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Gates and Skates

            Two places you MUST visit, in Opensim, one, a long-standing icon of hypergridding, the other, a relatively new grid with all the bells and whistles... and more. The HG Addresses for these places are at the end of the post, as usual.

          Shaun Emerald is an opensim hero. If you haven't met him, you've heard of him. His grid, Sanctuary, has been a haven for hypergridders since the sport became possible. Back before they got rid of the 4096, which meant you couldn't jump more than a 'distance' of 4096 regions in a single leap, and had to sort of use stepping stones to get to places, hypergridding was more of a zig zag than a LM-and-go activity. Sanctuary was and is a perfect place to land not only when you are struggling to get where you're going, but also as a place of discovery. The gates lead to grids, well known and lesser known, so that even an experienced grid jumper will learn something here.  
            The elegant simplicity of the portals brings an almost spiritual feel to Sanctuary, like a sort of hyper-stonehenge.

         We arrived on Eld, and the group quickly jumped up to the floating islands where the famous gates are located. Shaun was unavoidably detained, but Tosha Tyran, a long time resident on the grid, joined us to fill in some of the details, and Leighton Marjoram made a great video while we were there, go check it out on YouTube.  It's fair to say, the place stirred memories for many of us.
Thirza Ember: who has been to this place before?
George Equus: I have, frequently
Wizardoz Chrome: me :) nice to travel fast in Hypergrid :)
Mal Burns: been here plenty but it has some undergrowth since last lol! this is my default destination when normal hypergrid link fails
Pathfinder Lester: i love these floating islands, I use the same island models on my SLurtle grid
George Equus: It's a good layout...One of the reasons I go here, finding new grids  :)

Billy Bradshaw: I just noticed there is a gate to my grid, wondered how visitors found us
Thirza Ember: I discovered Drang's grid Kalasiddhi, thanks to Shaun's Gates
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: and my first year in opensim, i dont have know that was a lot of grid! i was think just one -.- stupid siberia XD
Thirza Ember: the concept of many grids is difficult... this place makes the concept easy to understand... 1 gate, 1 grid
Tilly.Traumhaft: Yes, difficult but that makes it fantastic
Phred Resident: is it true that SL was in opensim up to a few years ago?
Selby Evans: SL was never in opensim
Thirza Ember: 9 years ago... there was an official test where some Lindens from SL hypergridded briefly to opensim.... Hamilton Linden was the SL-OS...tronaut... see it here
Pathfinder Lester: Phred, the folks at Linden Lab were exploring the idea of teleporting between SL and Opensim many years ago, but abandoned that idea a long time ago.
Sunshine Szavanna: what was first - opensim or SL? not sure how it all started
Pathfinder Lester: SL was first.  It inspired Opensim to be created.
Tilly Traumhaft: SL is the expensive mother of cheap OPen Sim
Pathfinder Lester: SL is not connected in any way to Opensim.  You can't hypergrid jump between SL and Opensim grids
 Sunshine.Szavanna: but the initial software for SL was open source?
 Pathfinder Lester: Sunshine, nope
 Sunshine.Szavanna: oh so opensim was created from scratch?
 Pathfinder Lester: Sunshine, yes.
Ange Menges: some reverse engineering....
Pathfinder Lester: You're using the same rendering engine on the viewer side, so Opensim "looks" and "behaves" from a user perspective the same as SL.  But back-end, it's totally different.
 Billy Bradshaw: Open source implementation began with a set of libraries libopenmetaverse which is still the foundation for the protocols
Sunshine.Szavanna: ah really - thanks Path I have always been wondering
Pathfinder Lester: the whole history of how Opensim came about can be a little confusing.  A good place to read about it all is here
Art.Blue: the opensim code and the SL code is originally from Berkeley, and set under open source BSD so the code was published by Linden Lab ... has to be published on this licence
Pathfinder Lester: the opensim users mailing list is a good place for tech discussions around opensim and also to just listen and learn (that's what I do ;)    to learn more about the Future of Opensim, I'd suggest folks try to attend this upcoming conference inworld.  Most of the people building that future will be attending or speaking at it. 

Tosha Tyran: ok, I see Shaun Emerald has not appeared... sorry to see that, he is a hard working guy though, you must forgive him
 xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: Tosha, how many years have you been on this grid?
Tosha Tyran
Tosha Tyran: ok, I am here for about 4 years now and know Shaun rather well. He invited me and Lumier Noir and Christine to come here and build. Shaun is a guy who works RL with some computing company who in turn make it possible for him to run this grid. It is run on his home pc - well... home pc is just a matter of saying... he has a huge setup in his basement, and invests a heck of a lot of time on keeping the grid running and all the gates up to date
Pathfinder Lester: so we're all in Shaun's basement right now!  lol
Tosha Tyran: if you fell some paws tripping on you: must be one of Shaun's cats :D I really think he does a great and very valuable job for all of HG, making it so easy to travel from one place to the other
Tosha Tyran: and hummmm, he is a very friendly host (normally, hehehe) too and leaves us the land free of charge - which of course is great!
Pathfinder Lester: Shaun's been doing it for a long time, too.  These collections of gates have been around for as long as I can remember.
Thirza Ember:I wonder why Shaun decided to make all the gates. Most people when they come to opensim, they focus on their own place, not on other people
Tosha Tyran: 4 or 5 years back he decided, he wanted that people could find out about all the other wonders of HG
Tilly Traumhaft: Gates are fantastic for makes HG colorful
Leighton Marjoram: and the hypergrid was a little bit more tricky back in the olden days
Juliette SurrealDreaming: I think this sim is a nice community gesture
Billy Bradshaw: Initially only a few hypergrid accessible grids available, then it grew. Credit to Shaun for keeping up to date
Juliette SurrealDreaming: networking and unity
Tosha Tyran: yes indeed... if you had not a gate or something like that, it could be difficult to get from one to the other grid
Leighton Marjoram: this region made my early days in OS much easier to see the sites

Tosha Tyran: yes, he really deserves a lot of credit for his great work
Pathfinder Lester: Shaun also contributed to the scripts in the gates, I believe, and then gave those scripts away so others can use them.
Tosha Tyran: yes, I too used to come here all the time and used it as a start
Cherry.Manga: I discovered many grids I never heard about with this fabulous gateway, it's very handy and helpful, thanks to Shaun.
Tosha Tyran: he did indeed,: yes, and he keeps them up to date as well... I dont know if you noticed... if you move with the camera a little closer to the gates, you find the name and also the indication if the grid is online or not
Selby Evans: There is a gate here at the bck that is  copyable, I took copy of this gate
Pathfinder Lester: oh cool.  ty for poiting that out Selby!
 xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA:yes tosha, that is the way for to not lose you in hypergrid... read and know the name, and the description where you go, it is very important, and not all think it when they make a teleport
Tosha Tyran: true siberia... so you DO know more then cooking spaghetti
Mal Burns: this is one of the essentila landmarks you need folks - suggest you add to favourites now
 xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: ok, anyone can have an avatar in this grid?
 Tosha Tyran: well, you have to register like it is normal, and then wait to shaun to accept you... that might take some time... patience is asked for here
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: (i wait more or less one year :P)
Sunshine Szavanna: Sib is very patient
Tosha Tyran: well, you applied just when shaun had a very difficult situation RL, he probably forgot all about it by now
Sunshine Szavanna: does this grid have a website?
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: yes, i joke.. i will try again... and more or less how many sim here are in sanctuary?
The Glorious Ivory City, on Sanctuary Grid

Tosha Tyran: oh... apart from this one - which was one of the first vars - there are 12 or 15 owned by christine, then there is the ivory tower here - 4 sims, and then I think I have 4 or 5 more
Cherry Manga: I'm lost, thought Ivory Tower was in Craft
 Tosha Tyran: ivory tower never was in Craft, Cherry there was one build of it after Lumi's passing,  but the Ivory City right from the beginning on was in Sanctuary
Art Blue: can I get the url for this 2nd?
Cherry Manga: island

Singergirl, at Xanadu on Inspiration Island
SingerGirl Mode: Mr. Bill Blight had to step out but I understand the plan to be a show in Xanadu, then a brief game of PRIMtionary, then to the expo center where you can choose water sports, soccer stadium and other fun options!
TerriTam TT: Please follow the flashing arrows to the club  Don't forget to grab your skates at the entrance. There should be instruction on how to do it, with the skates. There are join boxes on each side of the stage if you would like to join SGs group and.or Inspiration Island group
SingerGirl Mode: You can learn more on our website about what is here on the island  We are designed to inspire, create, motivate and educate.  
TerriTam TT: set your sun to midnight to really enjoy the effects
Pathfinder Lester: the lights in here are beautiful
SingerGirl Mode: Ty Path, the credit for this build goes to grid owner, Mr. Bill Blight. He will be here soon.
Cherry Manga: I just noticed the terraform, very nice!
SingerGirl Mode: Yes, OSL is known for its unique land builds!  Be sure to cam out.  :)  You will see our lightbulb of inspiration! In a short bit we will start a 30 minute show, and then head to the Inspiration Station for a fun round of PRIMtionary! We chose Xanadu as our main themed club, because sometimes we all need a muse to get inspired.  
Tilly.Traumhaft:  it's a wonderful place remembering the film... I own the movie on husband loves it
       As so often happens on Safari, there was a bit of a hiccup... a nice one though, because Shaun Emerald came online and, which is the slightly miraculous part of it, his IM reached over to opensimlife. Within moments, he came to join us.
Billy Bradshaw: Hello Shaun, long time
Wizardoz.Chrome: Hi Shaun !
Sunshine Szavanna: o there is Shaun
Shaun Emerald: hey
Cherry Manga: Hi Shaun, and thank you for your wonderful gateway
Pathfinder Lester: great to see you Shaun!
Shaun Emerald: Hi everyone. Sorry I wasn't there. These things are always scheduled while I am at work. :( Not to mention I had the time off by an hour. :(
Pathfinder Lester: no worries Shaun.  just glad you could eventually join us.  :)
Shaun Emerald: Was there any bad lag in my grid? I'd expect some, but hopefully not too much.
Leighton.Marjoram: none that I noticed Shaun :)
Shaun Emerald: Good. I try to run a tight ship. I appreciate whomever thanked me for the gates, but don't forget to thank Mr. Lester there, who made the first Blamgates, that I based mine on. :)
Pathfinder Lester: you are very kind Shaun.  Your collections of gateways are a wonderful resource that help so many ppl discover new places.  Thank you for keeping it going for so long!Shaun Emerald: Eight years now, Pathfinder. I've been working on Sanctuary, trying to implement things like regular backups of all critical parts, and redundant systems, where I can, as I'd like to try to get a few actual residents. Not just visiting builders, as I've had, but someone who actually lives in my grid and calls it their primary home. But to do that, even though I won't be charging (donations of beer money always welcome, lol), I want to feel comfortable that if they loose something, or the grid falls over, I can recover things. I'm well into that process.
Pathfinder Lester: that's great, Shaun
Shaun Emerald: Well, my grid has always run the latest un-released development code and, over the years, I've found many bugs that were fixed before they hit a release. But real residents are usful because 1) they will do things that I never thought of, and uncover things I wouldn't, and 2) they will make the grid less lonely and like a ghost town. :)
Sunshine Szavanna: Shaun I'd love to join, if I know how
Shaun Emerald: Sunshine: I'll post something on G+, which I'm sure will get around, as soon as I'm ready. :)

Thirza Ember: i love to make gifs of Billy dancing... is that wrong of me?
Sunshine Szavanna: no I think its ok
Leighton Marjoram: not at all perfectly normal :)
Shaun Emerald: Thirza, his swaying is mezmerizing, so I think it's okay. :P
Thirza Ember: haha if shaun says its ok i feel ok about it, i don't trust Leighton
Leighton Marjoram: probably wise in this instant :)
Billy.Bradshaw: tricky dancing in skates :)
TerriTam TT: Billy... at least you don't have to worry about falling... lol

Pathfinder Lester: oooh, lots of sidekickers dancing!  neat!
Jamie Jordan: you guys are gonna love this
Sunshine Szavanna: :) how do you know
Jamie Jordan: trust me :-)
Sunshine Szavanna trusts Jamie blindly
Drang Po: oh I wore the right outfit

Aime Socrates: bravo !
Phred Resident: clap clap
Tilly Traumhaft: Great Music
Jamie Jordan: feel like i should be wearing hot pink :-)
TerriTam TT: Go for it jamie,,I know you will look great,,my little toot toot
SingerGirl Mode: ♥♥And suddenly you know it's time to start something new and trust in the magic of beginnings. ♥♥
Pathfinder Lester: oops sorry i attached a big pink thing :/...i was looking for something pink and glowy to wear.  didn't realize it was so huge
Sunshine Szavanna: I thought it was part of the event Path
Thirza Ember: SHOCKED BUT NOT SURPISED by pathfinder
Sunshine Szavanna: my dog is listening with me - jumped on my chair
TerriTam TT: Doesn't get any better,,,wonderful friends, great music and lots of FUN!!!!
'Mouse' by Phred
         Next up was a game of PRIMtionary. Our international group took the whole thing in stride and made some fabulous (occasionally anatomically correct) models, using just basic prim shapes and colors. It didn't take long before Cherry Manga, Aime Socrates, Sunshine Szavanna, and Phred Resident got up and represented for the Safari... if that's the right word.
'Flower' by Cherry
        Alongside Singergirl, Territam and Jamie made the event a lot of fun, and you should definitely bookmark the Inspiration Isle website so you see upcoming events, you won't be disappointed.

           It was such good fun, and everyone from novice builders to experts played and were successful, and after much laughter, Bill Blight the Man Himself came over to show us the grid's Expo area, a huge space divided into 'pods' with the words 'Opensimlife Welcome' emblazoned into the terraforming.            
           Opensim is full of newbie centers, tp hubs, and welcome centers, as any gridhopper will tell you. This one takes a novel and intuitive approach that is a delight to see. 
          Bill has been working hard to make Opensimlife a grid that will neither overwhelm the latest batch of SLexiles but at the same time will appeal to those of us who have a few years of opensim grid experience under our belts. So if you are considering a change of address, this might be just up your street.

Bill Blight: The main reason for this sim, when finished, is to showcase some of the things we have to offer, as well as a couple of external "partners". Each pod will represent a portion of the grid.
SingerGirl Mode: Its a wonderful way to see a little bit of everything and then decide where you want to go

SingerGirl Mode: From here you can wander and get a sneak peak of everything on OSL..and if you wish to teleport, the grid teleport is right in front of us. ... we help newbies learn how to operate in the virtual world and TerriTam, our newbie makeover specialist, assists with their avatar appearance.She does a marvelous job.  Newbies are taken to the OSL Newbie vault where they can find just about anything they need to be happy with their appearance. What I love about OSL is the concept, all social not stuff.  Great community feeling :)  So happy to have made our home here

HG Addresses

The Hypergates on Sanctuary 
Xanadu club and PRIMtionary  Island

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