Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Jewels in the Crown

HGLuv and Creanovale were the diamond destinations for this the 170th weekly Safari trip. Both gorgeous, both worth your time, and oth HG Addresses at the end of the post.
Hyacinth Jewell
Hyacinth Jewell is at the heart of HGLuv. Hya and some of the Luv regulars were waiting for us on Luv Plaza, the Welcome sim and a brilliant sampler of the regions you can visit here.

hicks adder: {fr>en} welcome on our humble grid
Dabici Straulino: Lovely athletic frog
Hyacinth Jewell: I love those.  We have them all over the grid in random places. :)
Dabici Straulino: In which grid are we ?
Hyacinth Jewell: HG Luv
ridgid bender: i like the name!
Hyacinth Jewell: Well CPU is at 300%   but I am holding up ok.  It's actually doing well.  It spikes and slowly goes back down.   The server is coping.  *knock on wood*. Welcome everyone that I have missed. If anyone is interested.   I have built a translator into chat.
plume dream: {fr>en} it functions marvelously well
 Hyacinth Jewell: Thank you. To activate..  type   tr>en>fr    for example to translate from  english to french It still needs a lot of work.  It only translates what you say, not what others say, that's coming.
Loru Destiny: ui that's very interesting
George Equus: Sound like something from a kitchen in French  :): Works well
Thirza Ember: Hyacinth, thank you for inviting us... can you tell us something about the history of this grid, and its residents?
Hyacinth Jewell: HGluv has been online for 6 months.   We have started off as only for development and a few builders to have a safe quiet space. It has grown in recent months.  It is why we look a little different from most grids. We have arrange a series of displays and teleport gates along the circular path, that can take you to some of the attractions on our grid.   I really hope you enjoy your visit.   We have some wonderful, talented builders here. :)
Larysa.Firehawk: when did the Simulators get the nifty animated trees?
Thirza Ember: what is the best part of having your own grid, Hya? and the worst?
Hyacinth Jewell: The best is the freedom.  I can write software, and have control of the environment, see what is happening...The worst, is seeing what is happening.  like now.   lol
hicks adder: I'm the worst
Hyacinth Jewell: But on other grids, building, scripting..  the grid part is always a mystery and can drive you crazy sometimes. :)
Lucy Afarensis: We are a friendly dos attack
Hyacinth Jewell: No!  This is good!   I am very relieved actually!
Luv Plaza contains many of these gems, hinting at the regions they represent. Use the Tps to visit the regions.
  Thirza Ember: so, if you don't want to walk, please, Cam around the circle... you will see a little piece of the many regions on HGLUV grid
Plume's portal
Hyacinth Jewell: Plume is our rock star!   I hope you will all visit her region "Plume Dreams"   it is GORGEOUS!
plume dream: blush
Art Blue: I go to plume
    Here is a little picture of part of Plume's home for free electrons...
Plume Dreams

Thirza Ember: how many residents here Hya?
Hyacinth Jewell: Oh, France has a large population here..  USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand. A lot of our residents just kind of wandered in.    Many came from SL
Thirza Ember: It must be a challenge to have residents who are online from all over the world... makes your job a 24/7 one!
Hyacinth Jewell: It makes it really fun and interesting.  And I am learning a lot.
hicks adder: hyacinth  never sleeping, always at work
Hyacinth Jewell: Sleep is for quitters!!  haha
Lucy Afarensis:  can people attach regions to your grid?
Hyacinth Jewell: Yes!   I added that capability recently. It is not quite like OSgrid..  But you can add and host your own region, with a little coordination and discussion first. I added a feature to OpenSim that provides a list of approved region UUID's and locations on the map so you can arrange ahead of time to connect to the grid.
Dabici Straulino: what is your bandwidth Hya ?
Hyacinth Jewell: This grid is running on 4 cloud servers at    they are pretty inexpensive...  and our main server survived the past hour,   hehe So it is a good solution for a small grid I think. I like cloud servers because you can be nimble and move them around as needed. Like I did for this tour.
Belovan Zuta: Hy is the glue that holds us all together :-)
George Equus: 26 here now and performing fine
Larysa Firehawk: Thank you Hyacinth for inviting us to your party.
Luv Plaza has some fun freebies for you
Belovan Zuta: Come back anytime Larysa
Dabici Straulino: I will come back and take the time to visit, I went to Plume already and there is a lot to see there
Hyacinth Jewell: Yes, isn't it amazing!
Juliette. SurrealDreaming: yes Plume is very sweet
Hyacinth Jewell: When they built it I thought they crashed the server..  I went to investigate and OMG!   Like elves built a whole world overnight!   It was amazing...  makes this worth the hard work..  a surprise every day! :)
Loru.Destiny: Bed is calling, thank you for showing that fantastic grid :-) have a good night to all :-))
Hyacinth Jewell: And during the visit, I had a few questions about some of the content here..  whether it is pirated or not.   The truth is.  I do not know.   I actually welcome content creators to come, and lay down the law if they do not wish their things to be shared.
Belovan Zuta: I came to build :-)
Hyacinth Jewell: Most of our residents are coming from SL or other commercial grids.
hicks adder: {fr>en} J followed Hyacinthe when it opened the grid
hicks adder
Hyacinth Jewell: I thought we would all be dead by now.  haha
Foxxe Wilder: nope, not dead yet, although Hicks does look a little thin.
George.Equus: Hya, this region is doing pretty well considering all visitors pouring in
hicks adder: nous somme tous eparpill├ęs sur des  petites iles
Thirza Ember: hicks makes it all sound so much more sexy
Hyacinth Jewell: Yeah a few scary moments but it bounces right back.
hicks adder: l hypergrid relie toutes ces iles
Hyacinth Jewell: Oh you should see Hicks with the Brasilian ladies..  They love him!   haha
George Equus: Hicks could use a good Christmas dinner...
 hicks adder: i m ready for next halloween
hicks adder: i m look like Abraham Lincoln
Thirza Ember: how do you keep your bones so white, Hicks? Colgate?
 hicks adder: yes
Thirza Ember: good for reading in bed.... you don't need a light
plume dream: {fr>en} he makes his toilet with the sodium bicarbonate
Dabici Straulino: Thanks, I will come back to visit
Belovan Zuta: Thank you for coming!  Come back for a visit soon
hicks adder: merci, return to visit to us again
hicks adder: {fr>en} always pleasant to cross French-speaking people of the whole world

Juliette.SurrealDreaming: Thank you for having us!
George Equus: You can sleep well Hya, this went very well
Lucy Afarensis: Thank you Hyacinth this is amazing !
Frank Gresham: Best region performance under a HGsafari load I have seen in a while.
Hyacinth Jewell: Wow thank you!   That is so nice to hear!
hicks adder: {fr>en} thanks every one great experiment
Hyacinth Jewell: Really, it is the residents that made the grid. I just keep it running and not blowing up :)
Thirza Ember: ... to all the friends of Hyacinth who came today a big THANK YOU.... you made it a great party for the safari... we appreciate it
Belovan Zuta: We are all a team.  That makes it all work  :-)
Hyacinth Jewell: Have a great time at the next spot!   Thank you all so much for coming!  This was amazing!... wow the server is right back to normal!  ... I don't think I will need to restart even.
Belovan Zuta: Love it :-)

        Our second Destination was on Creanovale. Dabici and Kelso were on hand to welcome us back to the grid.
 Dabici Straulino: I would like to give a few words and some indication to enjoy your visit Novale is a 3x3 var region.  It is a seasonal region changing 4 times a year according to our seasons in Quebec.  Kelso and I are the owner of CreaNovale grid. Novale changes 4 times a year, so we had the 4th dimension to our 3D environment. Novale -Winter is the 1st season we built, we had something new each winter.

Dabici Straulino: Kelso and I are life partners here and in RL, We have the pleasure of having very complementary skills. He is the scripter, bringing things alive
George Equus: Just noticed, he is HUGE... Santa, not Kelso
Kelso Uxlay: hihi ... Dabici Straulino and myself are delighted to receive so many distinguished visitors.
 Dabici Straulino: new habitats such as the arctic, the fishing lodge, the new Advent Calender at the market
Kelso Uxlay: also Elf hunting

Dabici Straulino: there are many winter sport to try: skating, ski -both downhill and country- toboggan, snow saucer
Kelso Uxlay: and try the chairlift
Dabici Straulino: each week of advent we set a new avatar elf for hunting.

Kelso Uxlay shouts: I am proudly introducing today two new sleigh rides pulled by NPC horses.  You will be the very first to try them beside me and Dabici.
Dabici Straulino: a special welcome also to Truelie ad Val who will sing for us at the dancing on ice stage later on.
Kelso Uxlay shouts: Welcome to you all, dear hypergridders!
Flidais.Merlin: - very cool - there is lots of great stuff here - way too much for one visit!
       Apparently, the NPC horse has a habit of sitting down on the sleigh once in a while, didn't do it during our visit which was almost a shame, it would have been fun to see. But look at the realism of this sleigh ride through the deep drifts.. is fun to ski, but also to watch the really masterful skiing skills of kelso, as he swishes around the regions like a pro...
 ... and there is even the opportunity for a midwinter dip in the pond...
 ... but in the end the sleigh as the outstanding feature of this year's Novale build. And yes, that is Optimus Prime, riding behind Santa.
 ...and then it was time for some dancing, with opensim's supreme songstress, Truelie Telling, and her fantastic band, who brought us covers as well as original number and a great percussion sound that made everyone feel that 'tis the season! 
 George Equus: Dabici and Kelso, fantastic builds here, subtle details making it very realistic! Not a hiccup as far as I am concerned. Thanks for showing this. And then The Pixel Chicks on top ...
Mykos Grayman: is this a live singer?
George Equus: two even  :)
Dabici Straulino: yes we have Truellie and her band
Truelie Telling: yes it is... there are two of us trading off
Dabici Straulino: we are so glad to have them along with us for solstice !
Kelso Uxlay: Vive les Pixels Chick!
The Pixel Chicks
Dabici Straulino: do not hesitate to explore the palette of NPC partners, Phred.
Thirza.Ember: nice cookie partners... how many calories?
Kelso Uxlay: zero calories, beside we burn them by dancing
Phred: yes but think of the crumbs in the bed
Dabici Straulino: I tried to fill the dance ball with dancing partners that fit the season
 What a fun, sparkly, spectacular trip, thank you all!
HG Addresses
HGLuv Welcome area      Plaza
Creanovale  Winter sports

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  1. Great Pics and videos Thirza, thank you again for all your work in supporting Saffari and for having you agin this winter at Novale