Thursday, November 12, 2015

Safari goes to the shows

George.Equus: Now stuff makes sense  :)
      The one thing that is always the same about our safaris is that they are never the same. Most weeks, two or three new friends join us and even when we go to places we have visited before, it always seems to result in a different experience.

      Take yesterday's trip to Metropolis and Francogrid, for example. 
Billy.Bradshaw: I have some chores in RL, will join the safari a little later
Alya VonZ: so glad it is wednesday, I could use a break:)
Thirza Ember: they are restarting the sim for destination 1 in a few minutes, so all should be ....dare I say perfect?? is that tempting fate?

Alya VonZ: hehehe
Lucy.Afarensis: probably
Thirza Ember: hey Lyr!! welcome!
Selby.Evans: hi everyone
Lyr.Lobo: Hiya Thinkerer *grins*
Thirza Ember: Lyr almost all the sit poses in the jeep are non embarrassing
Thirza Ember: also the elephant - apart from the tail seat of course
Truelie Telling: yeah, I'm sitting with my feet in elephant brains
Thirza Ember: how come James never sits on the elephant?
James.Atlloud: I don't know about never. Usually getting myself sorted at this time.
Alya VonZ: hehe, haven't sat on it either yet:)  - have to be earlier on I suppose to do that, hehe
James.Atlloud: lol - right after the elephant ... spoke?  the music started. lol
Selby.Evans: I can sit on the elephant
        The conversation turned to operating systems and new laptops, and then poof it was time to go to Futurelab on Metropolis. HG Addresses at the end of the post.
Arriving on Futurelab

      There was some climbing of ladders, and some jumping jack poses, then some sitting and having our cam control taken from us. Futurelab currently hosts the gigantic model of a sterile lab, which is part of a project for a real world company not named here by request of Art.
Art.Blue: Welcome everyone to the showing of today. the music stream today is:
Art.Blue:   THE FACTORY :   We put on two sims some ideas together about miniaturization, about process management and refurbishment in the medicine sector. 
Art.Blue:   The factory you see exists in real &  In addition we set some elements for hypergridding and for fun into scene for the HG Safari and for artists who want to contribute and information about the Santorni Bienniale 2016 at One technology – infinitecamera – is an innovation in presentation. Just step on the ladder at Futurelab and press ESC to explore. We lure visitors by doing so to points of interest in the installment. You are invited to see the "luring in". Just press ESC at the beginning ...

Jomac Silvera: I feel a like being at the greenies       
James.Atlloud: agree @ jomac - looking for greenie
Art.Blue: press ESC - only one time needed, then wait.
Selby.Evans: seeing camera view
James.Atlloud: OK
-: The camera system will start now. Please press ESC!
-: Station I: Front View
-: Station II: Presentation Frame View
-: Station III: OP
-: Station IV: PC
-: Station V: OP2
-: Station VI: Sterile
-: Station VII: Seats South Horizon
Art.Blue: this shows where you may go soon on your own, that's it. Now the next group
James.Atlloud: that was fun
Lyr.Lobo: yes, very cool
Alya.VonZ: lol glad I made it work the second time 

       The second part of the entertainment was a particle show by Venus Adored. She was up in the sky. Opening your Radar, and double clicking on the name of the person you want to see  is perhaps the quickest way to cam in on someone, although Radar on a busy sim can sometimes produce unexpected results. But that, as you know, is the name of the game.   
        Venus looked like a goddess in royal blue, standing within a celestial sphere, on the golden tower that is part of the famous Blue Elephant.

Thirza.Ember: toggles... and gets sound!
George.Equus: "It's full of stars"
Dove Rhoad: now I too thank you for mentioning the sound
Truelie.Telling: the music of space
Lucy Afarensis: wow!
Art Blue shouts: i hope you all see the great performance, the CALL FOR BLUE THIRZA her birthday present!
Truelie.Telling: smiley moons
Thirza.Ember: thank you ! 
alex54 Salamander: :-)        A fantastic symphony of light and sound, all the more enjoyable because last week Wordfromthe Wise treated us to his big show over on Fireworxxs, and here we were, with another artist, another vision, another choreography. OpenSim is packed full of talented generous performers!
Frere Reinart with Ynfab Bruno - I think her head exploded!
  Speaking of talent, we rushed off to The Wrong Grid biennial next, on FrancoGrid. This art expo is curated by Frere Reinart and Step Flow aka Ellectra Radikal.
Thirza Ember: everybody... meet a GREAT PARTICLE ARTIST Venus Adored,  she just did an amazing show for the Safari... you must go see it some time
Cherry.Manga: someone said particles? *jumps*
Truelie Telling: we just saw a great particle show, thanks to venus
venus.adored: oh..hi everyone
snowbody Cortes: venus it was super !
venus.adored: thank you
Jess Campbell: oh gee I missed it :-(
snowbody Cortes: hello Jess
Jess Campbell: always late...that's me
Lyr.Lobo grins and thanks Venus
Step Flow1: Welcome Hyppergridderz! merci d'être avec nous! WrongGrid is a child of The Wrong, which is the Digital Biennale we are part of. We have invited 15 artists at Francogrid, and they created an installation each. 
Alya VonZ: Franco grid is the most artistic I have seen so far:)

GrandLapin with his carrot colored install     
The show is massive, really more than one can absorb on a single visit. Many of the artists, including Nikolas Koroloff, Ynfab Bruno. Mammifero, GrandLapin, and Cherry Manga were there to greet us. Find them on Facebook.
Mammifero's bright mapscape
       On sim residence-20 you will find the teleport HUD made by Claudius Utopy and there are also TP boards making it easier to reach the dozen or more platforms that form the biennial. 
Praline B and Nikolas Korolov on Nikolas' interactive, sound producing  geometric build, 
Nikolas Koroloff: i hope you like geometrik ?
Nikolas Koroloff: :) fly to the second level :)
Cherry.Manga: you bet Praline is adding interesting sounds to the installation lolol
Alya VonZ: so far all builds are amazing:)
Lucy Afarensis: Spent several hour last week looking around
Alya VonZ: I can imagine
Lucy Afarensis: still haven't seen all
Alya VonZ: will come back another time to, so much to see:)

       Good idea!

      HG Addresses:

Art Blue's Factory                  
The Wrong Grid Biennial start point
On Ynfab Bruno's install

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