Monday, May 16, 2022

Three Good Reasons...

Opensim Fest is still more than a month away,  but plans are already well in hand for this unusual event. A dedicated Festival grid will be home to a true meeting of minds as people from all over the hyperverse set up their exhibits and stores, and dozens of performers keep the party atmosphere going, each in their own way. 

Particles by Torben Asp

If you haven't registered for your free 'ticket' yet, don't delay. It will make it possible for you to sign up as a Greeter, or Performer, Sponsor, or Exhibitor. But wait - Still feeling a bit 'meh' about joining in? Here are three good reasons to get interested and involved - three performers who will be sharing their original content with us at gigs during the 17 day long event.

Moonrise Azalee in the Torben Asp Sphere

First up, Torben Asp. I caught up with him on 3rdRock Grid, and asked a couple of the regulars what they think of his music.
Moonrise Azalee: Torben's music is like a visual experience all on it's own. Listening to the sounds, the melodies and rhythms, as they rise and fall, connected with invigorating, yet meditational beats - it's just really awesome. If that makes sense, that's why I enjoy it - and why I like trance type music in general, which I find we don't have at all enough of in opensim.
Dolfke.Barbosa: Torben's music is great, I love the Esoteric nature of Sounds and Particles. He performs here on 3rd Rock every two weeks, on his own space station built specially for him, all our artists have their own space here on Melody region.
Torben with particles, Dolfke center background

Torben Asp: OpensimFest? I confess that I actually do not know when I perform nor do I know where its gonna be at! 
Thirza Ember: Well, there's still time to get those tiny details worked out. But what will your show be like?
Torben Asp: It will be with the particles, if I can bring them on there. It has been so long since people heard my music so I guess everything is new. No new tracks just plain fun and  the experience. I do have this youtube channel with both RL and Virtual videos.

Thirza Ember: I saw your Bandcamp account also. Real world concerts have their own special charm, but you're been a fixture in the virtual - for something like 15 years at this point, in both Second Life and various grids in Opensim - what keeps you coming back? Is it about particles??
Torben Asp: I love every time people get amazed by the particle patterns and colors. There is also the thrill about presenting my own music because that is all I do.  As for Opensimfest, well whenever I get invited I love to show what I do and live up to my motto: Make People Happy! - Music Is The Key!   

Karima and Dale
Speaking of particles, the Safari visited The Wizard on Kitely earlier this year, and loved it. The artist behind that masterpiece is Karima Hoisan, and she will be at OpensimFest on Friday July 8th, the opening day.
 She's well known for her sim-sized art, often created in collaboration both with her partner, Dale Innis, and with the late and much missed Natascha Randt, and there's always a poetic dimension to her imaginings. Like Torben, Karima's had a long association with Second Life, and also shares her work outside Virtual - so be sure to check out her blog and her Youtube channel.
Karima Hoisan : I will be performing all original poetry,  Live on stream to carefully selected music for each. It is a multimedia performance, with images that change with each poem. It will be an hour long show.  I joined Kitely virtual words 11 years ago. Since then, I have created 20 public words to share with all hypergridders and Kitely residents alike. I love the sharing nature of the community, the collaboration between words and the ease and price to be able to maintain 20 public words at once. Opensim is filled with people who build for joy and artistic satisfaction. I love that and I am one of them!
Thirza Ember: How did you end up volunteering to perform for OpensimFest? 
Karima Hoisan : When Rosa Alekseev asked me to form part of the line-up I was proud and delighted to be part of this magnificent event, It will be my first public reading in opensim. I have performed continually in SL for 14 years! I really look forward to entertaining the opensim community as my way of collaborating with you all.

Joao with 'Cavaquinhos.PT' 
Joao Frazao Is a familiar figure on the stages of both Opensim and Secondlife, not to mention his many real world performances, you can catch up with all things Joao (including his live stream and his calendar of performances) on his website - bookmark it! Famous for his Ukulele, this multitalented performer brings together traditional music and modern, and is celebrating the release of Cavaquinhos.PT, a collection of tracks by traditional musicians, put together by the Museu Cavaquinho

Joao Frazao:  At the moment my show in opensim is playing guitar and singing Portuguese and english songs and a few original instrumental songs with guitar. I'm not neglecting my ukes, I did neglect my guitar for around 15 years and now is feeling really good be back playing guitar. Singing is something I started recently and I am enjoying very much.

Joao Frazao: I play in Opensim for over 6 years now. Started on January 12th of 2016, mainly playing in OSgrid, and then discovering many other grids where I end up playing in a some of them. What makes it special and keep me playing in Opensim is the fact that people pay more attention and get involved with the music they are listening. Feeling this, from my point of view, is great, increases my responsibility in playing well and bring Portuguese songs that people never heard before to show them a wider spectrum of Portuguese music that other wise hardly people would get to know this songs. I put my headphones on, start playing and seems i enter another dimension, I feel relaxed and concentrated to do my best playing and singing for people who deserve no less then that.  So, yes! I love to play in Opensim! 

Thirza Ember:  You have a very busy calendar, especially in RL during the summer, now that (thank goodness) the long Covid lockdown seems to be over. So why did you decide to be part of OpenSim Fest ?
Joao Frazao:  Firstly because you Invited me, and was an easy yes!  A festival celebrating all grids together, sounds to me like Opensim on it's best. I'm proud to be part of the line up of this festival and be able to share my music with everyone showing up. All together we are stronger !

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