Thursday, November 16, 2017

An Undead Safari

        It was a scripting, dancing, shooting and scoring Safari this week. Our first destination didn't quite work out (more about that wonderful place in a future post) but Thai Low, owner of Endivatomic Grid, welcomed us over to his new region EZombie slightly earlier than usual, for a festive load test and general giggle.  The HG Address to this highly visitable region is at the end of the post.

        Ezombie region on Endivatomic Grid is a  first person shooter game set in a landscape of tunnels, streams, lawns, and cliffs.  You get a choice from half a dozen weapons at the beginning of the game, and there are 'go faster' bottles, first aid kits, and other bombs and gems that can help your score.  It's a work in progress, by Thai Low - definitely more progress than not. With about 15 of us on the region, those who chose to play had no problems moving about, there was no chat lag or difficulty dancing. 

Music was by Wjfire and Eva Flame, a great mix of upbeat dance stuff, horror movie memes, and ... ballroom music? What a great sound track to the event!

Ange Menges: Hey everyone
Thai Low: OMG u all arrived so fast that i did not see most of you
Wizardoz Chrome: ( what a delightful place :) and what attractive waiters :) )

Thai Low: Who already got inside? You must first select a gun on entry area, then u get tp inside the arena and then set mouselook
Christine Endivatomic: and then RUNNNN
Phred Resident: hm won't get me mouselook 
Thai Low: if you use firestorm, you can activate the camera control and activate mouselook from there
Yara (center) split her time between zombie killing and dancing, with great success!

          Doing my usual sweep of likely places where Lost Safariens might be lurking, I came across Art Blue, who couldn't get onto the region. But many were pleasantly surprised how easy it was to reach Endivatomic.
Brian: I can get here from my home grid no problem
Thai Low: I must wait Arena it is empty to reduce zombie number or we must go to kill more of them
Franziska Bossi: hihi cool game
Thai Low: Franzi, did u had troubles with mouselook?
Franziska Bossi: nope, works perfect for me
Thai Low: okkey, did u kill some?
Franziska Bossi: yes allot
Phred Resident: Me and Yara really did well that time :)  protip - stay behind Yara
Don't mess with snowbody. 

Thai Low: OMG, looking in the radar the list it is crazy
Flidais Merlin: its full with zombies;-)
Thai Low: i had to reset the game to let new people come into region
Phred Resident: my hud stopped counting after 1 zombie
Thirza Ember: maybe you killed one, and only insulted the others, Phred
Phred Resident: well on the good side the life stayed at 100 up until i died, it seemed a large pistol, maybe not large enough... I shoot till they disappear and still no points ...yayy, detached the hud and this time it counted !
Phred on the run

Thirza Ember: how was the idea for this Region born? Bad dream?
Thai Low: Nearly! i was trying to do a new zombie game, then i started to be bored about usual scripts and the related lag
Thai Low

Thai Low: but is Snow still inside?
Phred Resident: probably one of the attackers by now
Thai Low: LOOOLL i wonder how may points is making Snow,  I worry about my record
Thirza Ember: wow i just saw Thai's score on the board!. Who was the model for the Zombie?
Thai Low: One it's me. Some are me & chris, but after being without food for a month... the Endivatomic diet! it gives results - they are all really thin.
Arielle Delamerlibre: yayyy I made it at first I got sorry region full... you will not believe but last night I had a zombie dream! I climbed up a ladder and the zombies followed me, then I climbed down at the backside of the ladder and the zombies are too silly to realize.. but I felt much fear!
Arielle the Zombie dreamer

Phred Resident: maybe someone can explain to me, why when you zoom the camera, it seems to cause a local wind... thuja in SL has perpetual motion without scripts, maybe this wind effect could be exploited too
Thai Low: Maybe u move too fast Pherd! LOOOOOLL
snowbody cortes: there seems a delay before some of the 'dead' zombies disappear
Thai Low: :( yes, i noticed
Phred Resident: but no delay when they appear behind you
Thai Low: i like when they jump from rocks over you
Phred Resident: where do we get these bombs
Thai Low: they come out randomly, like the bottles - did u like the drinks?
Thirza Ember: The bottles are great.  I got a bit lost, at one point, I was running an I saw many zombies ahead of me    then I thought, that's strange, they are dancing, and then I realized it was all of you
Christine Endivatomic: LOL Thirza
Thai Low: i'm just sad that no one appreciate the poor skeleton alone, on the sunset
Thirza Ember: if he had some Spare Ribs and some Barbecue sauce, he would have more friends
The scoreboard
Phred Resident: they ganged up on me, must be my aftershave
Thai Low: they become more clever than i though     i worry they will soon come out and run free on all grid. Earlier you asked me, why we decided to do this game, right? The truth is, we loved outbreak in OSGrid and we wanted one here too, with different ambient and possibly less lag, so we started study about how to have many zombies (up to 100) in a 3d place.
Phred Resident: what kind of server does it take for low lag?
Thai Low: it's not the server, we get less lag (i hope) because we did not used scripts. We did a module (for programmers "modInvoke" functions) directly in opensim. On Outbreak, I think they had a great idea: to use visitors as new zombie
Snowbody working on Zombie Control

Phred Resident: so the zombies have scripts that invoke modules on the server?
Thai Low: no, no script at all, the only script here is the point panel panel  When you click a gun, the system brings u inside and starts to manage all, even when u fire, it is the server to see if u shot in right place or not, to avoid cheating. 
snowbody Cortes : eheheh
Thai Low: New recorddd!!
alex54 Salamander: thanks for the nice game here, we have to go  Good night
Yara Eilde: Good night And thank you for the nice zombies
HG Address
Ezombie game

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