Thursday, October 20, 2022

Creature of Hobbit

 JRR Tolkein published the third and final part of Lord of the Rings on 20 October 1955, and this week the Safari decided to celebrate that 77th anniversary by taking our fellowship on a bit of a quest. There are dozens of LotR builds in opensim, we could only see two this time, those belonging to Ferd Federix on Outworldz and Roland Francis on ViBel. 
Way too many pictures for a single post, so this one is about Ferd's place, Roland's build is covered in 'Into the West'. HG Addresses are at the end, as usual.
And also, as usual, we met at the clubhouse. If you have never been on Safari with us, take 5 minutes to drop in at the region Safari. The set up is simple, we gather a couple of minutes before it's time to head for the first destination - it helps to know who's planning to be part of the trip before we leave, so we can tp you if you get lost. There is a big box right by the landing place, with LANDMARKS on it. Click to buy, you will get a folder with the LMs for the day, numbered in order of use, and a Notecard summarizing where we are going - simple as that. We head to destination one at 12 noon SLT, and destination two at 1pm SLT.  
Can I also take this opportunity to say if you enjoy the Safari trips and taking photos, please post them on your social - if you do Flickr, FB, MeWe, etc (or if you have a blog like Ai Austin, why not post there?)  - rather than passing them to me during the Safari. There is usually quite a lot happening behind the scenes.
At the clubhouse, about 15 gathered, some new, some regulars, some good friends we only see on special occasions, and among them, our host for the second hour, Roland Francis. Always nice when the hosts visit each other's builds.
Elfin Roland, armed but not dangerous
Rage Darkstone: _Hi Fitheach, hi Bink, hi Thirza
Ai Austin: Hi folks
 Bink Draconia: hello ai
 Roland Francis looks around, senses no danger and puts away his bow
 Thirza Ember: wave to all, did everyone find the LM box? did you all get the LMs?
 Star Ravenhurst: I did
 Fitheach Eun: yes
 Thirza Ember: super, whenever you are ready, jump to Hobbiton
Ferd - or not Ferd?
The landing point at Hobbiton has a handy TP signboard to take you to the other regions in the Collection (there are six different themes) and you will also find a small market area appropriate avatars, if you're that way inclined. We nearly broke the chatbot when we arrived. Regions like this are not built with mass tourism in mind, much like the original Hobbiton set in NZ. Chatbots, animesh and NPCs bring so much life into regions, and they are always a feature of an Outworldz build. Beware the walking ent though - he may be Ferd in disguise... 
Elf: I like to talk to people, about all sorts of different things.
Ferd Frederix: Sorry, she's not used to so many people! This region and the other 5 Hobbit based regions are free OARS to DreamGrid owners. They were made by Darkness Papp, a UK Hobbit fan and  Great Bearded man.
Large hobbit house
Gandalf tour
There are rideable horses and even hogs at Hobbiton, if you're more laid back, you can take a tour with Gandalf in his cart, enjoy a turkey dinner, visit the beehives and the wood chopper, and admire the endless details. And that's just in the central village - only a part of the entire build.
If you're a Dreamgrid adopter you can download this and the other .oars and personalize to your heart's content in your own little world. 
If you don't know what Dreamgrid is, here's a good explanation by Ai Austin to get you started - and this is the Outworldz page, if you're ready to install it, Here is Ferd talking about Dreamgrid at the OSCC, and don't forget to join the Dreamgrid group on the social network MeWe - the best place to find very quick and complete tech help and moral support for all things Dreamgrid.
Meanwhile, back on our tour, Kelso got in a tangle with a hog that was  quite a sight to see! I think he won out in the end though.
Thirza Ember: did the build have all these details when you bought it, Ferd?
Ferd Frederix: Most of them. I replaced the buildings and added NPCS the farm and got rid of some Non-PG stuff.  Five people reworked the original build over 4 months, to redo it to be perfect.  Mostly details, and new buildings... Except when the NPCS walk into walls, of course! This is a more or less scale version of the restaurant at the New Zealand set
Star Ravenhurst: It is all amazing!
Ferd Frederix: It was built as there was not much at the set other than the watermill and the hobbiton doors. The interiors are all missing there. AI Austin went there a few years ago.
Ai Austin as a hobbit taking a well deserved break 
Ai Austin: Yep, been there. and had a drink with the hobbits
Ferd Frederix: Almost had to stay because corona
Roland Francis: so many NPC's and virtually no lag
Ai Austin: Some of the hobbit holes do actually go in a bit, But as you say, most are just frontages.  Looks great though
Ferd Frederix: If you can see, head out back  and then up hill. The hobbit holes here are very detailed.
Thirza Ember: let's go!
 It's a very walkable build, but you will also find teleport pads all over, and it's worth taking advantage of them because there are lots of extra parts of the region you may miss otherwise...
Ferd and Ai take a walk past Gollum 'the Cave' with Gollum and - oh gosh, is that a troll in the mist, and is that James boldly going where no man probably should?

There are dozens of other photo opportunities here, from dragons to bunnies to the dreaded Balrog. Hours of fun, art, entertainment, exploration and wonderment at the scripts, textures, mesh and other marvels. But wait, there's more! We just had time to take a glimpse at Rivendell, on of the other sims in the collections.
Lots of soaring architecture, flowing water and riven rocks, as one would expect - but also plenty of detail here, making the build feel lived in, yet plenty of room for the imagination.
Thirza Ember: thank you so much Ferd for sharing this bliss with us today... the amount of work your whole team has done here - Debbie and Joe and so on, just stunning
Fitheach Eun: It's gorgeous, Ferd
Tina Bey: hermoso lugar Thanks Ferd!! gracias
Contessa.Lacombe: This is a lovely build Ferd.
Alan Scot: great to see so many intersting NPCs and animesh
James Atlloud: I got to Harry's house - wow, I was ready to head to Mt. Doom! I got some ideas for my real-life home today! And a new hat!
Bink Draconia: yes, a wonderful virtual place here
Wizardoz Chrome: always a enchantment to visit Ferd's places :)
Ferd Frederix: Thank you.  Its a work we love.
Star Ravenhurst: Ferd is was so nice to finally meet you. Thank you for this visit.
Thirza Ember: who could not want their own Dreamgrid after seeing this
Star Ravenhurst: I actually have a dreamgrid I can't get to work any more
Ferd Frederix: Star, either join Mewe  or email me, I will get you fixed up.
Alan Scot: mewe is a must for Dreamgrid support. Once u do SMART START a region and see how it lets u have dozens of regions, there's no going back
Ferd Frederix: This is an expensive hobby, but it's worth it.  I recently bought lost world from Joe Builder, and Galaxy Wars, too. I am slowly going thru the oars and releasing many of them.
Bink Draconia: thanks for your invitation and tour, Ferd. it was great- and I will come back again next time - to see  more ^^

HG Address for The Hobbiton Collection
Then use the sign board to find your way to the other five wonderful sims.

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