Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Consuming Safari

This week the Safari visited two destinations this week,  and both the Halloween Hunt on IMA Outpost on Metropolis and Avatarfest will only be open for a limited time, so don't delay your visit!
HG Addresses as usual at the end of the post.

          First up, the IMA Outpost Alpha on Metro, which has been decorated as a Halloween Hunt by Lisa Laxton and friends. The attractive layout includes an ancient tower on the coast, and a number of semi distressed houses and bars, and some nifty zombie scripts to keep you on your toes, along with a large number of take-awayables. The region Windlight is appropriately ghostly, adding to the appeal of this well-put-together sim.
          This week rl events meant I couldn't be on Safari, so big thanks to Szavanna Sunshine and Wizardoz Chrome and Truelie Telling for being such good sports.
IMA stands for Infinite Metaverse Alliance. they have a G+ Group you can join
          Sadly, our hosts chose to talk in Voice rather than write in local chat, leaving no trace of what they said to be read later, by people like me, who couldn't get to the event...
...and, since less than half of the Safari tourists are native English speakers, reports are sketchy, in terms of what IMA wanted to convey about their sim's overall agenda.
          But Hey!
          Freebies and dancing and a haunted house by the great Eryn Galen and ghostly zombies eating you, maybe that's all that matters.
          Don't miss the freebies spread out across the region, and the collection of seasonal goodies on the deck.  Pro tip: If you dislike getting announcements about which of your body parts have been consumed while you are trying to cam about, then flying is a useful option on this region.

           The second destination was a return to one of the best hypergriddable events of 2017, Avatarfest.

           This was the third annual coming together of builders and groups from across a dozen regions. It's a non commercial feast of creativity, with just the sort of miscellaneous bounty that best expresses our mad mess of metaworlds. Setting up an event like this is time consuming, and requires great dedication, and the organizers and participants really deserve our thanks not least because this is entirely done for the common good, not with a money profit in view. The region will be closing at the end of the month so if you haven't seen it, or want to take one more look then get over there soon!
Photo by Szavanna Sunshine
           The divine Truelie Telling was on hand to meet the crowd and play a few tunes, and just generally celebrate this feat of organization, into which many have poured their effort.
 Special credit goes to Eryn Galen and Han Held for being at the pointy end of all things Avatarfest...
   ... but they would be the first to say that this event would not be possible without the greeters,  the scripters, the builders, the visitors, the DJs and performers, like Truelie, who share their time and talent with us all in such a joyful and unselfish way, making us all feel a little bit better, a little bit closer.

         Truelie has been a friend to our Safari trips for three years now, and her many concerts are much appreciated, not only for the bespoke tunes, but also for the welcoming spirit she has carried with her to dozens of venues across the hyperverse, as she has accompanied our Safari treks to grids old and new. Behind the scenes she has often had to show great patience, helping grid owners learn how to set Stream, and to choose the optimum location for a concert... and much more, and she's always done  it all with greach panache... thank you Truelie for being part of the fun! And thanks to all who have made Avatarfest such a roaring success again this year.
Are you going to participate next year? It's not too soon to think about it!

HG Addresses
IMA Halloween Hunt                      Outpost Alpha
Avatarfest 2017 (closes 31 October)

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