Thursday, December 28, 2017

2018 Safari Calendars

            This year, there are two Safari Calendars.
             As always, the calendar features many of the people and places who have made the past year so varied and vivid. From Furries and Burlesque, to literature and fine art, to racing and relaxing beaches, this past year has certainly proved that OpenSim is full of wide open spaces, and lots of friends too.
            Both calendars are available inworld as free, full permission items, at the safari clubhouse.  and they'll be available at other venues over coming days.

You can also buy a real world version of both on  if you are so inclined, then you can feel like you are inworld even when your internet goes wonky.
The Women of Opensim                                     The Men of Opensim
           The calendars inworld come complete with the Landmarks for all the destinations photographed, so you can go and visit the lovely and in some cases little known corners of opensim. Inevitably, there are more destinations and more intrepid grid jumpers than there are months in the year, so all our models consider themselves representatives of the wider world of interlocking grids.
           A big thanks to all the models for their time and patience and trust. I leave it to you to pick up the calendar and see if you can identify all the victims...


  1. Great post; so glad you enjoyed the River, and what a lovely write-up! Thanks for it!

    1. (oops, this somehow ended up on the wrong posting; sorry!)