Thursday, May 26, 2022

Notes on a Safari

 This week two great musical guests, Joao Frazao and Moses Rae. Dang, even their names are musical. As usual HG addresses are at the end of the post.

Starting with destination two in this post, just to mess with your head. 

Space, the final frontier.... We went to ArtDestiny grid, to hear Moses Rae, in RL Tom Albury  and to see the scifi creations of Stormy Scorpio. Among the group, Freia the half Betazoid Ship's Counselor, seen here dancing near Mal. Stormy├ás build is absolutely huge, and it would take weeks, not hours, to really do it justice, but we got a little glimpse on our trip.

Half Betazoid Ships Councelor Freia dancing alongside Mal

Stormy.Scorpio:  Welcome to Deep Space One. so we are really excited about you folks being here
Lux Tergeste: Hello Stormy, thank you for hosting us.
Stormy Scorpio: it's nice to have you, I hope you all enjoy your stay, Moses Rae is going to sing us some songs while you folks wander the space station - after he is done perhaps you would like to teleport around my galaxy, just use the teleport system. If anyone would like a star trek uniform, just IM me. I have men and women's
Aphra Hendrix: yes me, please, in blue? thank you, so much fun
Andy Android: You are quite welcome!  Take it easy. I am having fun doo.
Loru Destiny: Hello Android
Stormy Scorpio: please follow me to 10 forward, through the holo beach
Holobeach leading to 10 Forward
If you don't know Moses' music you are missing out! He has a beautifully delicate voice, a sort of serene Jim Croce, and for us he played a set of original songs, live on Deep Space One, creating a magical mixture of acoustic guitar and and you can listen right now (as I am!) on Soundcloud  I think the track 'Carry |Your Heart'  is the one that most embodies the spirit of Safari, when it speaks about plans falling through the cracks, it's hard to go on, but there's no turning back' ... usually because the LM has stopped working.
Loru Destiny: this voice makes me melting :-)
Stormy Scorpio: he has always had this amazing voice
Thirza Ember: this place is unmissable, I fell in love with it
Nebby Newman: wow, I'm floating!
Stormy Scorpio: it's the gravity nebby. I tried to design all the ships differently
Nebby Newman: how long have you been working on all of these, Stormy?
Stormy Scorpio: about 2 years?
Thirza Ember: have you always been a star trek person, stormy?
Stormy Scorpio: yes I have, I have always wanted to live like this, exploring space. The space stations have been the latest creations. The ships all came first, I wanted ships that you could actually fly around outside,
Nebby Newman: I love these windows! 
Nebby Newman: Are you a pilot, Stormy?
Stormy Scorpio: no I am not nebby
Thirza Ember: omg a klingon bird of prey is coming
Stormy Scorpio: yes, they are friendly - they were a find, the only mesh in a prim build
Thirza Ember: How many ships do you have?
Shown in 'daylight' the klingon bird of prey circles above the USS Capricorn

Stormy Scorpio: 6 I think let me count: 5 ships, 3 space stations, one star base, 3 planets, and a lot of small ships to fly around in, if anyone wants one let me know

Thirza Ember: I particularly love the planet surfaces, the grandeur of Vulcan, shown here

Thirza Ember: And the mysterious Klingon Homeworld, shown here.
 Thirza Ember: It's also very cool the way you have done the holodecks, bringing people down to the fantasy elven landscapes down below - such a clever use of resources! and all the chatbots, robots and NPCs really bring the place to life.

Nebby Newman: I do plan to visit again, but time is flying ... hehe ... flying ...
Stormy Scorpio: come by anytime Nebby, live long and prosper (grins)
Thirza Ember: Me too, will be back again and again, the teleport system makes it very easy to find where to go across such huge spaces.
Nebby Newman: tyvm, Stormy!  this is amazing!
humbletim metaverse: yeah very cool thanks for showing :)
Lux Tergeste: Che posto meraviglioso, Stormy!

Our first destination was on Avacon. This region was kindly donated to the Safari by Joyce Bettencourt and the Avacon team, and our webmeister is Marcus Llewellyn. You probably know them beest for their work on the annual Opensim Community Conference. Our visit was an opportunity to take a look at the Self Guided Tour portals, and Mal Burns' Studio, from which he broadcasts his talk show Inworld Review and his weekly round up of new about all things virtual, MBTV News.

We were lucky enough to have Joao Frazao with us playing a mix of Portuguese and English language songs. Our first concert on the region Safari, which is an annex or 'plan B' if you prefer to the OSGrid Clubhouse. 
As usual, Joao hit all the right notes, and made us all feel very relaxed. It was a good chance for people to cam around the region. Why does this region Safari exist? The idea is to have a place we can use as meeting room, teleport hub and archive room, for those times when OSGrid decides not to cooperate. In fact, this week, exporting stuff from OSGrid has been playing up this week, no fun for those of us who rely on being able to get to our inventory when we travel.
humbletim, or tumblehim... either way, a lizard with rhythm
Any Safari Regular is welcome to propose their top 5 destinations for hypergridding.
 Loru Destiny and Harthelie Deux have already contributed their choices, and you can find their portals on Avacon, on the same island as the other portals. You can see the Safari regular portals top left, red Japanese gateways. 
Right next door to Portal Island is the Inworld Review Studio. Mal's show is recorded live on Sundays from about 12 noon Grid time, and before that be broadcasts his news roundup. You can also watch (and comment) live, or view it later at any time on Youtube, If you would like to be a guest on the show, find him on Discord.

HG Addresses   

Stormy Scorpio's regions with Star trek and elven themes
When you arrive on Misty Isle, sue the extensive tp system to get up to the spaceships and move around among them
HG Safari clubhouse annex and portals, Mal Burns tv studio

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