Friday, November 24, 2017

Loru Destiny Fashion Show

Tomorrow at about 9.30 am SLT, 18.30 Central European time, Loru and Art Destiny are holding a  Fashion event, compered by Spike Sol, on Nextlife-world grid, owned by Achim and Dina Twisterling. 
The HG Address of the event is castle

The gala will be held in the grounds of Loru Castle, a beautiful recreation of a real-world small German castle.

         It's a gem of a schloss,  really a summer pavilion from the 1600s, with lots of photo realistic textures...

... and lovely renaissance gardens.
Model Kiki Baily

           The Show will feature the fashion of Loru Destiny, with lots of evening wear, both elegant and sexy. featuring  classic prim and baked work...
Model Bink Draconia

... perfect for hypergridding around the metaverse, where pesky mesh dresses sometimes fail to gridjump with you!
          Are you  a mesh lover?
          Don't worry, there are a good sprinkling of mesh dresses among the collection, which will be available for free, inside the pavilion, after the show.

           This fashion show is another great example of the cooperation and comradeship between the many small German Grids.
There's recently been an  'DJ contest' - just for fun - that has brought the party crowd on a tour of the worlds, over several weeks.
           This summer, the grids got together to hold a fair where about eleven such grids were able to participate with booths and fabulous themed dance parties over a two week period, and last February, the German grids were enthusiastic participants in the annual Cornflakes Week festivities  - you can  see the video of those events by clicking on this link .
         Loru's fellow models - Kiki Baily, Bink Draconia, Icelady Pearl, and Spike Sol - all have grids of their own, but that independence doesn't lead to isolation - far from it.
It's the true hypergrid spirit of friendly independence, long may it continue.
Center - Loru Destiny, Designer and Model

Loru Destiny: we don't do this for the applause, but we want everyone to have a good time, and have fun. everyone has knowledge and skills and it's a pleasure to do things, no drama, all want to entertain and do our best.

            Loru's husband Art Destiny is a digital artist (the shirt he's wearing in the photo is an example of what he does) and he is also the man behind the creation of the pavilion.  A safari trip to see more of Art's  is scheduled for January, so don't miss that!
           To see a special preview of Saturday's Fashion show, and to hear an interview with both Loru and Art Destiny, watch this episode of Mal Burns' Inworld Review.

             Spike Sol is the compere of the event and has written a witty script that goes with the show. The participants int he event are of course mostly from the German grids, but don't worry if you don't know German, Spike has provided a translation of the commentary at this webpage so click on that link, and you too can laugh at all the jokes!
             This is going to be a fun event, and after the catwalking, the compering, the shopping and the admiring of the castle, I'm sure there will be plenty of time for partying... quite possibly in the pool.
             See you there!
HG Address castle

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