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Safari Does the Math

          Learning your sums has never been more fun! 
            The Safari visited Blanes on Craft grid this week (HG Addresses at the end of the post as usual). Themed around a Pirate Hunt game, Blanes is one of the regions where Edu3D bring fun and virtuality into education. 
         Craft grid is famed for the number of institutions that use its resources for academic purposes, and they have garnered a fine reputation for both security and stability.
We arrived on the pirate ship just off the coast of an island meticulously modeled on a real world place, the Isola Gallinara close to Abenga, on the northwestern  coast of Italy. 
          There were about 25 of us in all...
...many dressed in great pirate outfits 

...and the region didn't even blink!
Giliola Allen of edu3D
Giliola Allen (it -> en): I made this game for a school in Liguria. If you want to participate in the pirates treasure hunt, you can get in a small group and you will be accompanied by a tutor/helper. We made the map of the island with google maps,  And set up the questions in various zones.
      We were divided into three groups, with Giliola, Eva Kraii and Safari's own xSiberiax Ilfreddopurifica taking the lead. The region worked perfectly, little or no lag. They had planned things so that the three groups were able to try out the game without falling all over each other. It's a team game, so the children are able to work together to earn points for their group - each one is identified by a different color hat.
Giliola Allen (it -> en): the colors correspond to the 6 thinking hats of Edward De Bono [the father of lateral thinking] that is, the various facets of intelligence

 xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en):  ok, this is the first game...  each team is paired with unn color, as we have said, each participant will click on an oyster of the color of his team, you will receive a Math question  when he responds correctly, he receives a coin, at the end of the game, the team with the most coins is the winner :)
Alpha Ori: taken the pearl!

 xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): this is for elementary school children, I would say between the ages of 7 and 10 years. The sim was built a few years ago, as you can see by the absence of was originally built in the grid of edmondo. Then it was brought to the craft, in edu3d, because the builders have asked for it, and we preferred to leave everything as it was in the original.
Sunbeam Magic: seems more stable to me
 xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): I think that this sim is visited through the eyes of a child, is a beautiful place,and the purpose of edu3d is to join the educational fun, in virtual worlds
Xirana Oximoxi: very good idea:) leaning having fun is the best way :)
Getting into the Pirate theme
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en):  for this there is also a system of protection for minors to craft:  1 - the school children can enter independently  2 - the sim where the children enter, are protected by a list of permissions, if there is to be a sim for children, then only they will be able to enter.

Giliola Allen

Giliola Allen (it -> en): young people do not like math
Eva Kraai (it -> en): to tell you the truth I am not good at Math either
Giliola Allen (it -> en): therefore, we have designed this game, to attract students, and then, it is a role-playing group game  that involves collaboration.  The important thing is the setting
Eva Kraai (it -> en): in fact, it lends itself to many subjects taught in this environment, you can also change the quiz,and to put other types of questions.
Eve Kraai and group in the Pirate treehouse
Giliola Allen: Game 2 is made up of a labyrinth that leads to three caves: two wrong and one just that will hold the test. Go into the labyrinth and choose a road, reach a cave open the shell and click on the pearl: if the cave is wrong the pearl will give you a landmark and you will have to click teleport to return here. Go back to the labyrinth until you find the right cave that will hold the pearl in the pearl. Solve the test and follow the anchor instructions to exit: open the note "link x the ITEC Stage Game" and teleport to the trap for Game 3.
Arielle Delamerlibre
            The game takes you across the island, up in the treehouse, into a balloon, and also under the ocean.
Giliola Allen (it -> en): Arielle here is your world
Eva Kraai (it -> en): beautiful mermaid
Arielle Delamerlibre: yes but will I come out of the maze ?
Eva Kraai (it -> en): I have already gotten lost several times here XD
Xirana Oximoxi: do children like the games...this way of learning?
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): children love to learn by playing xirana :)   in reality edu3d is not just opensim,  but also other platforms such as minecraft or minetest.
Thirza.Ember: do the children find it difficult to move their avatars?
 xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): oh no ... the children are so accustomed to electronic games, which are a natural move in these environments. I've seen kids do tricks with their avatars, and the teachers who (after years here) could not keep up with him :)
Sunbeam.Magic: so true, I go to my grandson when I need computer help LOL
Lucy Afarensis: I was amazed by some 12 year olds moving me around in a demo in my rl gallery
ALbertlr Landar, at the Osgrid Event Plaza carnival

            Our second stop was to OSGrid, we went to participate in their regular Wednesday Dance Party on Event Plaza, and to hear about the grid's recent Fundraiser - still ongoing, although the goal of $3000 was reached... you can contribute via paypal, on the website, using tipjars in many public spaces - you can even donate Linden $s in Second Life.
Sunbeam Magic: so many old friends I haven't seen in a while
albertlr Landar: If you would like to donate some lindens to OSgrid, log into second like and do a search for albertlr Landar, and then pay what ever amount you wish to donate to the grid.  We will then transfer your donation to the OSgrid Bank account.

Wizard Atazoth: We have free carnival masks and a Big-O-Cup of mead at the rez point and entrance so go grab you some if you haven't already! Be sure to checkout the rest of the region. There is a mystical gypsy waiting to tell you your fortune in her wagon just beyond the dance floor. Or if you are feeling adventurous, hop up on the dunk tank!
Wizard Atazoth

Sunbeam Magic: Fortune telling ... oui la la
Thirza Ember: why do you love osgrid*?
Chey Trueheart: fun friendly people
Aussie Envee: I love Osgrid because of all the friendly and helpful people here
Barney Baily(NPC): OSgrid is like a village rather than a bunch of random sims.
Aussie Envee

Wizard Atazoth: Because opensim and OSGrid allows us to come together, do things and express ourselves in ways we otherwise couldn't. It's a rare freedom.
Aussie Envee: Another thing I like about Osgrid is the dances here and we meet not only other residents but also people from other grid
albertlr Landar: Unlike other Non-Profit organization, all funds donated go 100% to the expenses of OSgrid and for its continued operations.
           Albert is the man with a plan. For many years he was just an 'average' user of osgrid. But as times changed, and the former board of Directors moved on to other projects, he stepped up to help out. It has been a boon for OSgrid, since his RL background is in fundraising. He was able to make some important changes to the banking arrangements in the US for the grid, so that funds are used more efficiently and the non profit status of OSgrid is recognized. But more changes have been rocking the OSGrid world...

albertlr Landar: ...we decided to expand the original purpose of OSgrid. Originally is just as a testing grid for opensim. But gradually we hand more and more people that wanted to stay and form a community.  So when we reformed it we include that it was a social platform also trying to make everyone's experience here the best it can be. There are both positives and negatives about our version of opensim.  But we try to keep it as stable as possible. 
Dee Jane LaNani

This whole fundraising project was put together by about 20 people so it has been a group effort. Stiofain Mactomais, Aussie Envee, Wizard Atazoth, Caro Fayray and of course the many builders and DJs, like LaNani  and Peter Barlow who performed when we came to the party, gave their time and talent to the Fundraiser, which reached its goal well before the official end of the event. Of course, you can still give to OSGrid, and help guarantee its future.
DeeJay Peter Barlow

albertlr Landar: . I think we have been moving in the right direction with more inclusion for example, Paela has been developing the website, making the whole experience here much easier on people.  With lots of new changes to to come.

HG Addresses
Edu3D Pirate game
OSgrid Event Plaza plaza

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