Thursday, December 7, 2017

Safari Walks on Aire

Two francophone destinations you're going to love! The destination addresses are at the end of the post, as always.

This week we finally returned to Aire Mille Flux after almost three years, and it was well worth the wait to be able to meet up with Marc Moana aka Marc Blieux, on the welcome region of one of the finest art grids in all opensim. We sat on drawing pins and learned about the origins of this magnificent place.

Marc Moana: the story started 16 years ago, 2001 : I create my first 3D space with the software E-maginer Cryonetwoks (Scol technology), It was the first software to create his own universe 3D  It was not very advanced,  but a good start.
Mal Burns: when even SL was just a baby!
Juliette SurrealDreaming: i don't think sl was even a baby 16 years ago

Marc Moana: Then, I experienced Second Life We are a non profit organization, and it started on a very small field, where we presented artists. We were the first npo to settle on second life, and We have a real place in france. in 2007 we bought half of an island then an entire island which is called Ecologia Island, There were more and more artists, may be some known area city space in Second Life? Here are some pictures: in 2009 we left Second Life  because of the change of prices : This has been a very good thing, We are very happy to be here,  rather than on SL

George Equus: Not good for creativity to need to consider costs for everything you do...
Marc Moana: AREA thousand stream name it comes from a book de Félix Guattari a french intellectual
Thirza Ember: is there any other type of French man? I thought all were intellectuals...
Marc Moana: I tried to come here from the artists with whom we worked on SL
Dabici Straulino: tous français ?

Marc Moana: No There are artists from all over the world, Spain, Italy, Turkey
Betty Tureaud: Il vous en manque une de Danemark
Dabici Straulino: anyone from Canada ?
Marc Moana: Canada I do not know, because of the artists I know little about their life rl. may be you know Saskia Boddeke? She lives a amsterdam and makes digital creations everywhere in the world

Xirana Oximoxi: she has some works here too?
Marc Moana: on the sim The arrival,  It really is a beautiful creation, new creations will be installed the next years, and in January we will have a big competition. Are there questions?
Betty Tureaud: Yes, how do we get a sim
Marc Moana: It must be discussed with me :)
Xirana Oximoxi: il faudra revenir pour les nouvelles créations...we will have to come back :)
Dabici Straulino: is AIRE usually open to public or only occasionally?
Marc Moana: the grid is always open

Betty Tureaud: do you have a good back-up plan? OS is sometime broken.
Marc Moana: no we don't have problem with open sim
Thirza Ember: there is also a freebie shop, under the water, and if you make your draw distance high, you can see a lot of art from this region, on the adjoining sims, but, the visible regions are only a small part of Aire, at the landing point, are tps to many places.

Marc Moana: if you explore the different creations, don't forget your headphone because many are with sounds
Thirza Ember: I hope in january we can come to celebrate some of the art...the big problem, in opensim, is that 'famous' artists, they do not think there are sufficient people in opensim who can come to visit their art
Mal Burns: better to archive it here than continued expense of SL
Phred Resident: i am going to promenade for a bit
George Equus: You can spend week here...
Flidais Merlin: merci marc

Our second Destination was on the Belgian grid Logicamp, and it was brilliant!
Logicamp Immo is the grid owner here, and he has loads of fun regions on different themes, including a 'Castle of the Enigmas' but this visit, we went to see the Mars Society region. Oh and of course, there was dancing...

...around the edge of the dance floor there are dozens of pictures and portraits referencing the Mars Society of Belgium. These guys are deeply committed to the realization of a dream - a manned mission to Mars!
And in the meantime, the organization is all about exploring the possibilities, risks, technical challenges and research that need will be necessary for manned Mars missions.

As well as dancing and learning about Mars on Logicamp, you can take a trip on the Space Shuttle.
The craft is accessed via an elevator that takes you up to a passenger compartment with room for six asttronauts

 ...and indeed if you were dancing before, there's a good chance you'll still be dancing on the deck... Dabici Straulino begun the dancing shuttle trend and pretty soon it seemed like we were all catching, sitting or not.
After some out of the stratospheric acrobatics, you'll arrive at the Space Station...
... time to hop out...

 ... and walk down the corridor, like Logi, Lucy and Phred in these pictures...
  .... then you'll come to the parachute jump. It is a long way down...
 will you be brave enough to take a leap of faith?

What a great way to come down to earth!

HG Addresses

Aire Mille Flux                     
The Mars Society on Logicamp

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