me a different story. As I built the exhibit, they spoke to me, and I designed it so that you can travel through this ‘world’ and experience the journey. I then took images of the journey and created a slide show to assist in storytelling. It is that story I wish to share with you today....

       Oooooh no you don't, dear reader, I am not going to steal Po's thunder and tell you the exciting and slightly bloodcurdling story she shared with us. 

       You will have to go over to SOA2 sim on Metropolis and see it for yourself. Watch out though, the 'free gift' doesn't contain anything, it is just a lure, to get you involved... I got the feeling they don't know much about the free community on 3rd Rock. In fact Po, who came to OpenSim from SL almost five years ago, only found out about the rest of the hyperverse quite recently when 3rd Rock Grid became HG friendly. But back to Star Trek...
Po Toocool: if you would like to take that journey, there is a transporter to my right... feel free :)
Unadecal Masala: that was a rivetting read, thank you
Sunbeam.Magic: nice narration voice too Po ;)
Atari Patrucci: i have some questions about the OS Starfleet Presents, it´s on another Grid or in Metropolis?
Po Toocool: Starfleet Nyota is the base in Metro polis Grid
Wanda Shigella: We're very glad to have you and the RP with us :)
Sunbeam.Magic: do you role play in voice or typed words ?
Alya.VonZ: I do in text only
Po Toocool: we rp in text
Alya.VonZ: a bit out of it, used to be a semi paragrapher, hehehe
Tom Frost: and you can find the rp times on of course :)
Tom Frost: </shameless-plug>
Atari Patrucci: Starfleet is probably the most widespreded RP Community in the whole Virtual Worlds, isn´t it?
Tom Frost: i've been around at the 3rg colony a few times, really nice builds as well
Alya.VonZ: Could be, I don't know, never rp-ed it:)
Tom Frost: alya: you should, it's fun :)

        The conversation went on about the various Star Trek series, and the opportunities to get involved with roleplay, and one couldn't help but be impressed by the sheer amount of creativity and passion that the series have created, and the way it has lent itself to virtual world activities, whether it is going on an adventure, or thinking about the technology, or trying to make accurate builds Po's work is Trek inspired, but the stories are all her own, and the one she shared with us showed her flair for creating a sense of jeopardy.

       Speaking of jeopardy, it was soon time to jump again, this time to the 
hgsafari sim on Francogrid, our underused home away from home. 
       When OSGrid died, this space was donated to the Safari by Gill Beaumont, and it has a Clubhouse, a small freebie fair, a clothing store and a music venue called Phew, as in, phew, we made it through another gridjump marathon. Also for Fuschia Nightfire, our much-missed Safarista and film maker, who recently retired from the Safari to focus on real world projects. 
        Scofi Robson was singing for us, and Cendres Magic was there with his new particle HUD, which Scofi's partner, the lovely Zany Foxtrot, showed off to the audience. 

      The plan had been to get Cendres to say a few words about this very interesting new  venture, a HUD that makes it possible for anyone to configure particles in real time. But you know, between the music and the light show and the fact I was distracted by filming, not to mention the sim briefly crashing, we never did get around to hearing all about it. So we will reorganize with him so he can do a proper presentation. 
       The HUD like everything in Francogrid will be freely available to all, so make sure you come along and get your copy when we figure out a date for that.

       I recorded Scofi's concert, exceptional as always, and enhanced by the particle show. Filming is stressful, hence the distinct lack of photos here. It was really nice to be able to show off the music venue to such a big crowd, and Cendre's particles made the place even more special. Thanks to all the frenchies for showing up and supporting the event, and to Gill for keeping the sim going despite all our HG detritus!  There hasn't been time to look at the media properly yet but if it came out reasonably OK, (which is not guaranteed since my filming and recording skills both leave a lot to be desired) I'll put it on youtube.
Avirtualworld Welcome sim
       Our last stop was on Avirtualworld, the creation of Boba Solo. We were invited to meet with Boba but also to dance on Dreamworld the region belonging to Ultra Foxtrot and LadyJoanna Martineeque. 
       Boba has been running Avirtualworld for six or seven years, and has known LadyJo and Ultra for about as long. How did they meet?
Ladyjoanna Martineeqe: christina wildrose introduced us
Bob.Solo: good friend Christina Wildrose told me to watch over her - 7 years
Bob.Solo: and Christina still comes home,  I run regions on OSG for her and here as well
Dance Club on Dreamworld 
Ladyjoanna Martineeqe: yes she's a sweety
Bob.Solo: yes. I have adopted several folks. Some folks are worth helping them with there Dreams. I love to hear peoples dreams. One person I have been helping is also waiting for me her place isn't fixed totally yet
Bob Solo: lots of buggers in the new Dev Git
Ladyjoanna Martineeqe: oh my
Lucy.Afarensis: safari can shake them out
Ultra Foxtrot showing off his mooves
Wizardoz.Chrome (it>en): difficult journeys tonight:)
Bob Solo: what is bad is if other simulators are earlyer than this one tp is impossible, it seems...  but we will find out why
Nara.Nook: so that is why it was so hard today?
Bob Solo: poor tired eyes
Lucy.Afarensis: might be
Bob Solo: yes
Boba Solo
Thirza Ember: we will do better next time, a big old visit, these sims are really nice i am looking forward to coming back and exploring
Bob.Solo: I will surely have it all correct
Ladyjoanna Martineeqe: bob's grid is awesome and so is bob
Lucy.Afarensis: wonderful
Nara.Nook: So many wonderful builds here
LadyJo flashing some shapely thigh as we all dace on Dreamland
Bob.Solo: blushes
Nara.Nook: had someone holler at me the other night because took 3 tries to get to my grid. Shrugs. Sometimes HG makes you work for it.
Lucy.Afarensis: Ya gotta sacrifice to the hyper gods
Thirza Ember: you know how it is - the first visit is always a little shaky
Ladyjoanna Martineeqe: love this song
Sunbeam.Magic: Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Ladyjoanna Martineeqe: woooohooooo
Nara.Nook: the planets could use some peace
Ladyjoanna Martineeqe: yes
Sunbeam.Magic: you can type that again Nara
Nara.Nook: and some love
Nara.Nook: love always wins

HG Addresses:   
Summer of Arts (open until the end of December)  
HG  Safari sim and music venue                     
Ladyjo and Ultra's sim on Boba Solo's grid

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