Thursday, November 30, 2017

Safari Struts its Stuff

           PC - that's the things you know the Safari can generate... Party and Crashing!
          This week, two eminently visitable destinations,  on nestlife-world, and on Counter Earth grid, HG addresses at the end of the post as usual.

          First, we were treated to a re run of the Fashion Show on Loru Castle. It was a great event, with about 32 people present, from a dozen different grids.
          Nextlife-world, owned by Achim and Dina Twisterling, is not a huge grid but it held up very well to our arrival on the glorious Loru Castle region,  home of the Queen of the Evening, Loru Destiny.

Loru. Destiny: Tron built the castle and I did the parks and landscaping

               Spike Sol gave an English language commentary which was hilarious and very imaginative, minutely explaining the origins of the fabric used in the clothes, with references to dresses with wrinkle-free fabric, textiles made in a senior citizen monastery, and many more fine little details that brought the whole show to life above and beyond the girls strutting their stuff.
Spike, the ultimate multi-tasker

 You can hear the whole talk on spike's website.

The show was split into themed sections, like beachwear and evening wear, so there was something for everyone on the catwalk. It was fun to cam into the dressing room, and see all the ladies gathered in their finery...
...Loru's angels were Kiki Baily, Bink Draconia, Mackenzie Bink, Lynn Shavana, Lucas Greymoon, Spike Sol, Susan Vogue, Icelady Pearl, and possibly more I missed...

...such a bevy of beauties, I may have been too mesmerized by the jiggling busts, the fetching poses, and the glorious clothes, to catch all the names.
Sylvia Koeln: Wonderful Work........Loru
George Equus: and lag was négligé able
Achim Twisterling: Loru, Spike and the models you have made it just great thanks to you

After the show, there was dancing! Some in the pool, and some more orthodox behaviour...

         Last Saturday, after the official Fashion Show, people were able to vote for their favorite dress, and the results are on show on the dance floor terrace, so be sure to check that out too.
Before long, it was time to head out to our second destination. At least, some of us headed out....
Phred Resident: truly a memorable experience
Sunshine Szavanna: ty all what an amazing time
George Equus: And a really nice region
Spike Sol: Thirza, I'm staying here today. I still have to wipe through this wet.
Loru Destiny: thank you all have a nice evening and was great to have you here :-))

Our next stop was due to be on Counter Earth.

          This Gorean themed grid is undergoing a boom of creativity, with many regions themed around the novels of John Norman.
          Grid owner Havoc Rau and Kindra Turian as well as many of the local residents took time out of their busy day to meet us on Sardar Field, from which we were due to visit an impressive number of regions, some we've been to see on and earlier Safari and some that were new to us.

The itinerary included  a whopping total of nine Gorean cities to visit, featuring landscapes as diverse as desert citadels to woodland settlements.

Try as we might, however, we weren't able to overcome some slight hitch in compatibility, and while about 6 of us got to Counter Earth, only a couple were able to make it to the tour destinations.

Not surprisingly, one of the successful ones was Phred Resident, and he took these pictures on Tabuk's Ford, where the racing Sleens can be found.

If you want to take the tour, I have left the Counter Earth notecard in the Landmark giver on hgsafari region, Francogrid, and at our clubhouse on Teravus Plaza, OSGrid, so you can go around and see these magnificent destinations yourself.
Those who couldn't make it went to dance on HG Safari region, where, on the dance floor behind the mountain, you will find a display that gives the highlights of the upcoming OSCC conference, as well as the full program of the 4 language HIE conference, both coming up in December

HG Addresses
Loru Castle fashion and art                castle
Counter Earth Landing Point             field
INfo about OSCC and HIE conferences     hg/

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