Friday, February 18, 2022

The Folly of Phaedra

Jeff Kelley:   how many avatars have we lost ?
Ernest Moncrieff:  I'm always lost
Nara Nook: thanks ... little bit lost
Ernest Moncrieff: are we in a Wormhole?
George Equus: I am still in one piece, even hat came along for the ride

This week's visits are split across two posts, because reasons. Why folly? Because if you don't go to see Phaedra for yourself you're nuts. Or maybe it's the folly of the Safari, thinking we could see more than a tiny part of this extraordinary build. 

It looks a bit like a folly, constructed in the form of a composite tower or Parnassus. Phaedra rises from the Ocean of Ignis Fatuus grid like a mountain surrounded by a solar wind. 

The first thing I heard on arriving on Phaedra with the group was Kelso, warning us about piranhas.  There had been a strange lag on the Safari clubhouse sim all day, so it seemed quite believable that around this strange towering installation, another brilliant creation by Max Hill, owner of Ignis Fatuus Grid, there might well be avatar eating fish.

It was going to be an epic Safari. This is part one of two great destinations and, as always, the addresses are at the end of this post.

Max Hill

Everyone was there, all the Compagnons of Ignis: Harthelie and Chip looking all Japanese, and Jeff he sunglass wearing spaceman scripter,  Max looking like the prince he so definitely is. 
Chip, these guys are just jealous
of you rocking the kimono. Honest.
               Other Ignis friends and neighbors Ana Marie and Suzy  and Steph and Minord all looking stunning. I missed, as I always do, our good friend Aime, but I'm sure he's OK out there somewhere in realworldia.
              Phaedra is not a build based on the rather depressing Greek myth of the same name, but rather, it's a storybook journey where you're left much of the time to form your own interpretation. The 'game' involves - well, I'd be lying if I said I really knew what it involves, except that the idea is to go up, always up, and the means to do so are not always easy to find. 
Except stairs, definitely stairs and just exquisite scenery, all built with the accent on the vertical. 
It all starts with a teleport, set in a clockwork pool. Up we went to the Tour Orthodoxe, an ancient building on a belvedere. This is not the cathedral we were looking for, but the spiral staircase inside it took us up ever higher. You're going to get your exercise on this build. All around are nice mesh objects of what might be described as antiquarian interest, many are copyable so although this is not a hunt with prizes, you are likely to find some treasures to put on your own region during your travels.
Kelso Uxlay: Lots of stairs
Thirza Ember: good for the heart
Jeff Kelley: we take the stairs down - we look for a lost key.
           There were a couple of side tracks after that, designed, I suppose,  to see how determined you are to get to the top of the story. A Hobbit house, and a Tardis are attractive, but not the end of the journey, not the whole journey anyway. But the inside of the Tardis is pretty cool if you don't have time to do the whole tour. 
The Safari party, about twenty of us, had only about an hour to visit Phaedra before heading to our second destination, on The Science Circle grid, so this was always going to be a sort of dégustation as they say on those wine trail holidays in France. 
The grid had no lag, despite us all running all over the place and falling off the towers and teleporting wildly to catch up with the rest, which is a tribute to the Ignis Fatuus set up!
Max was in Voice, in French, well, they all were, and his hints and clues were transmitted to us mere mortals in Local Chat, via Dabici and Kelso and Jeff, who kindly, if sometimes confusingly, passed on the instructions that seemed to consist of three things, to look for the cathedral, to find the key, and to look for a prim with two holes in it.
Dabici Straulino: here there is a message, we have to find a ruined cathedral
Apollo Star: Cool builds
Jeff Kelley: click this panel to get out
George Equus: Terrific build!
Max Hill: clic on this column
suzy zaccus: click on the return column
Dabici Straulino:  this sim was built by Max who was likely under influence - and  by the way, Max said that he hates stairs
Mal Burns: it is a spectacle

Thirza Ember: ok who has the key, come on, admit it - I bet it's Dabici
Dabici Straulino: Max suggest to remove all you AOs so you will say A Oh it is so nice
George Equus: Really cool place, despite  stairs  :)
Mal Burns: more like stairways to heaven
Thirza Ember: 23 of us running around and no lag! 
Kelso Uxlay: Good time to confess your sins
James Atlloud: I am addicted to primes - I mean prims
Kelso Uxlay: Prim numbers
Mal Burns: is a prime prim an NFT?
Kelso Uxlay: We are looking for a prim with 2 holes!
Thirza Ember: Let's attempt a group photo!
Dabici Straulino: there is a diving board, you click on it but before close your ao
Ernest Moncrieff: hehe diving into a blackhole
James Atlloud: Is the dive better in mouselook view?
Ange Menges: pas de sirene à la reception :-(
whirli placebo: this place is amazing
Jeff Kelley: heading to the bridge of death
Dabici Straulino: we are looking for a lost temple in which there is another temple in which we will find a prim with 2 holes the reason of our visit ahah
Jeff Kelley: we are going to visit a huge garden
Thirza Ember: I like the plant in the tuba or is it a trumpet
Apollo Star: Seems a Tuba
Thirza Ember: i wish we could stay longer, but Nova is waiting for us on Portage
George Equus: Thank you for showing this terrific place!
James Atlloud: walking on ropes - good times. Thank you for hosting us today.  Simply Spectacular!
And that is where we had to leave it. There is so much more to see, the stormy sea, the Hotel of L'Artista che Piange, the ruined cathedral, the Japanese staircase, the radio station, the Roman garden and the final stop on the trip, where you finally see the light... you'd be mad not to go see it for yourself.

Phaedra, a build by Max Hill   


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