Monday, June 27, 2022

Dreams of Destiny: Paul Stephen Dixon at Pangea

Lampithaler and Marlon Wayne's Art and Culture Festival on Pangea Grid continues, this time with "Dreams and Nightmares", an art show by Paul Stephen Dixon known inworld as Tryad Destiny.  
The "Dreams and Nightmares" exhibition is at
 The venue is your classic NPIRL place. Dancing in a forest sim. A few meters away looms an unusual hemisphere gallery, alive in the half light, quite unlike the typical bricks-and-mortar framework favored by many artists in 2D. Lampithaler was filming a bit of the event, as she usually does. 

 Tryad introduced his show with these words.
Tryad Destiny: Our dreams and nightmares are made up of a sequence of images that are closely related to our emotions, which can be pleasing or scary.  We can try to analyse these pictures but that's in fact not necessary - the messages always get through. My art builds on that.  
Tryad Destiny aka Paul Stephen Dixon
Tryad Destiny: I want the observer to experience my pictures like in a dream, spontaneously and without too much thought.  That's how I work, too.  I use universally known images to get in direct contact to the observers and trigger their emotions.

The skin of the gallery is in movement, flowing texture like lava or rippling smoke or a murky waterfall, or perhaps a watercolor wash passing overhead. Perhaps it is an irridescent bubble, a thought bubble and here we all are inside trying to react, rather than make sense, of the canvasses. No right or wrong reactions, except that the general feeling is of admiration, of course. 
Saquilla Arralla
The effect is visible on the inside of the gallery too, and indeed the liquid theme continues and is amplified. You find yourself looking up at the pictures hung aloft in a circle, while underfoot you are walking on water.
Finja Flux: wet socks :))
Loru Destiny: everything is floating in life :-)
Saquila Arralla: symbolic of the vision behind the picture, no? the dream, and the illusion of life - there is a single pattern underlying it all, and it unravels on us
Tryad Destiny: yes,  that is what  I am trying to  get over. In this case it subconscious thought that is spontaneously expressed in pictures and colours
 Saquila Arralla: yes, getting past the rational mind,  always trying to make sense of things, tie it together and to justify, lol
Tryad Destiny: I don't plan my paintings  they  come about when I open the colours and lift the brush. When I think too much  the painting that result are often a mess

Loru Destiny
Tryad Destiny  lived in Norway before moving to Germany, and while there, he had about 5 art exhibitions in Norwegian galleries. Every artist's exhibition has a strong personal element to it, that's a given, but in the case of this show, "Dreams and Nightmares", the personal touch goes even further, for we the audience get a glimpse into the daily experience of the artist, and his wife, Loru Destiny, because these are the works he chooses to look at every day. It's one of the great green advantages of a virtual art show, that people from all over the world are able to experience as a group artwork that remains at 'kilometer zero', as do the viewers. This current group of paintings have not yet been exhibited in public - they hang on the walls of his home.
Loru Destiny: the paintings are RL made with acrylic on canvas. Tryad is a passionate artist, we don't need any wallpaper! Some of his paintings talk to me very intensely, I really feel as if they talk.

Giving free rein to thoughts and feelings without elaborating or justifying them offers a unique opportunity for self observation - the changes, growth, and inner modulation of the personal. I wondered if Tryad sees himself evolving or altering when he looks back through his paintings, a sort of visual history of his mind at work and play.
Tryad Destiny: Well,  I had  a very dark deep hurt style before and used dark colours. These days they are often lighter more colourful  and often have a happier feel about them. So yes they have evolved  as  I have as a person
Finja Flux:  I see.... from sadness to great joy....the whole life! bad times need beautiful colors
Visit the Pangea Art and Culture Festival, which continues all this year with many more artists, and don't forget to visit Tryad's home grid where you will find his creations, along with Loru's art (including some lovely apparel) and regions of rare beauty and variety. The address is

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