Saturday, October 31, 2015

So Wrong it's Right

        A giant smart phone in a soup of whatnots, the wistful implications of insanity, blocks and heads, and  a sort of glorious heavenly carrot cake - these are just some of the impressions to be garnered in the the playful, imaginative atmosphere at The Wrong Grid, a biennial digital art festival, which starts Sunday November 1, on Francogrid
       Organized by Frere Reinert and Ellectra Radikal, sometimes known as Step Flow, it's an opportunity to see art in OpenSim as never before.
Frere Reinert and Ellectra Radikal.
      This is a fresh and exciting art show featuring work by artists who, with one exception, FrancogGrid's own Cherry Manga, have not previously used OpenSim to display their art.  The art show is hosted on the sims of Claudius Utopy who also made the HUD for the event. Nice work Claudius! This post contains photos of just a handful of the installs, just a quick glimpse a the wonder that awaits you when you visit.

The round house on the hills [left] contains help for new users, as well as the Gallery HUD,
while the waterfront area [right] will be where the opening party is held.

       This is above all a serious attempt to draw an international audience into virtual worlds to explore the subjective possibilities which this type of immersive experience offers. I asked Ellectra aka Step Flow, to tell me about it.

       First of all, who all is exhibiting here?
Artwork by GrandLapin
Step Flow: Sixteen artists. They are Cherry Manga, Esauph Hatener, Fotis Begetis, Mammifero, Mark Klink, Michael Borras aka Sistaime, Nikolas KorolovPaul Hertz, PotentieL, GrandLapin, multi media artist  Ronen Shaiwho will be doing the music for the opening,  TTY, TU;UK'Z, Antonin Laval aka Vash Yeah, Ynfab Bruno , and Zves Konstantinos.
        Artists from many different backgrounds and different parts of the world, what brought them together?
Bitey Art by Vash Yeah

Step Flow: I have been working with them on other curations I drived or I was part of as an artist. We are part of the net art scene we use Facebook to share art and discuss about emergent art practice on the web - Twitter and other networks too - we create digital art events, online exhibitions, open a lot of groups to develop aesthetic thematics.
        Some are people she has known for a while in the real world, like fellow Art School alumn TTY, part of whose installation is shown here.
You're never alone on this Artwork by TTY
       These artists work primarily in programs like Blender, and the challenge was to help them navigate the process of bringing their works into this environment, which they managed to do via a discreet little artist's help center on Facebook.
       It's easy to see that very little fazes these curators, not even the prospect of showing newbies how to move about the sims. Each aspect has been carefully thought out.
 Step Flow: I am used to drive big team in curation, even if the tool was new, I trust my artists and I knew they will manage. My problem is : how to bring a large audience in the opensimulator because of the loading stuff affair. I hope the developers of opensim will bring us soon an add on to bring visitors inworld in one click.
Souper stuff by Vash Yeah

       I thought about explaining the joys of hypergridding on a bad connection day, compared to logging in to a largely stable and user-friendly platform like FG, but decided to say no more. If she wants to believe in the One Click, then she should.
Art by Mark Klink
Step Flow: The Wrong is an online exhibition that most of all in introduced through website as a creation. Our specific choice of an exhibition in the metaverse, made us choose to think the website in The Wrong as a portal to the metaverse. We insist : the experience has to be immersive.
          And so it is.
Artwork by Cherry Manga
       Each build is instantly distinguishable from the next, and it is a delight to jump around from one to the next, no knowing what you're going to be presented with at the end of the teleport.
Step Flow: each artist has his own universe, this is probably also because they are not used to SL or OpenSim so they developed their installation in a very personal way. What i can say is that we feel that they have a real fun building here.
Art by Mark Klink
       To visit the Wrong Grid, you should go to Francogrid and find Residence-20 sim first. There you will find a sort of Hobbit house o the hill. Go inside and you will find the hud and posters illustrating each install. You can also find portals down in the bay area, which incidentally is where the music will be at the opening event.

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