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Safari goes to Dallas

           On November 22, 1963, shots rang out in Dealey Plaza. President John F Kennedy was assassinated, and for many, it seemed the world had changed forever. To mark the anniversary of this event, the Safari visited AAcme Fall's remarkable reconstruction of the Plaza, on 3rdlife grid, to experience this world-famous place and time, and to learn more from AAcme, a recognized authority on the event.
           This is the second of two posts about HG Safari 166. 
           The HG Address for this wonderful place - a must-see in opensim - is at the end of the post.

JFK Memorial in Dealy Plaza
           Looking sophisticated in her Secret Service sunglasses was AAcme's wife Sunbeam Magic, waiting for us at the arrival point.

AAcme Fall: Hello everyone and welcome
DJTommy Seetan: I hope its not time for the train to go through
Daisy Coronet: Hello everybody
Sunbeam Magic: Most of you know that 54 years ago today at 12:30 the 35th President of the United States was assassinated in Dallas Texas.  John F Kennedy was the youngest President ever. He was also a Peace maker and settled the Cuban and Russian Bay of Pigs peacefully.
Juliette SurrealDreaming: i came home from kindergarten and couldn't watch cartoons    all i saw was that film clip    my mom and a neighbor lady crying at the front door - very confusing.

Sunbeam Magic: JFK also loved the Space industry and was responsible for the Landing on the Moon. He also said of the most repeated quotes about Freedom and love of country. The Billboards (signs) here will take you different websites of JFK fame and the large picture at the end shows you how Dealey Plaza looked during assassination and highlights different key points. AAcme has been a JFK fan for many years
AAcme Fall: Please consider joining my JFK forum here
AAcme Fall

Sunbeam Magic: Everything built here is to scale, the buildings are facades except for the Texas School Book Depository
Thirza Ember: wow this really brings it to life
Sunbeam Magic: if you look up at the window on the 6th floor (it is glowing) that is the snipers nest where Lee Harvey Oswald shot the President
Phred Resident: allegedly
Sunbeam Magic: lol Phred - we believe Lee Oswald was a lone shooter.
Thirza Ember:  IDK...Mal looks a bit suspicious, I think he may know more than he is saying.
Unknown UserUMMAU42: wasn't the car a 4-seater?
 AAcme Fall: The car had 3 rows of seats
Thirza Ember: was it a special car?
AAcme Fall: Yes it was built by Hess especially for POTUS.. this one is the best I have found .
Phred Resident: didnt an astrologer warn him about texas?
AAcme Fall: Jean Dixon did
Thirza Ember: so, you think the many conspiracy theories are not true why do you think oswald did it?
AAcme Fall: His motive is not known to any certainty
Lucy Afarensis: It was really the smoking man from x files
Sunbeam Magic: I think it was for fame
Juliette SurrealDreaming: lol Lucy
AAcme Fall: A rather mundane story of a man rejected by his wife   imo

          We stood on the Grassy Knoll - quite an amazing experience, this historical tourism without having to leave the comfort of your own home. 
            Even if, like me, JFK was before your time, the idea of his life, death, and legacy are so intriguing, they have influenced global culture through films and TV, through politics and language, in an enduring way. To stand inside a reconstruction of such an important event is a rare treat, you should definitely do this.
         We moved on to the Texas School Book Building. Local resident Lion Ewry was dressed as a turkey, for obvious reasons.
 Lion Ewry: I want to deposit a book
 Daisy Coronet: I think this is amazing
          The tp system inside the Depository takes you to different areas of the building, like the roof, the Lunch Room, where Oswald may have hidden hid the weapon...

....and the Sniper's Nest.
Sunbeam Magic: The gun was mail order bought and only costed 19 00 with a scope
Thirza Ember: AAcme how long did it take you to make this build
AAcme Fall: It's been about 3 years off and on
Xirana Oximoxi: wow!
Sunbeam Magic: He actually got the blueprints from a friend in Dallas. Plus he has been mentioned in about 3 books written on the subject.
Thirza Ember: did constructing this model change any of your previous ideas?
AAcme Fall: Yes the build did change my opinion somewhat - the trip from here to 2nd floor is very quick

Sunbeam Magic: he got to lunch room in 1 and 1/2 minutes after shooting... this build helped others do the walk and see the actual time setting
AAcme Fall: we can walk down and do a time trial from here
Daisy Coronet: was that to be his alibi? was someone there in the lunch room who saw him?
Unknown UserUMMAU42: the car looks so far away from here!
Sunbeam Magic: It's 88 yards Beth
Thirza Ember: so was AAcme a Kennedy fan before you met him, Sunny?
Sunbeam Magic: we lived in Dallas in the 80's and he become obsessed then lol
It certainly gets you thinking, to be in this building.
We ended our trip on the rooftop... not of the Depository, but a building nearby...

...where we watched this fascinating short film that calls into question the 'magic bullet' theory, one of the cornerstones to all JFK conspiracy theories. Here it is. 
The film was followed by some dancing to the DJ stylings of the legendary Tommy Seetan, 3rdLifegrid music guru and all round good guy. I can't lie, there was some teasing going on between the tunes...
Lion Ewry: Amazing Job Dude
Phred Resident: shouldn't there be someone hiding behind a grassy knoll?
Jessie Campbell : so who and how many did it AAcme?

Sunbeam Magic: AAcme has made over 300 videos  there's the the link to see more later
Sunshine Szavanna: wow really
Sunbeam Magic: yes really lol a picture is worth a 1000 words so they say
Art Blue: thank you for sharing your passion
Lucy Afarensis: Very impressive
Juliette SurrealDreaming: Yes, it was very well done!

HG Address

JFK Assassination reconstruction inc

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful write up Thirza! AAcme and I enjoyed showing the Safari group this true to life virtual build! and sincerely hope everyone had a enlightening experience. HUGS ♥