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All the Fun of the Fair

lifted.pixel: I am already enjoying this corn cob 

You're still in time! Just two weeks before OpensimFest begins, and there are still a few FREE parcels of land available, where you can show off your creativity, get publicity for your region, grid, products, or group. Don't miss out, go to and get the ball rolling by registering today!

This week the extraordinary Jessica Pixel filmed our adventures, so watch that, if reading is not your thing. Click here to watch it on Youtube

This week's Safari was to Cuteulala Artis' sims on Winxtropia, and then to the OpensimFest grid to catch up with Fest coordinator Shelenn Ayres. HG Addresses, as always at the end of the post, and this time let's mix it up by telling about destination two first.
We met up with Shelenn on Zen, one of the regions of Opensimfest grid that is closest to being finished - only about two weeks are left, so everyone is in the final rush before testing and checking leading up to the Opening, on July 8th.
Thirza Ember: First question, Shelenn - Opensimfest - what made you take it on?
Shelenn Ayres: because it was missed in 2021 and we were asked to help. Its a great community event and I wanted as always to help community.
Thirza Ember:  it's a huge undertaking
Shelenn Ayres: it is! We are here on the Zen region, a place to be calm and enjoy some meditation. To the right is tai chi, forward is yoga, to the right of that is a meditation zen garden with inspiration stones
Thirza Ember:  did you design the grid yourself?
Shelenn Ayres: yes
Thirza Ember: we have with us Chip, Max, Eden, and Harthelie from Ignis, a French speaking grid. and that raises the question, do you have a setup for international opensimmers? like having the sign-up instructions not just in English? Or is that something that might come next year, say. The language barrier can be daunting
Shelenn Ayres: maybe next year we can have more multilingual support

Thirza Ember: so on this region everyone is invisible here until you come into the parcel? and people cannot tp you in?
Shelenn Ayres: yes, to give privacy while meditating
Nebby Newman: I'm doing AIR YOGA!
Thirza Ember: I have a photo of Frank with his leg in the air I can die happy now
We moved on to the Event area. It's four regions joined together, with a sound stage in the center, so the lag generated by the audience can be shared between four regions. The stage is framed by dance floors,  glass pyramids and on the outer edges by Sponsor builds like that of Luna Lunaria, OpenSimWorld, Wolf Territories, and the Museo del Metaverso, to name just four.

Shelenn Ayres: so this is still a work in progress, like most of the grid. I added Louvre inspired glass pyramids to honor Aine [Caoimhe] and her dancer statues. In the middle of those is where the events each weekend will be. Anyone wants a copy of the dancers I have them, by the way,  she shared them freely.
Nebby Newman: I like how these parcels flow to each other, even though they are individual
Shelenn Ayres: right, its the layout that matters - designed for low lag too. 
Thirza Ember: Mal is going to have a studio and hopes to broadcast Inworld Review from here during the festival
Nebby.Newman: sweet!
Shelenn Ayres: there are sponsors in Welcome and HG Welcome regions and Zen and VIP regions and there are four full region sponsors as well. Free parcels are located in Oxygen, Fluorine, Chlorine, Quantion, and Sulfur regions and possibly a new one called Unobtanium. It's about the chemistry of community. We have many free parcels available so tell your friends! get your own! we have 8 days to build, and 17 days to celebrate in July - around 90 or more performers every 3 day weekend for three weekends

Nebby Newman: I gotta get crackin' to finish mine Is it true we gonna get INSPECTED?!!
Banker Ibor: for script using for lag mainly and copybotted stuff lmao
Nebby Newman oh, ok <whew>
Thirza Ember: how long was the planning of all this Shelenn? you must have put in 100s of hours already
Shelenn Ayres: far more than that haha - planning started in February, we set policies, did r&d then opened for builds in June

Nebby Newman: will you advertise in various grids to let them know about OS Fest when it opens?
Thirza Ember: yes, good question nebby, you think inworld ads are important? 
Nebby Newman: yes. I didn't know about this until this year. 
Shelenn Ayres: pushing social media, fb, twitter, blog
Frank Gresham: MeWe Groups; hypergrid business
Thirza Ember: yes, but so many people in opensim HATE social media and don't have it, or at least don't have it for their avatar
Shelenn Ayres: so its up to you all to get the word to your grids
Thirza Ember: inworld groups is a good idea I'm sure we can put the word out a bit more inworld. For the poster, the Logo is on the website, that's the best poster you can have
Shelenn Ayres: Calli from Utopia Skye Grid did the logo graphics, before we stepped in
Nebby.Newman: I made a poster for OS Fest to put in my region. I'm rarely in fb or discord or mewe. I go to Discord once in a while to see if there are OSF updates there
Shelenn Ayres: lots of spaces to get~  - on that sheet you  can see who is where.
Frank Gresham: Some signs a busy places in osgrid like LBSA Plaza and Event Plaza? 
On the Safari bit of Event2, OSFest grid
So there it is. If you are reading this, and you belong to an inworld group, consider posting about OpensimFest. This is an opportunity to make your voice heard, your creativity known, and to meet up with all the crazy funny interesting people in Opensim. That link again,

Before we got to the fest, we went to the fair  the funfair in this case, or Theme Park to be precise, on Winxtropia grid. There is something so blissful about the grid and its inhabitants that you just feel any stress or strain melt away when you arrive. 
Cutelala Artis is recognized everywhere on Opensim for her amazing builds, some of which she gives away, and some of which she sells for a very modest sum, considering the amount of time and talent that have gone into them. I was a bit starstruck - got to admit it. Along with fellow residents Yumyum Kkomani,  Boujee GamerGirl and Farstar Enoch, Cute welcomed us to Gardenia Town firstly, a spectacular cityscape where everything is in movement. Yet nothing feels laggy!  Many people 'Safari up' their sim for our visit, but this was the first time I saw a fountain with the familiar giraffy skin. Subtle but beautiful, which in a way sums up this super creative place and its people. So of course we asked her about her story.
Cutelala Artis: Well I started in Second Life, and it was great, I learned how to build things in a Sandbox and then took a liking to coding. I met some good people in my stay like Takni Miklos - she taught me everything I know today. 
lifted pixel: aah one of the best Second Life memetics -  a gesture for random words with random voices.
Cutelala Artis: But there was one problem that I had, I couldn't afford Second Life or land there, so I begin looking at private servers and landed up in opensim. Since opensim was free I started to learn how to bring up a sim in osgrid. From there i begin to make regions and things for people to see. I made 190 regions, and I programmed over 500+ regions of coding for people.
Farstar Enoch in an epic avie, a 10 year project.
Cherry Manga: wow
Alexina Proctor: wow
Lux Tergeste: a real passion!
Cutelala Artis: Opensim was free so i started Winxtropia a few years ago. Winxtropia comes from a great inspiration to the cartoon series Winx Club, a cartoon about fairies

Farstar Enoch: yes I remember Cute watching cute for days and days, months months
lifted pixel:  the winx club aesthetics are very strong here, you've captured it exactly
Cutelala Artis: it is a passion project of mine since I can't afford SL I mostly spend my time making regions for sale on Mewe like this one.  All regions have specific rules that I follow when I sell them. Everything has to be animated! No statues. A sim must feel alive.
Thirza Ember:  What is the upside of being part of a little grid over being part of a big grid like OSGrid?
Cutelala Artis: The main benefit is I can control how many backups I have and far less server problems
Farstar Enoch: Yes more control, and cheaper and the people who we meet are very cool
Cutelala Artis: Winxtropia is public so there is no CEO or owner it belongs to everyone. I plan to keep it up till the server explodes hihi
With that, we took a ride all around the region on a specially made multi seated car. The ride is around and around the town, and very smooth, thanks to the invisible track and the sensors in the road, not being a technical person I was kinda wondering if the taxi driver was taking us on the panoramic route and wondering about the fare, but Boujee GamerGirl promised to cover it for us all, which was a relief. There are about 50 people walking about, using waypoints, they are all low poly with a cunningly simple texture pattern, keeping lag even with a big crowd down to a low purr. 
whirli placebo: this environment is so brilliant.. have you modeled this after things you've seen others do...or is this technique totally a self-creation?
Cuteulala Artis: There is no such thing as a none inspired artist. Everyone has inspiration from others, but some can be self creative on top of it
lifted pixel: i am quite guilty of having inspiration from others in my opensim endeavors ;)
Cuteulala.Artis: We all do. But I try to out do what I see, I'm competitive haha
lifted pixel: I can feel that in your build, you have assets I haven't seen used everywhere else, it's a big Curlz MT kinda vibe
Cuteulala in pink tights with what passes for a Group Photo on Safari.
Cuteulala Artis: There are many more amazing regions here but for this visit i enabled only 2, this and Winxtropia Themepark I'm actually impressed with the performance, we aren't even tickling the cpu
And then off, over to the Theme Park region.

Thirza Ember: what is your favorite ride?
Cuteulala Artis: The Green Mile, it is a mile long, ok guess we start this way, cause I made a horrible entrance Ah HAHAHA...
whirli placebo: lead on!

check out the video by Jess to really get the full force of it... but what am I saying - GO THERE- you will not regret it. we only had time for two rides, the Green mile and this devilish swinging thing that felt so real  it was shocking. The whole place is a dream, both from a prim economy and an experiential point of view, and if you're in the market for a wow factor on your grid, this is really on the money.

Cuteulala Artis: This ride was designed by Me? but scripted by my dear friend 4L3X15.Button. The sounds are synchronized I used a 3d printer to make the sound
Lux.Tergeste: Love the sounds. They are so accurate! awfully glad I'm safely seated at home!
Farstar Enoch: we are getting conditioned for jobs as astronauts with Cute Space Corp
Cuteulala Artis: It seems we are sadly out of time But Winxtropia is always open! And you can come at any timer to enjoy the rest of it
Ard.Rhys: Thanks Cute. The rides are great
Mal Burns: super
Alexina Proctor: I am going to bring some friends here!
Cuteulala Artis: I Set this table as copyable it has tons of food feel free to copy it as a ty gift for coming
Thirza Ember: Love your grid, your vibe, your lovely avies, the whole thing here is so refreshing and THANK YOU for having us
James Atlloud2: Thanks so much for the touring.
Lux Tergeste: Thank you Cuteulala and the rest of the gang. Impossible to forget!
lifted pixel: i am already enjoying this corn cob

HG Addresses:

Gardenia Town and Winxtropia Theme Park Town Themepark

Zen Garden, OpensimFest grid

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