Thursday, October 12, 2017

Safari and the Ladies of Legend

         This is the first of two posts about this week's hypergrid trip. The other post talks about Counter Earth grid.  This post is about the first and last stops on our trip, HG Addresses are - as always - at the end of the post.
            Our first stop was on the Cherry Freebie region, where you can see - and copy - an archive of Cherry Manga's creations. We had one or two problems getting to the region...

George Equus: all I saw briefly was myself and all others as scattered triangles floating around, flickering,  very strange
          After about 15 minutes all was OK - if you have problems joining us on Safari, the q5 minute rule is a good one to remember, for that's usually all it takes for the grid or region that we are visiting to get back on an even keel. On Cherry Freebies, the arrival point is ...indoors

Thirza Ember: pretty soon you'll see you're in a big mesh body
Phred Resident: oooo
Jessie Campbell: yes and then you can tell what Cherry had for lunch!
Cherry Manga: ahahah yummy little avatars
Jessie Campbell: cam way back and check it out I think her ovaries are over there
Cherry Manga: we can walk outside if you can move, this is the avatars space but there are cherries to eat too outside
snowbody Cortes: petit cherry !
 Sunshine Szavanna: bonsoir les amis :)
Thirza Ember: cherry is so tiny

Cherry Manga: yes, tiny pixie in giant cherry
snowbody Cortes: she's so tiny and huge at the same time ...good effect Cherry, I love it
Wizardoz Chrome: Tinyyy Fairy :) :) !
Cherry Manga: if you feel too eaten we can go outside
Jessie Campbell: Im feeling more digested actually... I love it Cherry
Thirza Ember: well worth crashing and relogging, to see this...great space!
Lucy Afarensis: Its wonderful
Leighton Marjoram adds a note of color
              Leighton Marjoram  took the opportunity to video our visit - here is a link to his vid on SLArtist
Aime Socrates: Merci de nous montrer ce que tu as fait cherie... i need to know why there are so many cherries here....
Cherry Manga: When I created my Second Life account, it was summer time and someobne took a picture of me eating cherries....I was searching a name and looked at the photo and said "ok Cherry is cool for an avatar name"
Sunshine Szavanna: hehe true - I chose szavanna because of the savanna - and also my RL name is anna
Thirza Ember: what is the oldest art on this region, Cherry?
Cherry Manga: the steampunk section, want to see it?
Jessie Campbell : I would like to see it
Aime Socrates : this is my forever place
snowbody Cortes: I love this
Frank (foreground) Snowbody and Jessie
 Frank Gresham: Off I go out to sea
Cherry Manga: All of this can be seen in situ onTerra-Mater region, better than in this "tiny " cherry  :)
snowbody Cortes: you're a genius Cherry ! genial !
Cherry Manga: Not a genius, just building and building stuff :) that most people find weird... I saved all this from SL because here we can pile many prims together, in SL I had to delete each installation to rebuild a new one, now all is visible on Terra-Mater without any issue
Sunshine Szavanna: great :)yes not easy with prims in SL
George Equus: Extraordinary! Very beautiful Cherry
Cherry.Manga: Theater of poetry table is 234 prims, heavy freebie ahahaha
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): the clock with an npc.. only a genius could think to do it!
Cherry Manga: So each cherry shop is a pile of stuff that was an entire region installation the animation i found was the genius idea, don't know who made it but it inspired me
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): oh, the genius is not of those who create the individual parts, but of those who have something "normal" to create something beautiful .. and I think that every single item has a hidden meaning too :) maybe not all, but most
Cherry Manga: Want to know what's my favourite cherry? it's La Collection, it's all small thingies...: I have a base, it's mostly a feeling. then things arrive and get wider
 in fact I have the number 1 build in mind then all the environments comes after it mostly autobiographic feelings
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): well, really compliments
Aime Socrates: Cherry are one of the greatest creator in opensim i know
Cherry Manga: Aime, tu me fais rougir, bravo

 xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA(it -> en): is there a particular reason for which this cherry is gray? (or only I see gray?lol)
Cherry Manga: cherries are red in summer time and grey in bad moods, everyone knows that ;))
 Jessie Campbell: gigle in my bad moods they are black cherries
Cherry Manga: grey gives little light for hope
Wizardoz Chrome: Black holds light .. all colors :)
Thirza Ember: so this is a good time to remind all.. FEST'AVI... HAVE YOU INVENTED AN AVATAR FOR IT? there is still time! Participation is a big part of encouraging creativity
Sunshine Szavanna: when is Fest'Avi?
Cherry Manga: Fest'Avi will happen when it will be ready, no date for now, I still hope to get few more avis... the deadline was 30th september but i'm smooth on the date... I didn't get much participation so I can have few more avis without problem, it would be great
Thirza Ember: yes so if you were thinking 'oh I am too late, you are not too late!
        And then just like that, it was time for our next destination.
Cherry Manga: Thank you all for visiting Cherry Freebies, help yourself and take all what you wish, and sorry for the little delay

Our middle visit is in the post called 'Safari goes to Counter Earth'. After some interesting regions on that grid, we came to our final stop, an exceptional opportunity to all meet with Zia Frimon, and hear about her opensim experience.
    For some reason beyond understanding, the LM made by Zia, and another made by me, both decided to either drop you on the landing point, or in the middle of the ocean, on a whim. It did it whether the region was empty or full of people. Just one of those var region hiccups we've all come to love.
Zia Frimon: Ok lets try this. I was told that one of the things you all liked is to meet the creator of the region. HI!  I am Zia. RL  Melodie Elizabeth.  47 years old this December.  By the way.  the hair and skin that I have right now is blessed courtesy of your Miss Cherry Magna. Thank you SO much Cherry  MWAH!
Zia Frimon

Cherry Manga: Most welcome, fits you perfectly sweet Zia
Zia Frimon: I was in SL for a short while YEARS ago. I wanted land and to do all things but i live on VERY short funds. I had a friend  that had land and she would let me build little things as long as i picked up after myself. She told me of another project and said. "other grid"... I hounded her for months and she would not tell. Then one day she told me but not how to get here. She said if i tell you ... you will leave me. :/She was right... I found Graybeard and his "other" and they gave me a little half plot. I thought i would NEVER be able to build. WAY over my head... years later... Welcome to the Garden  :D

George Equus: More ppl from "that other grid" you came from Zia need to have their eyes opened  :)
 Zia Frimon: Welcome new arivals. Thank you for coming. So many wonderfuly created avis here. Bless you all
George Equus: cam around Textures here are gorgeous,

Thirza Ember: Zia, why did you opt for a var region
 Zia Frimon: Cause i'm a prim slut and needed more room. Danger said i could soOoo... Like offering a new closet for 54 new pairs of shoes.  More is best right?  However, none var seems to run better. I grew into it. I don't need much but... Captain Danger is VERY VERY good to me. Hes my buddy. My fav hobby is to pick on him in public
Thirza Ember: he is a wonderful person
George Equus: And armed...
Thirza Ember: good point ...ok zia, question, if you could transform just ONE of your creations, and bring it to Real Life, which would it be?
Zia Frimon: The Dragon Air ship  Ever see the music vid (eye of the storm)?  That's what inspired it
Thirza Ember: yes, why are your items free, what is the philosophy behind that
Zia Frimon: philosophy...  We all live in RL. Behind every avatar is a real  human being. We live in "dog eat dog" capitalism.  If i want to create for money i would have stayed in SL  (YUK!)  Its killing is all..."Created to be shared because that makes us all happy". If i create and nobody sees. I have no drive to create. If people like take and enjoy. I get from giving. Its actually very selfish if you think about it. :)  Give to get power to make and give... we all win!
Thirza Ember: are you becoming meshy in your creations?
Zia Frimon:  I was doing pretty good with bouncing things through blender to make prims mesh. Then... Dunt dunt DAAAA!!!  sigh  Updates. So, i got to go around and fix about everything i meshed but... Its not working well.  I'm a prim slut... If it don't work... Add more prims right! ? Prim count is a problem for me. :(  That's the only reason i mesh. I'm old school prim when i can get away with it.
 Cherry Manga: do you have other hidden skills in other genres or you prefer steampunk above all?
Zia Frimon: Anything in the victorian era is lovely to me. Tesla tech and Victorian culture would give us... STEAMPUNK!  YIPPIE! I spend a LOT of time researching. (I cant work normally liike most can) so i have a lot of time on my hands. What if...?  Tesla had won and oil had not?
 Cherry.Manga: If tesla won, RL would be made of freebies :)
Jessie.Campbell: Tesla is a personal hero of mine
Zia Frimon: We would have all been living RL OSG..  Creat to share...
Cherry Manga: Just a Zia, punk and poet :)
Zia Frimon: Cherry has been a Hero of mine ever since she took me on a tour of her Red riding hood display.  I am very humbled to have her attend tonight.  Cherry is a true artiest. I just like prims and glue  :D

Cherry Manga: well, when I saw your freebies in OSG, I felt home, saying "I love this ZIA-prim-slut"
Phred Resident: when i first started SL it was like that all the time
Zia Frimon: Questions for me?  I like this. I get to talk about my fav person  :D  ME!  ha ha ha
Cherry.Manga: Question :Would you marry me Zia?
Zinnia  Frenzy: lol
Jessie Campbell: lol
Wizardoz Chrome: :D
Zia Frimon: Cherry... hmmm   get with me later  ;)  (giggles to self)
Billy.Bradshaw: Zia, how often do you work on your region?
Zia Frimon: thats a hard one. for the first three years i was in OSG it was about 16 hours a day 24/7
George Equus: Hmm,  seem to remember similar...
Jessie Campbell: been there
Zinnia  Frenzy: yeah never happy lol
Freaky Tech: creativity needs some freedom
Zia Frimon: Now i go in spurts of marathon building.  Unfortunately im in the middle of a grand rebuild.  I need mesh some plants so more prims and then go bonkers prim crazy  :D  In a month or two it will be completely different with many more huge creations. Unfortunately i can't bring in the 54,000 prim hospital i built for matty. THATS a monster... remember the movie "From what dreams may come? I built the library.  It made to be able to rez the whole region from a rez box.
Jessie.Campbell: I saw that, the hospital I mean.
Zia Frimon:The hospital was an effort of absurdity. Who needs a 1200 room 7 floor hospital? It took up a whole sim  ha ha ha ha
Cherry Manga: well it's full of crazy freaks around so good idea
Zinnia Frenzy: it keeps you busy lol, we have a 34,000 we are meshing
Freaky Tech: what would happen if no one did crazy projects ;)
Cherry Manga: @ Freaky, Edison, lol
George Equus: Take a look at Michigan Central Station [on 3dColab grid]some time...sigh
Thirza Ember: this has been a lovely visit, Zia, your creations are famous all over the hypergrid...
Freaky Tech: easy to spot for being one the more known creators ;)
Thirza Ember: ... and I hope there will be many many more for people to enjoy... maybe you can be tempted to come up with an avatar for Fest'Avi... how cool would that be....
Cherry Manga glances at Zia "say yes, say yes"
Zia Frimon: Any of you. I would so love to hear from you again. If i can help... Create to share right? 

HG Addresses
Cherry Manga art archive (all items copyable) manga
Zia Frimon's var region                                    garden

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