Saturday, December 16, 2017

HIE is today!

The Hypergrid International Expo is today!
The address is
This multi language conference begins at 9.00am SLT, 18.00 CET (that's the time in Paris, Berlin and Rome, if you're wondering). 
The event is on Craft Grid, courtesy of Licu Rau. 
You can see the program of events on our website (courtesy Phaandor Pertwee) at 
The Auditorium build is by Mal Burns, with beautiful design details by Arielle Delamerlibre.

The Moderators for this event are Cheops Forlife, Tosha Tyran, Loru Destiny and myself, and along with xSiberiax Ilfreddupurifica, they've all done so much work to make this event happen - thank you!

Our 'subtitle' staff include Dabici Straulino, Lux Tergeste, Xirana Oximoxi, Bink Draconia, and Juliette Surrealdreaming, and we thank them in advance!
The event begins with 2 hours of talks in German, about technical, historical, and artistic subjects.Then, there is a one hour break, from 11 am to noon, SLT, that's 20.00-21.00 CET. There will be music by DJ Fire on the Welcome sim, HIEexpo during the break. 
At 12.00pm SLT, that's 21.00 CET, we begin again with talks in Spanish, then French, and finally a concert with the great German Blues guitarist, Wolem Wobbit.
French, German and Spanish?   If you don't speak these languages, that's OK! we are providing some translations in special Inworld Groups, so you can listen to the talks, but also read the 'subtitles' and look at the many slides and objects the speakers will be showing us.
 Please join the Language groups when you land on our Welcome sim. You will see five brightly colored posters under brightly colored trees, one for each of the groups, HIE Espanol, HIE Deutsch, HIE Francais, HIE Italiano and of course, HIE English.
There is also an extensive range of booths on the Auditorium regions, these showcase events, regions, grids, blogs, and projects by a wide range of people active in opensim. 
The booths have websites, landmarks, and lots of freebies for you to collect and enjoy. There is so much creativity in opensim, it's always exciting to learn about what other people are striving to achieve! 

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